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Title: Love to Watch Her - Author:

Published: Mar 8, 2009 - Contact:

I love to watch my wife get herself off, I get her started then guide her hand to her cunt. I start off by using a vibrator, a dildo or by eating her pussy. I tie her up sometimes and use a rabbit vibrator on her, I take pictures as she is cumming and squirming as she gets off. We was on the road one day around 7:30 or so in the morning after an all night party, still pretty wasted. My wife had on a dress,I like to play with her pussy as we drive around ,I started rubbing my hand up and down the insides of her thighs as I worked her dress up, slowly rubbing against her clit as I did. She slides down in the seat and spreads her legs for me I rub her pussy lips through her panties. I work my fingers under the leg band and slide into her wet cunt. She moans and pushes against my hand. After a few minutes I take her hand and guide it to he pussy. She pushes her panties down her legs and works her dress up so I can see her nice wet cunt. She is layed low in the seat with her eyes closed and her legs spread wide.She is playing with her tit and finger fucking herself for me. I keep rubbing her leg and telling her how great she looks and how much she turns me on. As we ride along a truck comes up beside us, the driver looks over at us, he is high enough to see every bit of my wife. I watch her finger her pussy as this guy watches, she has her eyes closed and doesn't know. We turn onto a side road and head for home, by now my wife has cum several times. We go in the house, I eat her, she sucks my cock and we fuck. As I fuck her I think about this total stranger watching my wife finger her pussy.