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Title: Finger Licking Good - Author:

Published: Mar 28, 2009 - Contact:

Drunk one night, my wife and I and another couple end up in a motor lodge miles from home. We drink our selves to sleep. I wake to bright sunlight streaming into the room. The other couple is in the next bed 4 feet away. The girl is on my side of the bed , she is laying on her back. The covers are mostly off her ,she has on panties and a thin top. Checking her out, I start to get horny. I roll over the other way facing my sleeping wife. I run my hand under her top and start to play with her tits, I work the blankets down and her top up. I have her tits out in plane view as I start to suck on them. I get the blankets all the way off her and slide my hand into her panties, her cunts already nice and wet. I rub her clit until she starts to squirm around. I slide her panties off of her, leaving her compleatly exsposed in the brightly lit room. She is still slightly drunk from the night before. I work my fingers into her tight, wet cunt, she spreads her legs nice and wide for me.I go deep into her , she starts to softly moan. I finger her for a while, then take her hand and guide it down to her pussy, she knows how much I like to watch her get herself off. I can't believe she is so openly fingering herself, I rub my hand up and down her leg as I softly say, that's right baby, cum for me.After a while I roll over onto my back and look over . The girl in the next bed is laying on her back, the covers moving as she plays with her pussy, her face is beet red as she moves faster. She opens her eyes and sees me watching her. I motion for her to flap the blankets back so I can see her playing. She pulls them aside, I see that her panties are off and her top is up over her nice tits. She takes two fingers and puts them in her mouth, them I watch her slide them into her wet cunt. I can hear how wet she is as she pounds into her self, behind me my wife is cumming for the third time. She reaches around and starts to pump my cock. Good thing there's a night stand with a box of tissues beside me because I cum in no time as I watch the girl in the next bed cum as she sucks on her rock hard nipples.