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Title: My First Bi Experience - Author: Lowrider

Published: Feb 24, 2009 - Contact:

I had been checking the web sites when I came across a bisexual site. In about 10 minutes I got into a conversation with a male about my age. We talked on and off for about 30 minutes and the conversation got around to what I was looking for and/or wanted. I advised him that I was new to the site and got excited reading some of the comments. He told me that that's how he got started and have really enjoyed it. I told him that I had never sucked a man's cock before and didn't know what my reaction would be and if I could go through with it. He was very reassuring and we continued our conversation. During this conversation I found my self with a raging hard on. He talked me into taking my cloths off while we were conversing and I started playing with my cock.

Well we continued to meet on line for the next few weeks. We learned a lot about each other, finding out that we were both married and enjoyed being married and having sex with our wives. His wife was not that great in bed, (his words) and was lousy at giving blow jobs which got me laughing and I told him that she was probable better than be as I have never done it. At this point we agreed to at least meet for a coffee and get to know each other.

A week later we did meet. He was not quite what I had expected but was very pleasant. After having coffee we went out to the car for more conversation moving to a commuter parking lot. Once in the car he rested his hand on my leg and I just left it there as a sign of agreement. My cock had a mind of its own and started getting hard. He noticed it and commented that I at least was getting excited about the meeting. I next felt his hand move up my leg and finally rested on my erected cock. He stroked it very gently and I moved closer to give him easier access. I then got real brave for me, not ever touching another man's cock, and placed my hand on his cock surprised to find it also very hard. He now had his hand around my cock and was stroking it through my pants. After a little while of his pleasuring me I felt him unzip my pants and his fingers eventually wrapped around my cock. The feeling and thought of another man's hand around my cock only served to arouse me more and I was enjoying it. He noticed and commented on it. He commented that I must be enjoying it as he could see and feel my reaction. I told him I was.

My thoughts were that this was different and exciting. I then moved my hand back to his cock and found that he had opened his pants and I reached in and started to fondle his cock in the same manner that he was doing to me.

His next movement came as a complete surprise to me, though I was hoping that it would happen. He leaned forward and down and kissed the head of my dick and started tonguing it. Well needless to say I have had my cock licked numerous times before but this was different and exciting. I looked down to find my cock completely in his mouth and the feeling was just fabulous. After a few minutes he stopped sucking my dick and brought his head up and kissed me. My first man kiss. He then said that that was just a sampling of what was to happen if I decide to continue with our meeting. With that we parted company.

I was surprised that I had no guilt feelings, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I had actually enjoyed it. A few days later we again met on line and got into the discussion of weither I enjoyed our brief meeting. I told him that I did and found it exciting. We set up a date for our next get together and I was on my way to my first bisexual affair.

I arrived at his house at the date and time agreed upon. His wife had a girl's night out and would not be back until late. He invited me in and we sat on the couch. After a brief conversation he moved closer to me. I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. It was like being on a first date. His hand went to my leg and then to my crotch and my cock which was once again hard. He then leaned over and kissed me once again this time his tongue found its way into my mouth. I followed his lead and started playing with his cock through his pants. He next unzipped my and pulled my cock out of my pants. My cock is not big, respectfully 6" but thick, but at this point it felt like it was a foot long. He definitely had experience and was using it. Me, I was enjoying it and trying to make him happy also.

After a few minutes of this he grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom and said lets shower. I started taking my cloths off as did he. I was very nervous and slow in doing so and he was out of his cloths before I had my shirt and shoes off. He was standing before me totally nude, not the greatest looking body but nice looking cock. He then chose to assist me in removing my pants, removing the belt and letting them fall to the floor. With them he also went to the floor and proceeds to remove my shorts. With this done I was now nude and standing before him with my cock sticking out and him on his knees in front of me. In that position he then opened his mouth and engulfed my cock, putting his hands under my balls and pulling me into his mouth. I felt like I went to heaven and was doing my damest not to come at that point. He must have sensed this and stood up in front of me and waited a moment. I sensed he was testing me and I rose to the point or I should say I knelt to the task. It was now or never, moment of truth. I knelt down in front of him and followed his lead. This was my first cock. I clumsily opened my mouth and took him in. I was now giving my first ever blow job, I knew that it could not be that good but he didn't complain. I just did what I enjoyed him doing to me. He started to fuck my mouth and I went with it. After a little while I felt that he was about to explode in my mouth and I was not sure what I would do if this happened. He tried to pull out and I just held him in a while longer by having my hands on his ass and pulling him into me. He finally succeed in pulling his cock out of my mouth telling me to slow down lets get in the shower and telling me that I was a nice cock sucker and that he will have more for me after.

In the shower we lathered each other up and washed each other with me paying close attention to his cock. I lathered it up real good and enjoyed doing it. He then turned me around and was now behind me with his cock up against my ass and rubbing it between my ass cheeks with his hand around the front of me playing with my cock. Now I didn't know what to expect and knew that I was not ready for any anal sex. He must have sensed my feelings and assured me that I would not be fucked; just having his cock between my cheeks was enough for now. And I did find it enjoyable. I must admit that it was exciting and the tip of his cock was definitely at the entrance of the back door. I had mixed feelings, would it come to that

After the shower it was back to the bed room where he proceeded to wipe me down, not missing a spot. He then found his was back to the floor and my cock. This time he started tonguing my balls and then working his way to my cock. With my cock in his mouth his hands were now on my ass pulling me forward into his mouth. I now felt a finger playing with my ass hole. What a sensation that was and just when I thought that it could get no better his finger found its way into my ass. Oh my god, I could not believe was a wonder full feeling this was. He sensed this and stopped with the blow job and turned me around and pushed me on to the bed on my stomach with my legs hanging off on to the floor. I did not know what to expect and knew that I was not going to let him fuck me. He didn't.

The next feeling was his tongue licking the under side of my balls and sucking them into his mouth. A little bit of that and then his tongue was at my ass hole. Oh my god, just when I thought that it could not get any better, it did. His hands spread my ass cheeks apart and his tongue was finding it way in to my ass hole. I do not know how I kept my self from cumming but I did. After a few minutes of this action it was back with his cock in my ass humping me. And me enjoying every minute of it. He then rolled me over on to my back and got on top of me in a 69 position. He startled my head and assisted me in getting his cock into my mouth and proceeded to fuck my mouth before going on to my cock and his fingers, two this time, in my ass. In a few minutes I could no longer hold back and told him I was coming and tried to pull out. He would not let go and I ended up coming in his mouth. He let me know that he was cuming and I returned the favor and had him cum in my mouth. The decision was made, I swallowed.

The change was made. I was now bi and enjoyed it.