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The Story...Hi, my name is Marcus. I'm 18 years old. I'm about 6'3,weigh about 195. I'm not a virgin and I have a 8 1/2 inch cock. The story I'm about to tell took place last summer.

I walked into the Laundry Mat, sweaty and tired. I put my clothes in the washer and then the dryer. When I finished, I started to walk out when I saw this beautiful girl. She was Puerto Rican, her boobs were a nice big size but her ass was huge. I stopped and asked her for her name but she was ignoring me. She kept on rolling and sucking her teeth, basically telling me I was out of her league. So I walked out but I was eagered to do the laundry now. As soon as I walked in she turned her back and walked in the opposite direction I was in. I was really thinking about this girl. By the time I finished I realize me and her was the only one there. She signaled across the rrom that she was going to lock up the place, but I wanted to do more.

I sat down and I shook my head no. She walked up to me and said leave now or I'm calling the police. I told her if she told me a little bit about her then I would leave. She told me her name was Cassandra and she was a freshmen in college(I'm a Junior in highschool at the time) and that she was doing this job for a money on the side. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she just looked away. I asked her again and she started crying. So I was thinking this is my chance to take advantage. I hugged her and she started to tell me every time she think of "him" she always rememver how "he" hurt very badly. I'm now getting horny because of her body pressing against mine. I knew she felt my boner because I could feel her vagina dripping and took me in surprise.

She stopped crying and sobbing, I knew I was trying to hard so I was walking towards the door when I felt her hand grab my arm. When I turned around her lips met mine. She took off her clothes and I took off mine. When she said she never sucked dick before I was really surprise because it looks like she was a pro at it. She took my hard 8 1/2 cock in her mouth and started stroking it with hand. She then put her tongue around the head and started teasing it. Soon she was taking all of it in her mouth, gagging her. About 10mins later I laid down on the folding counter and she got on top. I put my dick in her vagina and started fucking the shit out of it. She was yelling and screaming. I told her to get off and get on all fours. She did, she didn't expect this because she was a anus virgin. Well, I told her to relax and loosen up. The first 2 mins I went slow but deep then she taking the whole thing while her she was fingering herself. She said she was about to cum so I got out and she sat down on my face while all of her juices was running down my cheek and some of it in my mouth. She went back to sucking my dick for about 20mins and I cummed on her breast,face, chin.

Every since then anytime she thinks about her boyfriend she has somebody there to take his spot...

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