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Quote: "my wife and I were laying in bed having good sex and talking I decided to tell her about my sister"

The Story...

My wife and I had been married for over thirty years, my sister had been divorced for close to five years and lives in another state, anyway she decided to come visit us. As Kids we started experimenting our body's with each other when I was 13 she was 10 always rubbing and that was about all. She got married at 17 and moved away, I have always had desires for her but never had the chance. Now back to her visit, My wife's mother passed away and my wife had to leave for a couple of days for the funeral, the morning after my wife had been gone, I was laying in bed horny as hell, started masturbating, about this time I heard my sister get up and go to the kitchen to start breakfast, she had her robe and night gown on. I put on my jogging sweats and walked into the kitchen, said good morning sis, she turned and smiled, and said well did you get a good nights sleep, I said not really as I am not used to sleeping alone,she laughed and turned to look at me of course I was staring at her large breasts and of course getting aroused seeing her dressed like that. I stood up and told her that I was going back to bed for awhile, she said OK, I walked up to her and hugged her from behind and pushed against her I grabbed her tits in my hands and kissed her on her neck, she felt my hard against her butt,I whispered to her that if she wanted to join me I wouldn't object at all. She turned around and said damn you are still the same ole horny as you were when we were kids. I said I was used to getting it from my wife almost every night she was home as wife loved sex. Sis said well I do too but its been a long time for me, as we stood there hugging and humping each other, I reached down and rubbed her pussy we kissed and she said lets be quiet so not to wake her daughter of 12 years old up. We went to my bedroom and laid on the bed kissing as I rubbed her sweet pussy as I had done when we were kids. she asked if my wife liked getting her pussy licked, I told her I did it a lot too, so I started licking her as well, she said it has been a long time since she had a good pussy licking, as I licked she filled my face full of her hot cum she was holding my cock as I kissed her clit then she said "God" you have to put this in me now! That night was the first time I had fucked sis after all these years of not seeing each other, that night we did it three times then the next day my wife came home, right after sis had left to return home, my wife and I were laying in bed having good sex and talking, I decided to tell her about my sister and she actually enjoyed talking about her,she said that she had the same experience with her brother.. My wife is 66 and I am 68 and sis still comes visit us often and we all share the same bed. Read more stories from our Incest and Taboo category

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