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The Story...

We had been swinging marginally for about 9 of the 10 years we had been married. We tried 4 somes but they were not satisfying to me at all as i did not get to watch her as much as I wanted. We then settled in on MFMs and MMFs (yes there is a diffenerce). That went along real well for a couple years until we met a real asshole. Then nothing. We moved from Asheville to Mooresville and heard about CVE in Gastonia. One Sat nite we decided to go over and WATCH a movie.We arrived about 10 pm and 4 beers into a six pack of Plank Road Ice House. She was a little relaxed. She was wearing a red blazer, short plaid kilt skirt and stockings. I had already gotten her out of her panties playing with her on the way from Mooresville to Gastonia. We got inside and started looking around. We could hear a lot of sex sounds but weren't sure if they were coming from the movie or where. As our eyes adjusted to the dark we noticed all of they guys looking towards the back of the theater.As we looked back , we got shuffled into the crowd. Soon there were about 8 guys crowded up against my wife rubbing and touching her. I slipped my arm around her and lifted up the back of her skirt. It was on then. Suddenly they could see her pretty ass plain as day and it was BARE. She kinda jumped a little and told me someone was touching her bare ass. I sliped a hand down towards her freshly shaved pussy and found two hands there kneeding her wet lips. Hands came from everywhere and began rubbing her breasts, ass, pussy, hell there was no where for me to touch her. She came twice standing up and her knees buckled. We ( about 6 guys ) helped her over to a seat and set her down. A young guy knelt between her knees and started eating her. Two guys (one on each side of her head) presented their dicks to her and she began to suck one and then the other. The guy eating her brought her to another climax and began unbuttoning his pants. I pulled out a condom and handed it to him. He put it on and started fucking her. One of the guys she was sucking came and another took his place. This action continued for over an hour. Every now and then someone would just want to eat her and he would be imediately replaced by another hard dick wrapped in a condom. After about an hour she said she needed to rest. We went out to the lobby and had a ciggarett and a bottle of water. She started talking to an older guy who said he had been a couple guys back in line and missed out. She finished her water and went back in with him. That started a new round and before it was over she had serviced 9 with blow jobs and 14 with fucking. She said she had over 15 orgasms herself and her knees were weak and would I please take her home or she wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow. I did and the next weekend she wanted to go again. Now this has become a couple times a month deal and so guys look out for the LADY IN RED. When she walks in, she doesn't go until everyone has a smile on their face.

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