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Title: A Pleasant Surprise - Author: JP Bailey

Published: Mar 18, 2009 - Contact:

Many years ago my friend Kenny H. invited me over to his house saying that he wanted to show me something. Kenny was a good friend of mine and he liked to play practical jokes on me. One time he asked me to crawl through a culvert saying he had done it himself and that he would follow me. But he didn't. And he had never gone into the culvert himself. And there I was stuck, feeling like I was going die alone in the dark, screaming for help. Kenny found this kind of thing amusing. So you can understand, I was skeptical about his invitation now. "What do you want to show me" I asked guardedly. He replied in his typically secretive voice, (everything was an important secret to Kenny) "Just come over and you'll find out. O.K." "When" I asked wondering what the urgency was. "Right now you numbskull! Can't you tell this is important!" Kenny said impatiently. "O.K.! O.K.! I'll be right over. Jeese!" I replied and hung up. It was just a 5 minute walk from my place to Kenny's, but because it was raining that day, it took me just 2 minutes. I ran a fast as I could, but when I arrived at his door I was soaked and shivering anyway. Kenny was watching for me at the window and reached to door at the same moment I was pushing the doorbell. "What are you doing" he said. "I'm ringing the stupid doorbell! I didn't want to barge in!" I said exasperated. I couldn't believe I was sucked in again by one of Kenny's stupid practical jokes. I was expecting him to burst out laughing at me any time. No doubt pointing to my sopping clothes and hair. "Got ya!" he would say. But he didn't. He just pulled me in his house saying, "My Mom's gone to Montreal to do some shopping. You don't need to ring the bell. Just get in here! I invited some girls over!" Just as he said it, and dragged me in, I could hear some giggling coming from inside the house. This time he wasn't joking. I slipped my shoes off and walked to the living room with Kenny. As I entered the room I could see two girls sitting on the couch. Sue, a friend of Kenny's, and a blonde girl I had never seen before. Sue had a reputation for being slut at school, and from my vantage point, I was beginning to see it was a reputation that was well deserved. All she had on was a satin dressing gown. Her friend had even less on, a towel wrapped around her chest barely covered her pert girlish breasts and stopped just at her thigh. Her lithe body and lily white skin seemed iridescent in the dimly lit living room. She was truly beautiful. The girls were both looking at me with broad smiles on their faces which, when they had a moment to scan me from head to toe, evolved into uncontrolled laughter. "Have you ever heard of a raincoat" Sue said laughing. "You look like something the cat dragged in." The blonde girl said with a giggle. Kenny, wanting to salvage a few scraps of my pride, cut in. "James I'd like you to meet Sue and Jennifer." I sheepishly said hello and Kenny motioned for me to sit down. I explained I was drenched and didn't want to wreck the furniture. "Well, we can fix that!" Jennifer said with a wry smile. "Kenny go get a towel for James, he'll catch a cold if he doesn't dry off soon." She got up from the couch and walked over to me. Her shoulder length blonde hair was completely straight and looked like fine strands of silk in the dim light. Standing next to me, she looked directly into my eyes and said. "You're shivering" "Well, it's pretty cold outside and I'm drenched." I said. Her hair smelled sweet, like a freshly peeled orange. "Well, I can fix that!" she said, her bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief. Kenny came back with the towel and threw it to me as he went to sit down next to Sue on the couch. But before I could catch the towel Jennifer caught it. "I want to do this." She said, and began to gently dry my hair and face. "You'd better take your shirt off." She said. I unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled it off and threw it to the corner of the room. It landed with a flop. Kenny and Sue were watching us from the couch grinning. "Man, what am I thinking!" Kenny said. "We need some music." "Put on the Dark Side of the Moon." Sue said as Kenny got up and went to the turntable. "I love that album." said Jennifer patting my chest dry with the towel. She leaned closer to me and said, in a breathy whisper. "Now take those jeans off James." I looked at her as if to say, "Really" What she did next remains etched in my memory. Like a snapshot, I can pull it out and look at it at anytime. She winked at me! A very playful, sexy wink. Like Marilyn Munroe in "Some Like it Hot", she was simultaneously innocent and dripping with sexuality in the same gesture. I felt dizzy in her gaze. She leaned closer to me. I could feel the soft skin of her chest on my shoulder. Her breath in my ear. "Us, Us, Us... and them, them, them..." she whispered the lyric to the song playing on the stereo. I unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor stepping out of them. Kenny and Sue were kissing on the couch but they were still watching. They were clearly turned-on by the seductive scene unfolding in front of them. "That's better." Jennifer whispered nibbling my ear. "Me, me, me, and you, you, you..." She kissed my temple, then my cheek, and then paused for moment, looking deeply into my eyes, before she kissed my mouth. I pushed my mouth hard against hers and wrapped my arms around her. The towel that covered her fell to the floor and I felt her warm flesh against my chest. Her hard nipples touching mine. She started rubbing my cock through my underwear and then slipped her hand underneath the waistband to grab my hardened flesh. We slowly dropped to our knees our lips still locked in the kiss. She gently pushed me on to my back, slipped my underwear off, and swung one knee over me straddling my torso. She started to rub her pussy on my cock.

"Oh God, that feels so good!" she said. Her pussy was so wet she slid up and down my shaft easily. Her breathing quickened and she threw her head back. "Ohhhh fuck!" She slid on my shaft harder. "Ohhhh fuck!" She bent over and kissed me hard, her hands gripping my head, her tongue swirling around mine. Her body tensed as she kissed me and she writhed with uncontrolled spasms. "Ohhhh fuck!" I wrapped my arms around her tightly and held her as she came. Her orgasm rocked her body violently and she collapsed on top me, her warm, wet, pussy resting on my cock. We lay there breathing heavily for a few moments, then she sighed and lay her cheek against mine. Her breathing hot and heavy in my ear. "Oh James, that was fucking good!" She whispered between breaths. It was like a dream, one minute I'm sitting at home bored out of my mind and the next, I'm with this beautiful girl. Taken hostage by her uncommon beauty; her unbridled sexuality; her. And the only thing I could think of saying was, "You're so beautiful Jennifer." It felt lame even as I said it. But she clearly liked the words, because she laughed and said. "You're pretty sexy yourself, James." And with that she lifted herself off me started to kiss me.

She began kissing my chest and soon latched on to one of my nipples, gently swirling her tongue around it. "Mmmmm." she said. I ran my hands from her slender belly to her breasts as she gently bit on my nipple. She looked up at me smiling began to slowly use her tongue moving down to my belly, maintaining eye contact with me. She took my cock into her mouth. Her pussy juices had made my cock very slippery and it slid into her warm mouth easily. Her hand grabbed the base of my shaft and she began to move her head slowly up and down rhythmically to the music. She paused at the tip of my cock, my clear precum dripping from her lower lip. She let it fall down my shaft and onto her hand at the base of my cock and used it to slowly slide her hand up and down as her mouth sucked on my engorged knob. The more she stroked, the more excited I became, and soon my cock was drenched with a mixture her saliva and my precum. She lapped it up eagerly and used it to slide my cock ever deeper into her mouth, clearly enjoying what she was doing. I wanted to return the favour and grabbed her ass pulling her pussy onto my face. She smelled like honeysuckle blossoms and her soft blonde pubic hair was matted with wetness against her skin. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her clit and she moaned softly with pleasure. She pushed her head down hard on my cock and I could feel her lips reach the base. "Oh God!" I moaned. She slowly lifted her head and I could feel her lips caress my shaft as they moved up to the tip. I wanted to cum hard, but I couldn't yet. It felt so good! I wanted her to go on forever. I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, moving it in and out, fucking her with my tongue. She moaned loudly. My fingers spread her labia, and I moved my tongue up to her clit and swirled it gently around the outside. I used one hand to gently pull up the hood of her cli! t and spiraled my tongue inwards. She began to push her hips against my face and soon she was fucking my face hard. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she fucked my face harder. All the while, her head was still moving quickly up and down on my cock. I was ready to cum.

"Oh God! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed. She continued to suck my cock and took my load in her mouth until she had every drop I could offer her. I lay there, my head resting on her thigh, her pussy still touching my lips, breathing heavily intoxicated by her sex; my hair soaked with sweat and pussy juice; the sweet smell of honeysuckle permeating the air. She swung herself around and kissed me deeply. Her blue eyes were intensely sexy and my cock began to harden again. Her tongue probed my mouth and I could taste my cum. My cock got harder. We held each other close our bodies sticky with sweat and sex. And Pink Floyd played on..."Money. It's a gas". In all the excitement I had completely forgotten about Kenny and Sue. Sue was facing us on the couch and had straddled Kenny's cock . She was looking directly at Jennifer with a wicked grin on her face and Jennifer knew exactly what the grin meant. She crawled over to her pussy on all fours while Kenny's cock was inside her and planted her face between her legs. Sue moaned softly. She pulled Jennifer's head against her wet pussy and slid up and down on Kenny's hard cock. It was an amazing site. "Come on over here James and let me suck your cock." Sue said. "I wanna taste her pussy on your cock." I walked over to her and slid my cock into her waiting mouth. "Mmmm...She tastes so good!" she said, looking up at me. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. She slid her tongue down my shaft and latched on to my balls.

"Mmmm...Oh fuck." I moaned. I was looking down at Jennifer licking Sue's cock-filled pussy. "Fuck you look so good Jennifer. Suck his cock. I wanna see you sucking his cock." I said, and before I realised what I was saying.

She grabbed a hold of Kenny's cock and devoured it. Kenny moaned with pleasure as her lips touched the base of his cock. She slowly pulled back letting her saliva and Sue's juices drip down his balls. She then slipped it back into Sue's pussy then started working on his balls as Sue pumped his cock hard. "Fuck me!" Sue moaned. "Fuck me! Lick my pussy Jenn! I wanna cum so bad!" Jennifer moved up and placed her tongue on Sue's clit. Sue moved up and down, breathing heavily. "Oh Fuck!" I could feel her hot breath on my cock just inches away from her mouth. She grabbed Jennifer's head and pulled her into her pussy. "Ohhhhhh!" She screamed. Her body tensed and she threw her head back. "Fuuuuck!" She was still holding onto Jennifer as she came, and Jennifer continued to lick her cock-filled pussy. I leaned down, cradling Sue's head in my arms and kissed her hard. Sweat dripped down her temples on to my arms and fell onto Kenny's buff chest. Kenny held her breasts, while I kissed her, and Jennifer licked her dripping pussy. Sue came 3 or 4 times that way. She looked so beautiful. Her face was flushed, radiant with sex. Her sweat-drenched body leaned back into Kenny, breathing deeply. Jennifer looked up her face glistening wet, smiling. "Did you like that" Sue laughed. "I feel like I've died and gone to heaven." She said between breaths. Jennifer started to giggle as well. She got up and sat on Sue's lap. "I guess that makes me your sexy little angel." She said and kissed us both at the same time.

"Hey! What about me" Kenny said in a mock pout.

"I have special plans for you baby." Jennifer giggled. "I want you to fuck me now."

The girls got up and Jennifer reclined on the couch. Kenny, his cock still hard and wet with Sue's juices, mounted her mission style. Jennifer gasped when he entered her. "You're so fucking big. Go very slow. I wanna feel every inch of your cock stuffed inside me." She held his head gazing into his eyes and kissed him hard. Her blue eyes had a carnal intensity. She was in charge and Kenny was going to do anything she asked him to. As his cock slowly disappeared inside her, it dawned on me just how large his cock was. It seemed like a half a minute went by and he was still sinking his cock deeper inside her. It was at least 9 inches long and she took all of him with a deep moan. When he began to pull out and quicken his pace she started pinching her nipples and moaned even louder.

"Give me your pussy Sue." Jennifer said. And Sue straddled Jennifer's face, leaned over, and began to french kiss Kenny as he fucked Jennifer harder.

The sound of the front door closing started all of us.

"Oh shit!" Kenny said thinking his mother had come home early.

Although we were all in our early 20's and had been sexually active for years, to our parents we were still children. It would be a shock, to put it mildly, to be caught fornicating in their living room. There was no time to escape. We just lay there listening to the footsteps coming down the hallway. "Is anyone home" When we heard the voice we all breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't Kenny's mother. The voice was instantly recognizable to us all. It was Deb a girl we all knew from school. She had a sweet, almost childlike voice. If you didn't know her you could swear she was 12 years old when she was actually 23, and built like a playboy bunny. When she came around the corner she stopped dead in her tracks. Slack-jawed and wide-eyed, she just stood there. As for the three of us lying on the couch, we were completely speechless as well. After what seemed liked minutes, but what must have been a second or two, she said in her girlish voice. "Oh my God! You guys look so fucking hot!...You don't suppose you have room for one more, do you" She smiled. We all had a good laugh because it sounded so incongruous coming from Deb. Deb immediately stripped off her clothes and walked over to me. She was a dazzling brunette. Her warm, open smile and voluptuous, perfectly proportioned, body moved toward me with a sexy confidence that left me spellbound. "It looks like everyone else has got something to do but you. You look like you need some attention." Deb said seductively. She was right of course. I had been watching Sue, Jennifer and Kenny going at it, and that was more than enough entertainment for me. But this woman, this definition of beauty, was next to me, and there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her so badly that, even though I had already shot a huge load of cum in Jennifer's mouth, my cock was ready for more. She took my hand and pulled me down to the floor. She lay on her back and I began gently kissing her mouth. She was smiling. I lay beside Deb and took her head in my hands kissing her deeper. Probing her mouth with my tongue. My breath still held the sweet fragrance of Jennifers pussy. Deb devoured each wet kiss hungrily.

Despite her innocent, girlish voice, Deb wasn't shy or inexperienced. She knew what she wanted and as we kissed, with some urgency, she took my hand and pulled it down to her pussy. Her soft pubic hair and the moist swollen folds of her flesh pushed up against my hand as she spread her legs wider. "Finger fuck me James' She said breathily. Her tongue probed my mouth deeper. Locked in a deep kiss, her soft moans resonated right through my body. I pulled my fingers out, a few drops of her nectar dribbled on to her stomach as I lifted my hand to her mouth. She sucked the juices off, we french-kissed again savouring the juice. I continued to rub her moist clit and she softly came.

Our deep embrace must have been inspiring, because my fingers, wet with Debs pussy juice, soon had company. It was Jennifer. She had position herself between Debs thighs and was eagerly licking the juices from my fingers and dipping her tongue into Debs swollen pussy. She looked amazingly beautiful there. Her golden hair shining in the dim light. Her bangs matted to her forehead. I couldn't help but think I was in heaven as I rubbed Deb's clit and Jennifer licked her with her tongue. Jennifer's eyes were locked with Deb's as she licked her pussy. There was an incredible intensity between them. Deb threw her head back and said, "Oh fuck that feels gooood!. If you keep that up I'm gonna cum all over your face."

"Go ahead Baby," Jennifer said sexily. "Go ahead." She took her clit into her mouth sucked it softly while she positioned four fingers at her pussy and slowly eased them in. "Oh God!" Deb whispered. Jennifer didn't fuck her with those fingers so much as massage her pussy. Her thumb rested on one side of her pussy sprending her lips apart and she slowly eased her fingers in. She continued to slide her fingers in and out and suck on her clit until Deb gasped. "Oh fuck that feels good!" Deb said louder. "I'm gonna cum!" Jennifers fingers quicked the pace and as Debs body tensed she kept her fingers deep inside her pussy and wiggled them upwards on her g-spot. Debs body writhed back and forth as she came and Jennifer moved with her. She came multiple times and when she finished cumming Jennifer looked up, her face soaked with cum and said, "Oh my God that was good!" And they both laughed.

We all went limp after Deb came. Soaked in sweat, the silence in the room punctuated by our heavy breathing and the rhythmic "ker-click, ker-click, ker-click" of the record player which had finished playing, the needle stuck in a holding pattern on the inner circumference of the vinyl.

As I lay on my side next to Deb, my erect cock rested on her hip bone just a few inches from Jennifers wet pussy-soaked face. The sight of her and Deb going at it made my cock drip rivers of precum down Debs inner thigh. It slowly followed the contours of Debs body to Jennifers waiting mouth. As she pulled her face away from Debs pussy, strands of the clear liquid clung to her beautiful face and she would lap up some of it as it dripped to the corner of her mouth.

Jennifer joined us face-to-face. She kissed Deb on the mouth and giggled, "I thought I was going to drown down there!"

Deb laughed and said with a sigh, "That was amazing." She kissed us both and said to Jennifer "But I think you need some cock."

They giggled and Jennifer climbed over Deb. She squatted over my cock and slowly lowered herself guiding my cock inside her. She leaned backward on her arms and gyrated. Deb got up and planted her pussy on my face. She and Jennifer french kissed while they fucked me.

The day had started out like any other, but somehow today I had won the sexual lottery. It was perfect. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did.

Deb climbed off my face and said, "I want you to fuck her from behind. I wanna lick that pussy with your cock inside her." She looked at Jennifer with a wicked grin and said, "Would you like that Jenn"

"Like it" Jennifer replied. "I would love it! I've actually fantasized about it!", she said with a giggle as she knelt on all fours, her back arched and her perky, toned butt in the air.

Deb slid underneath her and began to lick her pussy while I eased my cock in. I could feel Deb's tongue sliding up and down on Jennifer's pussy and I thrust my cock in deep. She would lick her way from Jenn's clit down to the shaft of my cock sliding in and out of Jenn's cunt. When I held my cock deep insdie her, Deb sucked my balls. It was heaven.

I pulled out completely and slid into Debs waiting mouth. She took it eagerly and lapped up the sweet precum and pussy nectar. I alternated between Deb's mouth and Jennifer's pussy over and over again relishing each sensation. My cock and Jenn's wet pussy were dripping our sex all over Deb's face. Deb moved back to Jennifers clit. I fucked Jenn faster and harder. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock and I knew she was nearing orgasm.

Jennifer gasped and writhed her hips as she came. "Oh fuuuckkk!" she screamed. "Fuuuccckkk!" Her body tensed.

Deb licked Jenn's pussy through her first orgasm. I continued to fuck her and Jennifer came again. "Suck it!" She screamed at Deb. "Suck my fucking clit!" And she came again. Her body convulsed harder this time. Her pussy clamped like a vise on my cock holding it deep inside her. I couldn't hold my own orgasm any longer and fucked Jennifer fast and hard. Deb must have sensed I was about to cum and as I slammed my cock deep inside Jennifer's pussy one last time, she latched on to my balls just as I came. I held my cock there and filled Jennifer with my cum. Deb's warm mouth milked the cum from my balls. My cock twitching inside Jenn's cunt. When she had every last drop, I slowly pulled my cock out. Deb's mouth, posied below Jenn's pussy, was waiting for the cum. It dripped down the swollen folds of Jennifers labia, find its way to her clit and into Deb's waiting mouth. She slowly slid her tongue upwards, scooping cum as she went, and dipped her tongue in and out of Jennifers pussy playing with the strands of cum. Jennifer moaned softly. When Deb had all the cum, she swallowed with a quiet gulp. Smiling she said innocently, "I'm so glad I dropped by." There was a pause and we laughed.

"I think I can speak for everyone Deb." I said. "We're really glad you dropped by too, and please come any time you like."

"Can you give me a few minutes" She said with a laugh.