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Title: A Birthday Not to Forget - Author: iWantyou

Published: Apr 23, 2009 - Contact:

I was 19 at the time, just a young girl in college. My younger brother, Matthew, was just turning 18 on the very day that I came to visit. I brought a cake and gifts and everything people want on their birthday. But I wanted to do more than just see him. No, I wanted to see him... and his cock. After the party, everyone left. Leaving just me and him to clean up the beer, wrapping paper, and cake crumbs. "So, did you like the party" Matthew asked. I smiled. "It was tons of fun! I still can't believe Veronica gave you a sex toy, though. What does she think you are, a girl" Matthew blushed and remembered the laughs he had gotten we he had unwrapped a squishy purple jelly cock. "I think it was a joke," he said. I nodded in agreement and laughed. "What are you planning on doing with it" He shrugged. "I guess I could give it to the first girl I ever have sex with... yeah, I'll do that." Now this was my chance! "How about giving to me" I asked. He blushed a deep deep red. "Did you just hear what I said Why would I give it to you, stupid" I grinned. "Cause you know you wanna have sex with me, boy." I didn't have to say anything after that. He just yanked me onto the kitchen table and started kissing me. His tounge went everywhere, my mouth, my lips, even my nose. But it wasn't what I wanted. "SUCK MY PUSSY, NOW!" I screamed. He pushed my jeans down, and my hot red lacy thong. He immediatly dove his tounge straight into my hot wet hole. In out, in out. Whoa, he was fucking me with his tounge! "Ok, ok, that's good... oh, amazing, ok, you can stop now." He pulled his tounge out. It was covered in white pearly cum. I smiled sweetly. "Now, my little slave brother, you are to show me your cock." He fumbled around, a bit unsure about that. "Laura, I don't know about that. We are related." I kicked his bent down head. "DO IT!" He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers down. My eyes focused straight on his prick. It WAS big. I guessed about 1 and a half inches wide, and about 6 and a half inches long. "Now, fuck me with it." I spread my legs wide open. "But, first, rub your head up against my hole." Matt grabbed his cock and pushed it up against my wet hole, and I couldn't take it any longer. "Fuck me nowwwwwwwww!!!" I cried. He dove his dick right into my pussy, in and out, pumping me. "Faster, harder, deeper, c'mon you can do better than this!" He then pushed every bit of his cock into me, his balls making a slapping noise as they hit against me. "PUMP ME FASTER, BOY!" He was pumping in and out so fast that I could hardly even see his cock. Suddenly, I felt hot sperm coming from his dick. It swelled up and I screamed in pleaser. "OHHH MYYY FUCKINNNN GAWDDDD!!!" I shuttered as my pussy began contracting and cum flowed from me, mixing with Matt's. My pussy seemed to be milking his cock. Both of our breathing was heavy, his dick now starting to sag, but still inside of me. "Ok, pull out, little brother." He pulled his dick out. "Now, you nasty little bitch of a sister, it's my turn to tell YOU what to do. Get on your knees,"said Matt. I knew what was going to happen. I pretended to look terrified as I got down on the floor. He pushed his cum covered cock in my face. "Suck it." I put his yummy dick in my mouth and twirled my tounge around the head. Matthew sighed with pleasure. I gave him a total blowjob, his eyes closed with happiness the whole time. He stuffed his dick into my mouth, deepthroat style. I was gagging, but loving this too. Suddenly we heard a car door slam. "Oh my god, that's my boyfriend coming to pick me up!" I screamed. I pushed my brother into the bedroom and grabbed my clothes and ran in the bathroom. I quickly jumped back into them. I opened the door, fully dressed, as he knocked on the door. I opened it. "Hey, baby,"I said as I kissed him. "Ready to go" He smiled. "Totally." To this day me and my brother have never had sex again, never talked about it, and never told anyone. But I'm still sure that my brother had a birthday not to forget! But now that I think about it... I never got that purple jelly cock he said he was going to give the first girl he ever had sex with...