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Title: Camp Fire Orgy - Author: Randy & Carol Lynn

Published: Mar 21, 2009 - Contact:

We didn't know it then, but this event changed our very lives.

My husband & I had taken a vacation for two weeks. We love to hike and fish in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Hiking into a remote lake completely secluded that is so relaxing for us both. We could fish in the buff if we had ah mind too and no body would bother us. We drove to the White River National Forest. There are a lot of natural lakes and native fish, but we like to hike into these remote areas in BLM lands in the white river national forest. There is a moderate size lakes, (Bull Lake) we have hiked into several times. It is possible to drive with-in fifteen miles of the lake and then a rough four wheel drive trail for I think six miles and hike the rest. Randy my husband & I filled our back-packs for a week of supplies and headed to Bull Lake.

We hiked a good two & half hours. I had to go pee & I mean I had to PEE. I took my shovel off my pack and TT and went for a natural hike. About 150 yards I found a small group of trees surrounded by thick sagebrush. I dug a hole and squatted and peed in the hole, wiped my butt and covered my waist & tt with soil. I was standing pulling up my panties and jeans when I was surprised by seeing four other couples that made a camp site about 75 yards away. I hurried back & told Marty about them. He thought I was BS him. We walked back to where I was & there they were. Two black couples and two white couples standing there completely nude around a campfire that was too large. Randy was looking at these ladies ah little too long. He had a slight grin on his face. I was kind of pissed, well the men didn't look too bad either. Especially the tall black dude. (Hey I'm only human) We just let them be and continued on our hike.

We arrived at Bull Lake about 4 maybe 5pm. We were able to see the smoke from their campfire from the lake. Randy pitched our tent while I got some grub ready. I built a small campfire for my camp cooking and got some camp food that is freeze dried. "What do you want for dinner Hon Lasagna or Goulash" I asked Randy. His reply was normal. "I don't care, what ever you want is fine with me" I wish I could get ah straight answer from him now & then.

He finished setting up camp and he made a cold water camp shower. I made us something to eat. I aroma of the Goulash cooking was filling the air. It was pretty warm for early spring and standing around the fire was hot, I removed my shirt and let my 36's go free. When Randy first saw me standing there with no top on he always gets twiterpated. He figured I did it for him. He made his advances and I just moved and told him to finish the campsite. (Why do men think that way) I don't understand the male species. Every time they see bare breasts they go bonkers. "I was hot & trying to cool off" I told him. I pushed his hand off my titties. "Not now quit it. " I said.

We sat on a deadfall tree eating our dinner when we heard the rustling of the ground and breaking of branches. We continued watching the location where the sounds were coming from. We were in a clearing of tall pine trees. "Hi folks" one of them said. They stepped out of the trees carrying a cooler. They were still naked as the day they were born.

"Hi there. We didn't know anyone else was up here. We could smell dinner on the stove" This black man said. "I suppose you're wondering why we are dressed this way" My Smart Ass husband, Randy replied. "No. no we see a lot of naked people here all the time. It's nothin' strange to us" They all introduced themselves as Bob & Louis, Taylor & Lisle the white couples. I'm Tyrone & Sandra, Hi there. We are Ron & Connie. The black couples. I am Carol Lynn and that over there is Randy.

Tyrone started to explain their nudity, He said, "We are part of a large group of people that really enjoy each others company from time to time. I asked, "Enjoy each others company What the hell does that mean Louis said, "Like this" She reached over and grabbed Tyrone's cock and started stroking it. Just her tight touch, She started jackin' him off & it grew with every stroke. It soon turned a purple shiny color & 10'' long and very thick. His dick was amazing. I can just imagine how that dong would feel in my pussy. "Well to each his own. Care to join us Randy said. We have finished diner, but we do have some hot chocolate" Sure, we would love too. Thanks" Taylor replied. "We have a cooler full of home brewed beer with us too" I stared at Tyrone's swinging package. He saw me looking at it. He lifted it & asked if I wanted some. I acted shy and then looked away. Randy asked if I wanted to fuck'em ''RANDY WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT'' ''The way your looking' at him you look like u want to'' Tyrone walked over to where I was sitting on the downed tree.

Tyrone had a come-on line that was so original it was cute. He said, "Knock Knock" "Who's there, I said. "Emerson" "Emerson who" I asked. "Emerson some pretty nice white titties you have there! Those statements made my nipples hard and protrude like double AA batteries. I forgot about not having my shirt on. I just laughed and tried to cover up as best I could. Tyrone sat next to me. I swear his cock was nearly dragging the ground. He was talking to me, Looked at his wife, Sandra. She was shaking her head telling me that it was ok. I looked at Randy. He wanted to know what I was going to do.

I moved my hand down to his cock and grasped it softly. I lifted it up. "Oh Shit, Randy. This thing must be four pound trouser trout" Tyrone laughed as we all did. Sandra said, "You guy's are not going to have all the fun" She moved near Randy & she reached up and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed her back with some hot passion. That told me that it was ok with what I wanted to do. Sandra asked him if he'd ever had sex with ah black woman. "Y" No I haven't, he said.

Randy took control like he does with me. He tightly locked mouths with her forcing his tongue to her. Sandra quickly sucked his tongue through her wet lips. Randy reached for her moisture covered honey spot and inserted his fingers in. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she told him, "Deep. Go Deeper. Oh Yeah, Finger that black hole" He did. She started to ride is hand fast and hard. She put her hand down the front of his shorts and felt of his blood-filling cock. I continued stroking Tyrone's massive tool. I put my hands abound it three times and still the helmet sticking out about 2"

He said, "Carol Lee you had better do something with my dick or you will get a Big Surprise" I started to jerk faster and longer strokes. It felt so intriguing to jack off and man if that size. All of a sudden he started to jerk with my strokes. Some pre-cum formed at the tip. I quickly licked it off and tried to swallow that humongous black cock. He started fucking my face with lethal force. I could only gag and try to get a little air. "Breath though you nose sweetie" he said. "Breath though you nose"

The other couples were standing there watching me take this black snake down my throat. They soon joined in. Ron, Connie & Louis went over to Randy and Sandra and Taylor, Lisle and Ron came up to Tyrone and I. There was sucking poking, feeling, grouping from all of us. This was overwhelming to me. My little snatch was so wet but un-satisfied. Lee was the shortest one. He took my breasts and roughly kneading them like raw pie dough. Sucking my nipples hard made it worse. I had to fuck someone and Tyrone was the dick I wanted. I stood up and straddled his legs and sat in his lap. My cunt was seconds from being impelled by this blood filled black cock.

Tyrone asked me if I really wanted to do him. "Hell Yeah I Do, As much as I can get in there" Tyrone took it slow stretching my ring of desires. With a little pressure and Plop he was in. He took short strokes and waited for me to get used to this strange invader into my righteous one lover pussy. Inch by big inch I took him in until I felt him touching me womb. I had fucked this dick about 75% into my womanhood. "Tyrone" I said, "You have hit my bottom. Now give me some speed and fuck this white bitch"

I rose up far enough to get some deep penetration from Tyrone. He continued his short meaningless penetrations until I screamed at him to FUCK ME Like man. "There ya go! Tyrone. That's it. OH Yeah Fuck my white hole." He was getting into me with deep womb touching penetrations. I spent the next ten minutes bouncing on his cock. I started to feel pressure building in my insides. "OH "FUCK I'M CUMMING!" "FUCK ME! WITH THAT WONDERFUL COCK I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......do me Hard. My orgasm triggered Tyrone loose his wad. He started pulsating black man cum deep in my love tunnel. Every deep stroke he splattered my insides with his spunk. "Oh you Big dick man that was wonderful" I told him.

I had forgot about Lee nursing my tits. He was biting my nipples causing another orgasm to build. Ron wanted some of my cunt. He wasn't as big and long but he was as hard. I bent over and held on to a tree branch as Ron took me from behind. I was watching him as he fucked me. Every time he came out, he brought along gobs of Tyrone's hot seed. Ron fucked me as Lisle was sucking my titties. All of a sudden my climax started as Ron was teasing my G-spot. WoW! I squirted huge amounts of female cum all over us. I felt like a street slut. I was spent, tired, sweaty and still wanting more.

We sat down and rested wiping sweat from my well-satisfied body by that time. I looked over to see what Randy was doing. These ladies Louis, Lisle & Sandra had Randy staked out lying on the ground. His legs were spread as far as they would go. They were taking turns sitting on his cock. I know he was enjoying that. I watched him fuckin' the strange women. Tyrone, Lee and Connie watched them having fun. Randy started screaming for one of them to stay on his dick so he could get his nuts off.

Sandra has a light complexion for a black women and very pretty. She thought Randy had had enough teasing. She stood over him and aimed her black snapper over Randy's cock and just dropped her weight down on him. I was trying not to imagine him if she had missed. She stayed right with him in rhythm as she finished him off. His hips were rising up to meet her. Randy was close to shooting his goo right up Sandra's black sugar spot, by the look on his face, I'd seen it many times He held in reserve and haltered, "Bitch I'm Cumming" I'm CUMMING. She felt the first spasm from Randy's balls and increased her speed. He was cumming in buckets. She arched her back as she was in her orgasm also.

I looked around the camp to see what else was going on. This lady Lisle was on her back being doubled. She had dick down her throat and one in each hand. When the men had finished with her, she looked like an un-paid whore with cum everywhere.

I donno what time it was, but there was a light glow to the eastern horizon. It downed on me that Randy & I had been fucking these strangers all night. We all fell asleep for a time. I hadda go pee, so I grabbed my shovel and headed off in the woods. Wiping my stuff I noticed blood stains on the TT. I just knew that Tyrone had damaged my cervix. When I returned they were up and fixing breakfast.

As time went by, we have had other encounters with these same people. Once a month we get together at some ones house to continue our new found life style.