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Title: If her boyfriend knew... - Author:

Published: May 8, 2009 - Contact:

One of my best friends happens to also be my fuck buddy. I can get her to do all kinds of things when she's single but when she's got a boyfriend, I get nothing...except on special occasions :)

It was my 19th birthday. Now, on my 18th i was treated by my best friend, we'll call her Megan (not her actual name) by her letting me fuck her tits and fuck her in my kitchen (she's a whore but we have been at it since the begging high school when we went out). However, she has a boyfriend of about 3 months at the time of my 19 b-day. I wanted a little something from her but she didn't want to cheat. But once I did the whole force her to her knees and whip my dick out thing, she gave in to giving me a blow job. Not sure why she likes that or any girl for that matter but it works more often than not.

So she sucking my cock right. I'm enjoying it and she's getting a little into it, when her BF texts her. She proceeds to stop sucking me off and grab her phone in one had and my dick in the other. She texts him back while jacking me off a little and with that little saliva/cum bridge between the tip of my dick and her bottom lip. When she finished the text she just went back at it. A little while later she gets another text but doesn't answer on account of she knows whats coming...me. I let her know I'm about to cum and she opens her mouth and lets me aim where I want on her face. I get a little in the mouth and most of it on her face (mostly the nose and forehead). Then she picks up her phone and texts him again with my CUM ON HER FACE!

Now call me old fashion, but that's just a tad out of line.