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Title: Jane gets Groomed - Author:

Published: Apr 10, 2009 - Contact:

Jane was a pretty together kind of chick. She ran her own advertising agency and sat on a couple of boards.

At 39 she was still very attractive. Long, lean limbs with naturally golden skin. Long, soft dark hair and stunning, green eyes. While she was conscious that guys often admired her firm, tight backside and pert, well proportioned breasts it was years since she had had a date and longer still since she had screwed anyone. Her vibrator had become her best friend and she now maintained a selection of them in her top draw.

With her 40th birthday approaching, Jane decided a tropical island vacation was the way to celebrate and she had spent hours surfing the web to find the ideal setting. With 2 weeks to go she locked into a 2 week stay in an overwater burre in the Maldives.

Just what I need, she thought and decided that a new wardrobe was needed to accompany the trip. Running into her local department store during her lunch hour she tried a dozen bikinis on, sarongs and strappy little dresses. Her body was stunning in them all but her poorly maintained bikini line was something else. Time for some maintenance she thought.

Passing a beauty salon on the way back to work she ducked in and made an appointment for the afternoon that she was due to fly out.

With her bags packed Jane threw on her travelling gear, tucked her passport in her bag and jumped in a cab. The beauty parlour was on her way to the airport so she planned to go straight from there.

"Hi Jane", the young beautician greeted her, "What are we doing for you today"

Jane was a little embarrassed. Her bikini line had been waxed before but she had decided to go the full deal today.

"A full Brazilian please", she mumbled quietly.

"Is this your first time" asked the young beautician, nodding knowingly.

Jane walked into the room and stripped off her clothes. She lay on her stomach, spread her legs apart slightly as she had been instructed and closed her eyes. She felt uncomfortable.

She heard the beautician walk into the room and put on the latex gloves. She could smell the warm wax. The beautician touched her softly on both hips and gently lifted her hips up so that Jane was on her knees and her elbows with her large, round breasts resting on her arms. Her dark, silky hair tumbled to one side. She felt the beauticians hands run from her shoulders, along her back and over her buttocks and she realised that she was becoming aroused. With her cunt exposed and this gentle touch she realised that she was feeling that old, familiar feeling deep inside her. She shivered slightly and realised that the beautician would have sensed the slight flex and vibration in her cunt.

She felt the beautician gently spread her buttocks and then the warm wax was spread along the crack of her arse. It was warm like semen and she involuntarily shivered again. Applying the cotton strip to the wax the beautician quickly stripped the hair from her butt. Instead of registering as pain she felt pleasure from the quick sensation. She emitted a little moan and wasn't sure if the beautician heard her. She desperately needed her vibrator right now.

She felt the beautician gently take her hips and turn her onto her back. Jane kept her eyes shut, this girl must realise she is getting her rocks off, she thought.

Laying on her back, the beautician moved Jane's legs apart slightly and Jane was sure that she felt a soft, intentional brush of fingers across her labia. She tightened her buttocks ever so slightly and felt a soft vibration in her cunt.

The beautician started combing her long, curling black pubes and Jane pushed her arse deep into the bench feeling a tightening deep inside her that carried through to her clit. She trimmed Jane's pubes and then the warm wax was applied in long strokes to the fleshy front of her. She felt the firm hand of the beautician pressing down on her and then the stripping away of her pubes.

"Oh", escaped from her lips before she was able to control herself. At least the beautician would think it was because she was in pain, she thought.

Now the beautician had taken each of Jane's knees and bending them, placed them so that they were resting on the bench either side of Jane.

There was no mistaking now as the beautician's hand gently stroked Jane's cunt. Up and down, spreading apart the lips of her vagina and stroking her clit with a gloved finger. As Jane started to moan the finger gently fondled the soft circle of skin at the mouth of her vagina. Jane reached down and taking the beautician's hand, indicated the rhythm that she wanted. That was all it took and now she felt two of her attendant's fingers entering her and working her as she raised and lowered her now bald mound.

Pulling back the beautician applied the last, long glides of wax and before Jane had noticed she was completely waxed bare. By now Jane was in no state to stop and her attendant obliged her. Jane was working her mound while the beautician worked her cunt when she felt the beautician step back for a moment.

"Do you want more" Jane heard the attendant ask and she opened her eyes t o see a gorgeous young Spanish guy with his cock hard and ready for her. "Now's no time for conversation," she murmered as she pulled him forward onto the bench.

He plunged his massive, brown cock into her bald cunt and for the first time in her life she understood the benefit of a Brazilian. He worked her up to the most amazing orgasm of her life as he worked his hard dick into her. She felt his skin against her mound and his balls as they rubbed her soft, bare skin and her arse as he fingered her there too.

When she was done he worked her again with his soft tongue and lips and rough, shaved chin against her tingling bareness. Jane peeled his shirt away to reveal large, strong shoulders and a tight, hairless chest. She licked his chest and eased herself slowly onto his still hard cock. Easing up and down slowly and taking in the full length of his dick she felt the soft skin of her mound tingle as it rubbed across his hairless crotch. As she started to work him faster she felt the hair of his upper thighs tickle her hairless crack and the new sensations excited her. She felt him come deep into her and watched the pleasure in his face as she gently eased off of him.

"Do you have any plans for the next 2 weeks" she murmured as he licked at her nipples, "because the plans I have for you involve catching a plane in 3 hours time and spending 2 weeks perfecting those moves in the Maldives with me."

"Who could possibly say no to that," he smiled as he worked his way back down to her cunt.