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Title: House of Incest - Author: Jillian

Published: Jun 26, 2009 - Contact:

We always were a beautiful family. Before he died, my father was a part time male model. He even was on the cover of Vogue once when he was in his early twenties. He was 6 feet tall, with silky brown hair, and a 12 pack. My mother on the other hand was a full time supermodel, making millions a month. She started modeling when she was 10, and she never looked back. She literally looked like a goddess to me; she has beautiful blond hair down to her tight ass. Her fully tan legs seemed to go on forever. Her pussy was usually shaved, but sometimes she trimmed it as a heart. But her tits were the best part: her tits literally stopped traffic. They were 42 DD, and they stood high and firm on her magnificent chest. Her face was adorned with bee stung lips Angelina Jolie would be envious of and bright blue baby eyes. They got married when they were both 25, and a year later they gave birth to both me and my sister (I am older by 20 minutes). By the time we were both 5, everyone knew we were going to look just like our parents. By 6 we were both doing kids clothes modeling. That year disaster struck; our father was killed in a car crash. My mom was devastated. We had a very small very private funeral for close family and friends.

However, by the time a year was up since my father's death, my mom was back in the busy world of supermodels. We rarely saw her for a couple years. However, mom trusted us with being responsible and getting to school on time, thus we didn't have a babysitter for too much of the time. When we turned nine, both I and Abby (my sister) were changing. Since we were left alone in a big, nice house for a lot of the time, we usually could go anywhere we wanted on the internet. Because of this, I quickly learned all about sex. I learned that my five inch cock was abnormally large for someone 9 years old. I looked at a lot of photos of semi-naked women, always comparing them to my mom, since I thought my mom was really beautiful However, I was careful about this stuff around Abby, even though I suspect that she already knows a lot of it, either by going through my history, or talking to mom.

Anyway, when my mom came home for Venice, and her latest modeling show, I was even more curious. I had to see my mom naked. She quickly kissed Abby and I, and went up to shower and change, I knew I had my chance. I quietly snuck up stairs, and tiptoed to mom's room.

There she was. My mother, my goddess. She looked at herself in the mirror, sighed, and dropped her halter neck top and spandex mini skirt. I was literally in heaven as my cock sprang to life. Her boobs were really something, and her tits were erect and the size of half dollar coins. Suddenly, her face changed in to a sexy pout, and I heard her say "Do you like that I thought that you did." Her hand was drifting down to her cunt, as she kept on saying "Do you like when mummy does that Do you like how she takes her hand, and slowly puts it into her horny clit Oh yeahhh" She did as she said, slowly pushing her hand in and out of her clit, moaning and moaning. "Do you like that Brett OHHHHH" I was shocked when she said my name, thinking that she knew that I was spying on her, but then I realized that she was really getting horny for ME. That turned me on even more and my cock got even harder. She was totally in it now, rubbing her hand furiously in her clit, and as she climaxed, her squirt started coming out of her pussy. It was hands down the most erotic sight I have ever seen. I couldn't contain myself; I rushed into the room, threw off my pants and cummed. Oh my god, it was the best feeling I have ever felt as milky sperm shot through my cock. Wave after wave after wave came out as I leaned my head back in bliss. My mother was still yelling, even though she saw me.

After I stopped, I looked at mom, naked on the floor with her legs open wide showing me my first real pussy. She looked at me, seductively and told me to come over to her. I obliged and walked over to her, facing her with my now deflated dick pointing at her clit. She asked me "You liked what you saw" I laughed at her and said "You are so hot mom, I couldn't help it. You make everyone else in the world shameful." She laughed gently at what I said, though I saw love in her eyes when she did it. I moved forward suddenly and put one of her tities in my mouth, just like when I was a baby. She moaned slightly, and said you aren't done I take it" I looked her in the eyes, and stuck my dick up her pussy. Now she was really moaning, moving up and down on my now hard dick. I was still sucking on her god-given tits, as her cunny muscle started to tighten around my dick, I gently popped my mouth off her tit and said " Lets cum together" She responded by moaning even louder, and bouncing up and down ever harder on my cock. She then moved down at like a crazed animal kissed me. This was heaven's heaven as we French kissed, at the same time that I put my hands on her tits and slightly pinched her nipples.

This was too much for her, and I could feel her muscles tighten even more as she cummed. Right at that moment, I cummed along with her. Another huge wave shot deep into her womb as her squirt went all over our legs. We sat there dazed for a moment, than she kissed me swiftly, but passionately again. "We need to add you sister" was the last thing she said, as I fell asleep, the smell of pussy in my mouth.

To be continued....