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Title: Brother Fuck - Author: Heather Morris

Published: Feb 23, 2009 - Contact:

One morning I got up and was cold so I snuggled to my step-brother Josh. We had the house to ourself. I had on a light wash skirt, an aqua blue spaghetti strap tank top and aqua blue pumps. I also had on a black bra and a black thong with little hearts on the side. I was feeling naughty. I have a nice figure about 38b tits and long blonde hair down past my shoulders. I have a dark complexion and weigh about 110 lbs. I am about 5'4' and am 19.

This particular morning was freezing in the house even though we had the heater on. Me being the silly person I am I wore a skirt and tank top to bed then put on the pumps. I asked my brother what he wanted to do. He said maybe we can get on my laptop. We got on his laptop and I suggested we do something different. Like what he asked. Well, go to redtube.com I said. We got on there and picked the first one we saw of a beautiful girl and a hot guy fucking. It was pretty hot even though I've seen it before.

He said wow I didn't know you were that naughty. Plus you're growing into quite a woman. After it was over he started rubbing my arms and legs. I shivered and whimpered. He said oh, you like that do you. I said yeah. He said so do you wanna do this. I said yeah absolutely.

We got off his laptop and he carried me into my bedroom with me on his shoulders. He pushed me up against the wall. I took off his shirt and he pushed my shirt and bra both up. Then I felt that he had a huge erection. I pulled down his pants and boxers. He was pushing my skirt up when I did that. I started giving him a blowjob while he rubbed my clit. He groaned and said I'm coming. I took his whole load. Then he pushed me onto my bed. He started eating my pussy. He made me come so great because of his amazing tongue skills.

When we got done taking a break he sat up and said are you sure you wanna do this I said yes I still do but just so you know I can get pregnant. He said don't worry I can get you an abortion. Plus I want you to experience your first time with me without protection. What do you mean first time If this is great I want to fuck you more. Oh, I said also you might wanna know that I'm a virgin. Even better he said I get to pop my little sisters cherry. I leaned up and kissed him. Then I licked my lips and said fuck me please. Okay he said but be prepared.

He pushed me up against the wall again and pulled my skirt up and thong to the side. He then penetrated me. It felt amazing at first then I felt a pain. I cried out. He said hold on a second and the pain will be over. Then the pain was over. He slowly pushed his dick farther in me and faster. Eventually it seemed like his dick was going in and out of me a million times a minute. My hips were rocking with his thrusts. Then I felt this amazing feeling. I was coming. Sure I'd made myself come before but nothing like this. This was a whole new feeling. After that I came many more times. Finally Josh came and again I took his whole load. Then I said please stop I'm gonna pass out. He said no take what you asked for bitch.

Then he put me on the side of the bed with my legs hanging off. He then fucked me until I came another ton of times. I actually did pass out. The next thing I know I wake up and Josh is over me eating my pussy. Then he made me come again. Then he licked and bit each of my tits. Then he was done after that we had many fuck sessions. Even once we fucked when our parents were home. We just couldn't make as much noise when we came.