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Title: Working Late - Author: Sizzling Sarah

Published: Feb 24, 2009 - Contact:

It was late the last rays of the sun had just disappeared over the horizon, I had locked the filing cabinet and was looking forward to a long hot bath and dinner in front of the TV, snuggled up with my lover Liz.

There was a knock on the door and Jennifer rushed in 'Problem, we have lost the file for Beaver's, I need you to go through the files and typed out a new report, it needs to be ready for 8 am tomorrow.'

The Beaver's report had taken two days to complete, the look on my face must have been obvious, and Jennifer said she would be staying as well so it would be the two of us, and she did sweeten the pot with treble time and dinner on the firm. I played hard ball, I wanted the next day off with pay too.

I had barely spoken when she said done, she spun on her heels and left, be back in 10 minutes she called over her shoulder.

I picked up the phone and called Liz, she sighed and in a childish voice said she'd miss me and she might call, Alan to keep her company. I could see her pouting in my mind and laughed, he better not leave the toilet seat up. I hung up the phone and opened the filing cabinet and pulled out some files and waited.

Jennifer walked in and sat, 'Ok, lets crack on', she said, 'Dinner at 8'

I nodded and opened the files, we worked steadily for the next 3 hours, 'Dinner', she announced, stood and stretched pushing her hips forward arching her back her breasts stood proud under her top, I found myself wondering if they were perky or if the bra she wore enhanced them.

I heard Jennifer calling my name, I blushed when she said, 'Seen, enough'

'Sorry, No .... I was just ......;' I saw her smiling at my embarrassment, I looked away quickly.

'What type of food' Jennifer asked.

'Chinese, Stir-fried Beef in Black Bean Sauce', I said.

'Sounds good, back in a minute', she said as she walked out the door.

I stood and stretched, I need to pee so I went to the toilets, pulled up my skirt and panties down squatted and let go a long stream of wee, wrapping a wad of toilet paper I wiped and flushed. I was just about to pull my panties back up but stopped spread my legs wider and gently stroked my pussy, I closed my eyes and imagined Jennifer's boobs pressed against her top I circled my clit with my index finger, and licked my lips and was beginning to pulling her top off and kissing her nipples, when I heard Jennifer calling from the office, I was so wet I had to wipe my pussy again, reluctantly I pulled my panties up and smoothed my skirt down, washed my hands and opened the door the takeaway had arrived.

'Thought you had taken up refuge in there', said Jennifer, 'Get the crossword done', she joked.

Oh my god, just how long was I in there, I glanced at the clock 20 minutes, no way, then I realised she must have thought I was having a ...... no, now I was totally embarrassed, I didn't want her to think I had, but I couldn't say I was masturbating either so I sat quietly and started to eat.

Jennifer chatted away as we ate, once finished she asked me to clear away she had to make a phone call and she went to her office, she left the door ajar and sat at her desk she dialled and began chatting, I gathered the cartons together and took them to the tea room, as I passed her door I could not hear what she was saying but she had lifted her legs onto the desk and I could see up her skirt, she had thigh high stockings and I could just see a glimpse of yellow material between her legs. I stood and looked through the door crack till she lifted her legs off the desk and hung up the phone, I walked back to my room and Jennifer entered just behind me.

We made good progress and chatted as we worked and at half past midnight, we had collated the information that was lost, and it just needed typing, Jennifer, stood and said she need a coffee and did I want one, I nodded and Jennifer left to prepare the coffee.

I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes I was shattered, the next I heard was Jennifer's voice from far away, 'Don't let me stop you', she said.

I opened my eyes my skirt was pushed up; legs open my hand inside my panties, two fingers working in and out my other hand under my top playing with a nipple.

My pussy was swollen and wet, panties soaked. I sat up startled and pulled my hand out, my fingers wet with my juices, my breathing mere gasps. I looked at Jennifer, as she crossed the room; she pushed her knee between mine forcing her way between my legs, till she stood with my legs spread wide open for her to do whatever she desired. Jennifer lifted my wet fingers to her mouth and flicking her tongue out she licked along each finger before taking both into her mouth and sucking on them working her tongue round and between them, it was so erotic I could feel my nipples hardening even more, my pussy pouted and pulsed under my panties. Jennifer knelt and her hands moved to my panties and pulled them aside, her fingers traced along my thighs and up to the junction with my torso, I shivered to her touch and with the back of her hand she touched my wet quim, while she still suckled on my fingers, I pulled my top and bra up freeing my breasts my hands grabbed each creamy globe, I began kneading them hard as Jennifer took two fingers and slowly ran them up and down my labia she inserted them twisting and pumping, if felt wonderful she bowed and her lips fastened round my throbbing clit, she suckled on it she rubbed her teeth on the tender flesh, I gasped and held my breath as a third finger entered, the feeling of fullness gratifying, Jennifer pulled me towards her my bottom now off the chair, she scraped her long finger nails down along my thigh, reaching down I felt a manicured finger nail lightly scraping over my puckered opening and perineum, I felt the rush of blood in my veins, the hard pounding in my head as she took me to an earth shattering orgasm, I lost control of my body convulsing as wave after orgasmic wave surged through my body, Jennifer held me close against her till my orgasms subsided, she kissed my lips and face as she held me.

Jennifer smiled as I looked longingly into her eyes, my fingers stroked her arm and hand, and we interlocked fingers as our lips met, a long tender kiss, which grew more passionate as tongues fought each other inside my mouth or Jennifer's.

Jennifer broke the kissing and stood up pulling me after her we left the office and along the corridor, we stopped outside another room and Jennifer found her keys and opened the door, inside was a single bed with a white sheet on it and two pillows, there was a sink and several units it was the first aid room, Jennifer turned and reaching out pulled my top and bra over my head, reached round and unhooked my skirt letting it fall and finally she pushed my panties down to the floor, I was naked in front of Jennifer, a girl I had only spoken to three or four times before today.

I returned the compliment and pulled Jennifer's top off, her bra lightly padded yellow, I removed it revealing her breasts small perky with puffy nipples, l liked each nipple wetting them and then blew on them her nipples began to stiffen, I reached behind her my breasts flattened against hers, I unbuttoned her skirt and she wriggled it over her hips and I hooked my thumbs into her panties and knelt as I worked them down her firm thighs my face level with her pussy, only a light down covered he mons, as she stepped out of her panties I slid my hand between her thighs and lightly spanked encouraging her to open her legs for me. I kissed her mons and turned my head to reach the plumb lips nestled between her thighs and tasted her juices.

Jennifer lay on the bed one leg on the floor the other she pulled up to her chest, she was open to my mouth and tongue and I began teasing her a little biting the flesh of her thigh moving up slowly, Jennifer wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled me up, till she could feel my breath on her pussy, she moaned and urged me to eat her, I used a flat tongue on her first long slavering wet licks mixing her juices and my saliva over her quim, repeating this several times, I brought my fingers along the exposed back of her thigh, to the crease which marked the spread of her taut firm buttock, I traced round till my fingers were below her in the crack of her ass I ran my finger along stopping to press my finger on her puckered opening, I felt her anus pulse, I rolled my tongue, making it hard I moved to her clitty, she bucked her hips as I flittered my wet tongue over the now exposed erect bud, she gripped my hair tighter, as she humped her pussy on my face, my finger pressed harder on her anal fissure, I felt it pulsing quicker it was almost like gasping and my finger entered slightly, as she moved. I moved away from her ass to her vagina with all the juices my finger slid effortlessly into her, I buried it deep inside her. Jennifer pulled her other leg up to her chest; I slid two more fingers into her twisting and pumping as I sipped hard rhythmically on her clit, she moan loudly.

I ceased my ministrations and moving back I flipped her on to her tummy, the pillows under her, I spread her legs and laid on top of her with my hand between her ass and my pussy I speared three fingers into her and fucked her, I kissed her neck letting my tongue tease the tender skin Jennifer suckled on two of her own fingers as I pounded her pussy with three finger.

I stopped and pulled her to her knees and turned her round till we were face to face, I slipped my hand between her thighs my palm on her mons my fingers slid inside her, I rocked my hand, pressing over her clit fingers massaging the entrance to her pussy I wrapped her hair round my other hand pulling her head back I kissed and lick the exposed throat.

Jennifer's hand was now between my legs finger fucking my wet pussy. I moved down to her boobs covering her puffy nips with my hot wet mouth I sucked hard her nipples stiffened as my tongue lashed over the now ultra sensitive bud, Jennifer's finger thrust hard into my wet haven, as her thighs tensed, Jennifer came hard, we flopped back lat on the bed and I straddled her now clamped thighs and humped against her till I too climaxed, we lay tangled skin glistening, face to face; mouth to mouth breathing in unison.

We must at some point slept, next moment Jennifer is shaking me looking at my watch its 04:15, we dress in silence, I caught Jennifer looking at me, we know this will happen again and soon but we still have the report to type, Jennifer makes a start and I make some strong coffee.

Oh yes, the report, it was ready at 07:55. Jennifer delivered the report, made a phone call before climbing into my car, we grabbed breakfast we went to bed 09:27 and sleep sometime after 11:00.