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Title: fuck me daddy! - Author: incestlover

Published: Jun 5, 2009 - Contact:

I was always a horny child, even when I was small I would play "doctor" with my male older cousin. I had always liked incest and always wondered what it would be like to do someone in the family, yesterday was the day I would find out what it was like.

I am 19, blond, big boobs-size 36 C, long legs slim and very attractive my father was very attractive, black hair and fit, and this is what happened.

yesterday I came home from school at around 4:00 pm. I was very horny out of the usual that day so I decided to take off everything and and only wear a lite purple thong and a lite purple matching bra. I didn't think anyone was home so I layed down and slid my hand down my thong lightly fingering my very wet cunt. I worked on myself for about half an hour and came twice but I didn't feel fulfilled enough. At that moment I heard the door click open, to my excitement my father was home. My family and I were always very comfortable with each other but never did anything sexually. I walked down the stairs to greet my father, still in just bra and thong. "hey dad! how was your day" I always noticed my father looking down my shirt or staring at my pussy so when he saw me in my thong and bra I noticed a bulge rise in his pants. "hey sweety, my day was fine and yours" "it was fine" I answered, he dropped his jacket on the floor and suitcase, "here let me bring that up for you daddy" I bent down exposing my ass to my father while picking up the suitcase and jacket, "thanks love".

I heard him switch on the TV downstairs so I decided to go sit next to him on the couch and see what would happen. I walked pass the TV so he would notice me and sat down next to him. he looked down at my bodie and the bulge grew bigger. "you know Becky I haven't noticed how grown up you are, your really becoming a women" I swung over my leg so that I was sitting on my daddy's lap with his bulge rubbing against my now wet clit. "daddy I'm tired why don't you say we go lie down and have a little nap" "that sounds wonderful baby lets go up".

we ran up the stairs and into the master bedroom, I layed down on the bed spreading my legs slightly my daddy pulled off his pants and took off his shirt I gave him a surprised look, "I would just feel more comfortable sleeping in my boxers" "oh okay well then come over and lie with me" he growled on the bed and laid next to me. "honey how would you like to have one of your daddy's famous massages" "oh daddy I'd love that!" massages always make me wet in a second so I hoped he'd notice my soaked nickers. I took off my bra and underwear and rolled over on my stomach, "what kind of massage would you like love" "how about a full body massage" I said with a cheeky tone, "OK if that's what you want" he began rubbing my back then went lower and lower till he was massaging my ass, it felt amazing so I opened my legs a bit, "daddy I don't know why but I'm wet on my pussy why is that" I never told my dad or mum that I have done sexual things or even new about sexual things so I decided to be innocent and see if he'd give me first hand experiences.

"Well you see Becky, you must really like how daddy is touching you because when a women is aroused they get wet on their pussy's" "but daddy I also feel an urge! help it go away. please" I said with puppy dog eyes. "okay love I will"

He turned me over so I was lying on my back, he grabbed my legs and spread them oped wide, "you might feel an urge to squirt something on daddy but don't worry it will be fine if you do, daddy would like it if you did" "okay daddy i'll try" he brought his face close to my hot wet pussy and licked, it felt amazing I let out a few moans which exited him even more, licking turned into sucking hard and nibbling on my clit. It felt so good that I came in his mouth, "I'm so sorry daddy it just felt so good I couldn't hold it in, "that's perfectly fine love daddy likes what you did" "oh keep going daddy!" he went back to my sloppy pussy and rubbed my clit it felt so good I felt like I was going to black out all of a sudden I felt a huge finger slide into my cunt "oh ya! daddy I like that alot!" he slide in another finger and began to finger fuck me faster and faster, harder and harder until I screamed out "DADDY FUCK MY HOT CUNT NOW!!!!" "okay I will but you need to do something for your daddy first" "okay what is it daddy whatever you want" "OK love get on your knees and open your mouth daddy's gonna put his hard cock into your mouth and you can do whatever you want with it okay" "okay daddy" he slipped off his boxers and I got on my hands and knees, he exposed his hard on 10 inch cock and I moaned, I opened my mouth and started licking the head of his cock, "now I'm gonna face fuck you baby!" before I could say anything he grabbed my head and shoved his huge cock into my throat I deep throat his huge cock for about 25 Min's then I couldn't take it any longer and neither could he, he flung me onto the bed onto my back spread opened my legs and shoved his cock into me, I screamed "YES DADDY SHOVE YOUR MONSTER COCK INTO YOUR DAUGHTERS TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY!" I could feel his cock growing inside of me, he fucked me for 2 hours and in between I came 6 times and he shot his creamy cum into my pussy and asshole 5 times, it was amazing.

tonight my mum is coming home late, I hope me and daddy will have another fuck.