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Title: My Vacuum Cleaner - Works Great - Author: Cindra Mc loud

Published: Feb 3, 2009 - Contact:

My husband & I are in our mid-fifties. Mark has impendence issues that I think he turned off sex because of it He does have a good-sized cock. Sex is good when ever he gets around to it & It only gets firm, not hard anymore like his cock used to. I know he feels less of a man because of it. "Mark call the doctor and ask him, He said he would be embarrassed to ask our doctor for something to help him.

Recently I have been using my toys to get myself off. I was in need of ah hard dick, ah real one. Not rubber! I was so frustrated I didn't know how to go about acting on my needs. I have never cheated on Mark in all of these years. I felt cheated because of his inability to get a good hard woody to satisfy my pussy's needs.

I had on my bathrobe & sent him off to work one morning. I continued doing my house cleaning, dishes, laundry and stuff. I vacuumed the house except our bedroom. I turned on the tv while I finished the carpet. The carpet in our bedroom is real thick pile shag. I vacuumed bathroom first and then to our room. It's real hard to push the vacuum over the carpet. I had to push hard and draw it back several times to clean it good. I pulled it back and the handle brushed up against my clitoris. Gawd what ah feeling. My pussy moistened quickly. I did it again purposely to see if the vibration made a difference from room to room. It does. I pulled the vacuum cleaner to the thicker carpet and turned it up on its higher speed.

I rested the handle against my womanhood. The vibration made my pussy tingly so wonderfully. I started going out to arms length and pulled it back slow while the handle was pressed against my pussy. This made me feel so amorous. I moved the handle against my clit and held it there until my pussy quivered. I was cummming in minutes. Gawd that ah feeling! I lowered the tip of the handle down so it would enter my womanhood. The handle had a gooseneck crook and about 8 x5" on it. It was just enough to rub my G-spot while I was masturbating & moving my hips. Gawd, what ah feeling. I held it on my G-spot while I was squirting in buckets. I really enjoy doing my carpets now!

I experienced different speeds on different floor surfaces. I experimented with my vacuum cleaner, I found out by doing short pile carpets was an even vibration for stimulation. I removed the rubber band from the driven / driver for a smooth low vibration. For really thick plush carpet for really getting down to get my woman cum moving.

Being a stay @ home with kids in school and husband working, My Carpets are always Clean..........wink, Wink WINK!