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  • Dreams of My Mother
  • Published: Mar 24, 2009
  • Author: Joe Long
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  • Category: Incest and Taboo
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About: "We fucked again that night 17 times over the next couple months until she moved in with Bill"

Title: Dreams of My Mother

Nudity was never a big deal in my house as I grew up. Never inappropriately, but behind closed doors my parents did not care if I saw them or they saw me. They both slept naked, and if either had to get up to go to the bathroom, there they would be walking down the hall. If I had to go, it didn't matter if Mom was in the tub, I'd just drop my pants, plop down on the toilet, and carry on a conversation with her, all the while eyeing her breasts and vagina in the bathwater. She was only 20 when I was born, so when I was 12 she was still only 32. Only 5'2", she battled chubbiness, but was always well rounded where it counted.

When I was in 6th grade, I discovered my penis was good for things other than pissing. I quickly became addicted to orgasms (and still am, almost 40 years later). While I was discovering the joys of jacking off, I still got to see my Mom nude almost every day. Sometimes I had to work hard to not get an erection when I was naked in front of her, or especially when we were both naked, such as in the bathroom. I had one embarrassing moment at puberty. I decided I didn't like pubic hair, and shaved it - big mistake, it itched so bad - and I knew there was no way to hide it from Mom, as it was only a matter of days before she saw me undressed, and then had to answer "what happened to your hair".

The next discovery of puberty was realizing what was really happening when I heard Mom make those strange gurgling, screaming sounds some late nights in their bedroom. I remembered my Dad saying sometime when I was small that he was popping a pimple on her back, which I knew could be quite painful. Now it was duh, she was having a fucking orgasm. At them time of night, when her cries became audible through the wall separating our rooms, I became skilled at whipping out my dick and getting it quickly erect and headed towards my own orgasm, hopefully synchronized with my mother's in the next room. I closed my eyes and imagined it was my cock and not my father's bringing forth her cries of ecstasy.

The other thing I realized about my parents was that they collected erotic paperbacks (and swapped them with other couples). They were stacked in plain view on the stairs leading to the attic, although some where on their nightstand or under their mattress. With no such thing as Internet porn in the 70's, jacking off could be accentuated by a good read. Flipping to any page left you within minutes of a fuck scene. My absolute favorite book was "Family Humpers". It started with Dad walking in on his 15 year old niece sharing hot lesbian action with the housekeeper. Infuriated, he fires the housekeeper, but of course is soon lured into fucking his niece, and now she is the puppet master. Dad fucks his daughter, Mom fucks the mailman and the principal, the niece and the daughter suck off the brother and put objects in Mom's pussy - finally, after what seemed hours (and my sore cock), it got to the payoff - Mom alone with her son. She dropped to her knees and started to suck his dick, but he was tired of blow jobs, he wanted to be fucked! He threw his mother on the bed and was between her legs. She bucked so hard she threw him off, so he turned her around and did Mom doggy style. After he came, she says "Mother's don't fuck their sons", but, of course, they did it seven more times that night. From then on I always jumped straight to that scene. I must have read it a couple times a week. After a while I was afraid they might get rid of it, so I hid it in my room. Neither of them ever asked about missing books, but I couldn't be sure no one noticed it was gone. I also wasn't sure which one of them was interested in incest (it wasn't the only book on the subject to appear in the stacks), but as I was an only child, I didn't have a sister for Dad to be fantasizing about diddling.

I never made any moves on Mom, telling myself that I didn't want to be the reason that would break up my parent's marriage. But, when I was 18 she left anyway. Dad had been being a major dick for about a year, but later I found out that she had been cheating on him, and it was likely he knew something was wrong. Mom rented a house a few miles away, and was dating a guy named Bill who lived near there. Probably the guy she had been fucking on the side. She and I were still sharing a car, as she hadn't gotten one of her own yet, so I was down at her place often.

A few weeks later there was a bowling banquet for a league that both Mom and I were members of. Bill went too, and he drove us all over to the club. I tried to be polite to Bill, but I was still pissed that he was probably the guy who got Mom to leave my house. Mom drank quite heavily at the banquet, and by the time we left for home I never remember her so shitfaced. We were all in the front seat of Bill's car, Mom in the middle, me on the right. Three blocks from her house, she reached over and squeezed the inside of my thigh (and doing the same to Bill with the other hand), and said "My two men!" My dick was hard in about two seconds. Bill dropped us off, and I had to help Mom up the steps. I was going to get her situated, and then drive my car home. Once inside, she said "I'm going to bed, give me a hand". When we got to her bedroom, she started stripping, as there never was any problem with her being naked in front of me. Now sitting on the foot of the bed, she slipped her panties over her feet, then fell backwards into the middle of the bed, out could. Now, this certainly wasn't the first time I had ever seen my Mom naked, but here she was spread wide with no one else in sight. Dad certainly wasn't coming through the door at any minute, but I was still terrified. I just stood there, staring at her pussy. Inside my pants I was hard as a rock. I called her name a couple times, with no response. This was too much, I just couldn't bear to chicken out now. I slowly walked up between her spread legs and dropped to my knees. I was being careful not to touch her, but leaned my face forward until it was just inches from her closely cropped bush. I unzipped my pants, freeing my aching dick and held it in one hand while I used the other to lightly brush her pubic hair. I gathered a little more courage, and pushed my finger into the hair until I felt her hot, moist pussy lips. I took the other hand off my own cock and with two sets of fingers spread her vagina open in front of my face. For six years I had been whacking off almost nightly dreaming of this sight. I had made out with a few girls, and had my hands down a few of their panties, but I was still a virgin and had never sucked a pussy. I hardened my tongue and began to probe inside her folds. The taste was not what I expected. It was better if I held my breath. It wasn't long until Mom moved, squirming her hips against my face. I froze for a few seconds, but she didn't say anything so I went back to sucking her pussy. Then her hands grabbed my hair and pulled my face closer. I was really panicked, but she said "Come up here and fuck me, fuck me hard. I want to feel you inside me". Now I wasn't sure she even knew whose head she was holding onto, but who was I to turn her down now As I got up off my knees, her eyes were struggling to open as my dick stood at attention, straight out at her. This is what I had dreamed of so many times, but I was standing there, shaking at the though of what I was about to do. Again she muttered, "Come on honey, I'm waiting". Her legs already spread wide, I leaned forward, positioning the head of my cock against her pussy, rubbing it back and forth until it slid between her lips, and then found the hole. She gasped as I pushed it in, first halfway, and then a couple more back and forth strokes until I was in up to my balls. My hands were on the bed beside her head, my face just inches above hers. I wanted to see every look on her face as I rammed her with my dick. Way too soon, I started building towards a climax. I stopped my thrusting, although still inside her. "No honey, don't stop". I gave a few seconds for the orgasm to back off, and then went back to pounding her pussy. She was really moving now, "Fuck me harder", and finally I said, "I love you Mom, I've wanted to fuck you for so long". Now she was getting louder, in that old familiar way, "aargh, oh, oh yeah, AAAH". She had her tubes tied a few years before, so I wasn't afraid of cumming in her. She got even louder, and I couldn't hold back any more, exploding my load of cum into my mother's pussy, as she let out a last throaty scream. I kept pumping as long as I could, but my dick was getting raw and losing its stiffness. Finally I pulled out, and then laid on my back beside her. She rolled on her side, and put her arm crossed my belly, her tits against my side "I'm so glad to have my man."

Soon she was out cold again. I laid there awhile, and replaying the events in my head got my dick aroused again a couple times, but finally I decided it was best to not be there when she regained all her senses, so I slipped out of bed, got dressed and headed home. Two days later I came back over, and while I was taking off my coat, she pinched my ass and said "Why did you leave so soon the other day" So she did know! I turned and took her in my arms, gave her a hug, and she pressed herself against my crotch as I pulled her blouse over her head. We fucked again that night, 17 times over the next couple months, until she moved in with Bill.

Although she and Bill broke up later, it was still hard to find time alone as we both went on with our lives. The night before my wedding, we were all staying at my in-law's house, and there weren't many beds. My wife-to-be was on my left, when Mom came up, unzipped her jeans and dropped them to the floor. I don't know what she had been doing, but the smell of her pussy was so strong. I knew it would never work if she slept beside me, she would wake up with my dick in her ass, so I asked her to sleep on the other side, next to my wife. Years later we had moved out-of-state, but Mom moved to the same town, to be close to the grandkids. She had a falling out with her roommate, and asked if she could move in with use, so we let he use the basement bedroom. I worked nights and slept in. One day, when the wife and kids were already gone, I got up and was in the shower, when Mom came into the shower with me, and proceeded to give my genitals a good tongue bath. I was 31, she was 51, and starting to look older, things were getting wrinkled and sagging, but I still loved my Mom, so I threw her on the bed and for one last time fucked her the best I could offer.

I don't know if my wife suspected anything, of course I never told her that part of my life story, soon afterwards my wife told me she had a dream, that she had gone to my mother's bedroom in the basement, and saw me on top of my mother, fucking away. She said "Ew, it was so disgusting!" Maybe she was looking for my reaction. I did my best denial of ever thinking of that sort of thing. However, my mother and my wife never did get along very well, and the week after Mom moved out.

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