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Title: A Night To Remember - Author: Hardin Reddy

Published: Jun 21, 2009 - Contact:

A Night To Remember...

My name is Steven. My wife Jennifer and I have been together for several years. Jen is 5 years younger than me, and at age 29 is even more beautiful to me than when I first met her when she was about 19. As for descriptions, I am about 6'1", a muscular 190 pounds with brown hair and eyes. She is about 5' 7'', with the face of an angel. She has green eyes and thick curly blond hair that goes down to her shoulders. She is maybe ten pounds overweight, but that only makes her softer and curvier, and overall, simply more voluptuous and sexy. She is one of those women who, were it not for the fact that she seems totally devoted to me, could make my life living hell because everywhere we go, every man with half a dick seems to want to fuck her. But, she acts as if she doesn't even notice, so I guess that reassures me.

Anyway, her best friend's name is Stacey and they have known each other since grade school so they're really comfortable with each other, although they've never done anything sexual together. I had met Stacey a few times, but never hung out with her, although she and Jennifer would occasionally get together when I was at work or something. It wasn't until Stacey got married to Chris though, that we all started hanging out together. A couple of times a month we would all go out to dinner together or go shoot pool. Sometimes we'd just hang out at home and listen to music and drink beer or make margaritas. Now, let me describe Stacey. She is one hot, little babe

The more we hung out with Stacey and Chris---- who by the way is a lean, muscular dark-haired 6' 180lbs construction foreman, okay looking but whose personality is what I think makes him appealing to women

Now, back when Jennifer and I discussed the possibility of a threesome with Stacey, I felt it was only fair to let her know that I didn't have a double standard. If she was willing to let me fuck another woman, I was willing to let her fuck another man. I thought that was only fair. To my relief, though, she always said that there was no way she could do anything like that. After Chris began his innocent flirting with my wife, though, I noticed I began to think more and more about watching Jen getting fucked by him. Or seeing her suck him off. And to my surprise, I would actually be turned on by these thoughts. Sometimes, when we were alone, Jen and I would occasionally talk about what the possibility was of ever doing anything with Stacey and Chris sexually. Jen would say that she might be able to "fool around" with Chris, but didn't think she could fuck him.

I would ask Jennifer, "If you sucked him, would you let him come in your mouth"

"Oh my God, no way, are you kidding" she would answer. "Would you want me to"

"Well, in some ways I think it would turn me on to watch him do something that I know feels so good, and that I know he only dreams about. Something that he never gets at home, and that he would never get again."

"Besides," I continued. "I think I would love to see the look on Stacey's face if he did come in your mouth, with her knowing that's what he dreams about, but that she's not willing to give him."

But, Jennifer always had a look on her face that said "No way", and she'd change the subject.

Well, after a couple of years of us all talking around the subject, but nothing ever happening, I finally became resigned to the fact that it was never going to happen. Besides, I had always assumed that if the four of us were ever going to do anything together, it would be during one of those nights when we were all drinking or something, but lately we had been doing that less and less.

One night I thought something might happen, when we were all drinking and playing party games, and the talk seemed to get a little more intense than usual. But again, nothing happened. They crashed at our place, and nothing was ever said about it by the time they left, late that next afternoon. The plan was for them to go to go home, shower and eat, while we did the same, and then they were to come back over that night and just chill out with us.

Well, by the time Stacey and Chris made it back over, we'd all definitely sobered up, so the last thing I thought was going to happen was any group sexual activity. Boy, was I wrong! No sooner had they come back over than the talk again turned to sex. And Stacey, a lot bolder than usual, said "Jennifer, why don't you show us how good you are at sucking Steven's dick, like you're always bragging about"

"OK", Jen said.

I couldn't believe it. Well, here it was, the moment of truth. If anything was going to happen, now was the time. Of course, this meant I would be the only one getting naked, at least for the time being. But, as the line in the movie says. "Sometimes you just have to say 'What the Fuck'" So I got naked and sat down on the couch, and Jen stripped down to her panties and bra and began sucking my cock. Stacey said to me "Wow Steven, your dick is a lot bigger than I had thought." It was a compliment, but it made me wonder why the fuck she thought I wouldn't have a big dick. Did she think I'd have a small dick Had she thought about my dick a lot But, needless to say, these were only fleeting thoughts, as I quickly went back to watching Jen's beautiful blond head going up and down as her mouth devoured my cock.

I think Stacey and Chris kind of felt awkward just standing there watching us, so they quickly went and got our camcorder, and took turns filming Jen sucking my dick, all the while saying how turned on they were getting. Finally, they stripped naked and got on the floor of our den, and Chris began eating Stacey's pussy, while she moaned away in ecstasy. Now it was our turn to watch. We stopped what we were doing, Jen got naked, and we both sat down on the floor and watched them for a while. After a little bit, Jen looked over at me with a mischievous grin and nodded in the direction of Stacey and Chris. She gave me a little wink, and began slowly crawling over towards them. I followed right behind her as she kind of nudged a surprised Chris out of the way, and I watched as she began to eat her best friend's pussy. Meanwhile, Stacey's moans must have at least tripled when she realized who was now eating her pussy. Chris moved to his wife's side and began sucking on her nipple there while I took a place on her other side, across from him.

Another moment of truth, I thought, as I was a little worried Chris might get mad if I began sucking on his wife's breast. He had always struck me as the somewhat jealous and possessive type, and I think that was the main reason I never engaged in the amount of sexual talk with Stacey that he did with Jen. But, my fears were soon put to rest. I threw caution to the wind and began sucking on the hard, erect nipple of Stacey's impossibly full breast, only to look across at Chris whose own mouth was full of tit. It looked as if he was trying to stifle a shit-eating grin that I could easily read in his eyes. At this point I realized he must have been as turned on by the thought of me fucking his wife, as I was by the thought of him fucking my wife! Now it was on!

Next, Jen sort of sat up to take a breather and Chris and I both stopped and just knelt there for a moment. Then, Stacey took the opportunity and pushed her husband in the direction of my wife, and said "Jennifer, why don't you suck Chris's cock now" The next thing I knew, Chris had stood up and inserted his own big swollen dick into my kneeling wife's hungry mouth. To my surprise, Jen started sucking on it like a starved puppy dog. Well, in that case, I thought to myself, it's time for Stacey to get a little lesson in cock sucking, herself. So, without a word, I stood up and moved her into a kneeling position. I placed my enormously swollen prick into her waiting mouth. The way she started enthusiastically slobbering all over my dick made me realize it wasn't that she didn't like sucking cock, but for some reason she didn't like sucking Chris's cock.

After a while, Jen and Chris moved to the floor and he began to eat her pussy and I moved in between Stacey's legs and began to go down on her. She was sopping wet and was grabbing my hair and pulling it, thrusting my face into her pelvis. Finally, in what could best be described as subdued screams, she cried "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" as she came several times over the next few minutes. Meanwhile, although I was focused on Stacey and me, I could hear from my wife's moans that things were going well with her and Chris, too.

After another few moments, Stacey moaned "I need your big dick inside of me Steven. Pleeaaase fuck me."

Another moment of truth. This would definitely take things to another level. I had no idea how Chris and Jen would feel about this. So, I figured I would slowly move towards getting on top of Stacey, and if anyone objected, I would stop before entering her.

Needless to say, there were no objections.

Stacey gasped as I slowly eased my hard throbbing prick into her soaking-wet snatch. She was so wet I thought I heard a 'splash' when my cock entered her. Chris and Jen kind of stopped what they were doing to watch me pounding away at Stacey. She had wrapped her tiny little legs around me and was arching her back, raising her butt way off the floor so she could grind her pelvic bone into mine. It took all I had not only to refrain from checking the expression on Chris's face.

Soon however I became focused again on Stacey and me. After she came a couple of more times, I whispered in her ear "I want Chris to watch me come in your mouth". I wasn't sure how this would play out, but somewhat to my surprise Stacey looked in my eyes and gave me a devilish grin while nodding her head "Yes".

"I would love that", she whispered in my ear, "...whenever you're ready."

"Okay", I whispered, "get on your knees." I pulled my dick out of her pussy and stood up in front of her while she did as she was told.

"Hey guys," I said to Chris and Jen, who'd kind of slowed down to see what we were doing, "...watch this." And with that, Stacey began sucking on my enormously engorged cock again. It only took a few moments before I'd reached that point of no return. I swear it felt as if an overflowing hot-cum volcano was about to erupt from deep inside my balls.

"Stacey, open your mouth" I said, and again like a good little girl she did as she was told. I pulled my dick out slightly, because I wanted Chris and Jen to get a really good view. And with that, I began gushing out one of the hugest, thickest, nastiest loads of cum I ever have, into Stacey's beautiful gaping mouth, with Stacey moaning softly in pleasure all the while. Damn, that load would have made Peter North proud. And unbelievably, Stacey gulped it all down without spilling a drop! Seemingly unsatisfied, she licked her lips and began slurping on my cock some more, trying to squeeze out every last drop, like she just couldn't drink enough sperm. I don't know if she was really that into it, or just trying to put on a show for Chris and Jen, but at this point I really didn't care. I glanced at Chris and Jen with a big satisfied smile on my face, and tried to read their expressions but couldn't. Jen was really turned on I think, but also maybe disappointed to see someone give me what she prided herself at being the best at giving me. Chris was definitely turned on, but I think certainly envious at seeing his wife suck me like he's never before been sucked by her.

Stacey and I cuddled together and watched as Chris resumed fucking my wife. After Jen came a few times, she and Chris kind of imitated what Stacey and I had done. She knelt in front of Chris, who was standing in front of her with his immensely swollen prick, and she began sucking him off. I couldn't believe it. Was my fantasy of watching her not only suck another man, but seeing her swallow all of his cum, finally about to come true Well, I soon had my answer. No sooner did I wonder this, than Chris moaned "Oh fuck I think I'm going to come." He was grabbing her hair with both hands and gently forcing her head back and forth on his cock, something I knew always drove Jen wild, and I could plainly see in her eyes that this time was no different. She sort of glanced over at me as if to say, "Is it okay" I gave her a little, imperceptible nod and a grin and she began sucking his cock off for all she was worth.

"Ahhhhhhh, I'm coming!" Chris cried as he began to jerk and spasm into Jen's mouth. Unlike me, he didn't take his dick out of Jen's mouth so that Stacey and I could see. But I knew he must have been blasting a huge load into Jen's mouth as well, because Jen's cheeks seemed to start bulging slightly at the sides, and I saw a couple of tiny drops of overflowing cum trickle out the corner of her mouth. She had to take two big gulps but she swallowed all of his load. And she continued to suck Chris's cock, trying as hard as she could to drain him dry. Seeing the look of sheer joy and satisfaction on Chris's face was worth any pangs of jealousy I might have felt. And Stacey seemed pleased, too, that Chris's fantasy had finally come true. I could tell that Jennifer had loved every minute of it as well, which I think made me a little uneasy.

Anyway, after a while, we all cuddled up together. We talked about how much fun we had, all of us fucking together, and how good it had felt, etc... I couldn't help but feel though, that there was a little underlying nervous tension. We all must have been a little apprehensive now; wondering how our relationship would be affected in the future by what happened that night. I smiled to myself as I thought, "I can't wait to find out."

by Hardin Reddy©