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Title: Me and my Girlfriend's Sister - Author: Anon

Published: Jun 21, 2009 - Contact:

My girlfriend Carla and I have always had a lot of fun telling each other a story or two during sex. Some true and some fantasy. One of her favorite topics is my affair with a first cousin and those are all true. One night she confessed that the incestuous aspect really turns her on and she had started fantasizing about her sister Crystal. Needless to say, I love to hear her fantasies about seducing her into a threesome with us. At first, I think we both thought it would never happen but after a break up with a long term boyfriend her sister moved home and we all had occasion to hang out a little.

Crystal is a cute little twenty year old, 5'3", with a cute petite figure and huge breasts that have been the subject of many stories. Carla, twenty four, quite pretty and a beautiful 5'5" dancer frame. This particular night we had met for dinner and enough drinks that her little sister couldn't drive. Each time Crystal was away, she flirted a little and kept hinting that she might stay over. I told her she had to and she giggled and touched my leg. Once at the house, we all got into comfy clothes and the flirting really started. My girlfriend was a little uneasy but decided to be a sport by initiating a game of truth or dare, which was immediately agreed to by all. Finally, after some probing sexual questions of truth, I dared my girlfriend to flash her breasts. She stood up, gave a little topless show and promptly dared her sister to do the same. I couldn't wait to see them thought they were already bulging beneath one of her sisters thin tank tops. She played shy and refused and I thought it was dashed. My girlfriend quickly dared me to give a show, I stood and took off my shirt showing my well muscled chest. We made new drinks and then when Carla went to the restroom, Crystal quickly gave me a show. Even let me touch them. I whispered that she shouldn't worry, her sister wants to see them too. She looked shocked and then blushed saying " really" . Soon the game was in full swing and we settled into the bed. My girlfriend gently telling her sister it was OK. She watched as her little sister and I had sex. We kept playing a dirtier version of our game while sex got even hotter. Stories turned to confessions of secret fantasy and sweet little Crystal revealed that she wanted to touch her sister! I backed off and couldn't believe my eyes when the two of them faced each other on their knees and began to run their hands over each other.

They kissed, groped for each others' pussy and collapsed together in a writhing sex that is hard to describe. I did each of them from behind while they went down on the other. At the end, I pulled my throbbing penis out of Carla saying " I'm ready to go" and Crystal pushed her sisters head down. Holding her hair, keeping me deep in her throat until a came.

Hope, I can get them to talk about their mother.