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Quote: "To my everlasting joy despite all the hurdles, Doreen eventually ceased to be a GILF and became a GIFF"

The Story...

My mother-in-law, Doreen, was a GILF (Granny I'd like to fuck) way before the term was invented. When I was in my early 40s and she was in her mid-60s, I had the hots for her, big-time. It wasn't that she was particularly "sexy" by the standard definition of big tits, great figure, and so on nor did she flaunt herself or flirt. Oh no, it was much more seductive than that!

First, she was very traditional in her views so traditional, in fact, that I used to regard her as unattainable and, therefore, ultimately and irresistibly desirable. Second, she dressed very modestly and conventionally which made the occasional glimpse of VPL or lacy slip hem, less frequent glimpse of stocking tops, or most preciously rare flash of panties, an instant source of arousal and constant source of stimulus for my sexual fantasies. Last but not least, she was "verboten". I mean, we're talking about incest here!

To my everlasting joy, despite all the hurdles, Doreen eventually ceased to be a GILF and became a GIFF (Granny I frequently fuck)!

The first time we made love was when I was 41 and she was 66. It started with seemingly innocent mother-in-law, son-in-law signs of affection kissing hello and goodbye, and that sort of thing. It wasn't long before she became conscious of my increasingly aroused state on these occasions and I became aware that she was responding with kisses that lingered a second longer than "necessary". In fact, our very first overtly sexual encounter was a bit of a clumsy affair. Without going into why, we were in her spare bedroom and I had her tits out and her skirt up while we kissed passionately on the bed. She had my cock in her hand and stroked me to a gushing climax. I shot my goo all over the tight white gusset of her panty-girdle. We were both a bit embarrassed by what happened worried about what would happen if our respective partners found out but it was clear that neither of us had any regret.

It was our third encounter that was the crucial point of no return. We planned to have a couple of hours together without any possibility of being disturbed. We had no reason to hurry. We took our time to undress each other a bit like a game of strip-poker without the cards! As I indulged myself by licking and sucking the nipples of her tits, she "manually manipulated" my cock into the longest, thickest, hardest implement it could be.

There was time to appreciate her with every sense the feel of her body through her nylon slip and panties, the sound of her heart beating excitedly (or was that mine), her perfume, the sight of her exposed body. And the taste of her Oh My God! the taste of her as I explored, with my tongue, the essence of her femininity her cunt slit. My tongue probed that chasm of delight. When I hit her direct on target when I managed to get her clit into a similar state to my cock she began to ooze juices copiously. This was the closest I've ever been to drinking from the fountain of eternal youth!

We were now both beyond any illusion what would happen next. We knew we were going to fuck. Believe it or not, I was almost reluctant to remove my tongue from her cunt and replace it with my cock. I know that sounds weird, but I'm just telling it like it is (was). And then there we were locked together in the most intimate way. My cock was deep, deep inside her. Only by detaching my balls would I have been able to get further inside her!

Again, there was no rush. We kissed constantly while I moved in and out of her, and she responded with a synchronous rhythm of her hips. In ... out ... in ... out ...It was a full ten glorious minutes (at the very least) before it felt like the tip of my cock was on fire and I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. I said, "Mum, I can't hold on much more. I'm going to cum soon." She replied, "Yes, me too. Wait for me if you can."

A minute later and I panted, "I'm going to cum, Mum! I can't hold it back!", and she said, "Yes! Yes! Fill me with your sperm! Do it now!"

I felt her cunt muscles begin to spasm around my cock. She was cumming and the pressure in my balls reached critical. The first great spurt of my cum into her womb felt like it had blown the top of my dick away. It was so intense, it was almost painful! Her love-tunnel continued to convulse as I pumped my second, third and fourth string of spunk as far inside her as I could manage. I've often wondered just how much spunk I put inside her that day. I seemed to cum again and again. It wasn't until a good five minutes later that my dick drooped to the state where it slipped out of her cunt with a quiet "shlopp!" and we both rolled onto our backs, exhausted.

We've played that game many times since that first time. Even now that Doreen's in her 80s, she continues easily to get me hard. Her cunt has become even more plump and her slit even more deep and inviting. Her juices, while less copious, are still like nectar. I am so grateful that I have enjoyed my mother-in-law's transition from GILF to GIFF.Read more stories from our Incest and Taboo category

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  • My mother-in-law from GILF to GIFF
  • Published: May 13, 2009
  • Author: Danny
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  • Category: Incest and Taboo
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