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Title: Oh Lady Shave That Bush - Author: Markel Tomlins_n

Published: Feb 20, 2009 - Contact:

As a lot of businessmen who have to travel quite often, they check-in to a hotel, go to their room, shower and change clothes. And head to the hotel pub to check out the unescorted ladies. Well I am no different. I am a hair dressing product agent. I love to see ladies looking their best.

I flew into the HJ international airport in Atlanta late Saturday afternoon I grabbed a shuttle to the hotel. While in route the shuttle driver & I talked, the weather there, where I was from. How long I was in Atlanta. Ya know just small talk. She asked me if I was alone. I answered her questions as they came. She asked again if I was going to be alone. "Yes I am alone, I'm here on business"

The driver shuttle was a little heavy I thought. 25 to 30 pounds or so, but she was attractive. It looked like she had shoulder length brunette hair. It was pulled back in a bun. A little too much make-up, but that's ok. She had a little pooch belly. She told me her name. "Well Glenda. Nice to know you" I said. I'm Markel" She pulled into the hotel parking lot near the main entrance. I reached in the back for my suite case, Glenda said. "Oh no sir I'll get that for you" I let her. I gave her a ten-dollar bill for a tip. "Oh no sir, I can't accept money. This is my job and if I can't do my job correctly the first time and every time to your satisfaction, You then have the right to call my complain. Here sir, here is your ten" She smiled showing me a little cleavage.

As Glenda thanked me for riding her shuttle to the hotel, she handed me my suite case, it had a piece of paper that was under handle. She shook my hand and said thanks again. While I was standing at the check-in counter I read her note. She had her number written down, "Call me later on tonight when you want some female company"

I caught the elevator went upstairs wondering why she would leave me this kind of note. I didn't pay any more attention to it. I showered and put on some casual attire and went down to the hotel pub. It was about 5:30 so there wasn't much happening yet. I got a drink as the bar tender & I started talking. I asked him what there was to do at that time of day. "Oh" he said, things don't usually pick up until after 10" I finished my drink & paid the man and headed back to my room.

I sat and listened to the news on TV and scanned the channels. I noticed Glenda's note on my suite case. I tried to call her a few times and hung-up before it made a connection. I finely called and connected. "Hell-O" the voice said. "Glenda this is Markel, do you always leave notes like this for your passengers"

"Y" No I don't. Is that what you thought I just find you to be a good-looking man. Are you up-set" she asked. "No it's just that you took me by surprise" We talked ah few minutes. I said, "There isn't much happening here, would you care to join me for dinner"

Markel, I'll get off work about 1/2 hour. I would love to join you. I can be there about an hour," I told her my room number. "Ok sweetie see ya then.

Glenda arrived right on time. She had changed clothes and let her hair down, looking much better. I noticed that she was bra-less. She had on a pale yellow silk blouse and black slacks. Her breasts, I would guess they are 36's to 38's and a large C cup sized titties. She was indeed nipping. Her areola was sliver dollar & dark pink Her nipples sticking out like she had just came out of a cold rain.

"Young lady come in here", I said, "Are you glad to see me or are you just cold" It took a second to for that to sink in. Glenda looked down at her boobs as she covered them up as best she could with her hands. She smiled and said, "Oh That don't matter anyway, I'll have this off before the nights thru" She took off her blouse and threw it on the bed. She threw her arms around my neck and a powerful passionate kiss. Her massive titties mashed against my chest causing an instant woody. My 8" stood up like a proud shoulder. "Glenda before things get too carried away right now, what about dinner"

"No, no. Markel I am not hungry for food, I have my dinner right here" She lifted her right breast up to her month and licked her hard protruding nipple. She dropped to her knees and lowered my zipper. Glenda reached in and said, "Oh my, what do we have here" Are you glad to see me' She pulled out my dick as she and stroked it a few times. Pressing her tongue against my blood engorged cock. She swirled her tongue around my head and with one gulp, my entire dick went down her throat. "Damn, lady. Suck me off" I reached down to grab her head and fucking her month. I could feel my cock inside her gullet from her neck. Glenda continued to deep throat me for five minutes or so. I felt pressure in my balls.

"Glenda, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum" She took a deep breath and held my cock deep in her throat as I lost every bit of my wad. She never lost a drop. After I had cum down her neck Glenda swallowed a few times milking my dick for each drop of my seed.

She finished as my softening cock came out of the throat. Saliva & slobbers were all there was. She kissed my dick and down it went again. She brought my cock to a full erection while in her throat. I had never had that before. She was amazing. Glenda said, "WoW! Markel. You are full of it aren't you" She said "Do it on my titties come all over my boobs" Just then she got on her knees and started to jerk me off real aggressively. I started Cumming. She went wild as she smeared my wad all over herself and even licked her tits to get some.

I had been standing with my dick out while she was sucking me down her throat. Now she had gotten me off twice & it was my turn. I reached down to her shoulders and pulled her up. I tweaked her nipples a little harder than I should have. She screamed out in pleasurable pain. "Damn-It Do that some more. Oh Yeah Markel, Suck my titties. Ohhh Yeah! Now bite my hard nipples" As I did, she eyes rolled back while biting her bottom lip. She almost fainted.

I walked her over to my bed and laid her down and lowered the side zipper on her slacks. I could then smell the musky odor from her thighs. Reaching the cuffs of her pant legs I removed them. Full brief panties covered my target. I put my fingers under the elastic band and removed them.

I had had woody since Glenda came in my room. One look at her thick hair-covered cunt was an instant turn off! It was like letting air out of a balloon. I lost my erection. I stopped right there. "Hey Glenda, Please don't be offended, I don't mean to be cruel, but, Shave That Bush! A Weed-eater couldn't cut that patch. Men like neatly trimmed pussies and even better yet. Bald pussy is a great turn-on for males. "I'm sorry Glenda, I think this encounter is over. I can't get myself up looking at that over grown patch of weeds. I'm sorry.........