Army Mom

"Her fingers practically clawed at his back as she forced him into her"

"Good morning honey" she said. She heard his footsteps or what she thought were her son's footsteps. He smiled. She didn't see him smiling. He found it funny. She thought she was speaking to her son. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"I'm doing fine" he replied.

She turned her head around surprised it was not her son. Smiling at him she looked into his eyes and apologized. To him, she looked great no very attractive would be more appropriate. He smiled, with an innocent look on his face, but he'd been thinking and listening hard for footsteps before deciding to put on army pajama bottoms. Then he'd go and see if there was any coffee. There was. Good home, he thought. Good people, he told himself. Freshly brewed coffee now these are my kind of people he kept on wanting to believe.

They talked into the night the night before. He, her husband, had asked lots of questions, but kept looking at his watch. She knew he had an early flight, but said nothing. She continued to engage them both. What's basic like? What are they required to do? What are their hours like? And the questions and conversation and the bantering went on and on into the wee hours of the morning.

Ted finally went to bed and early by Jud and his standards, but Jud understood. Ted had plans the next day and Jud who wasn't interested in seeing Ted's friends would hang out, catch up on other stuff, like chatting online with his buddies, checking out movies maybe, or just hanging around the family's pool and taking in a tan and swimming.

Plus the more he talked with her, the more he watched her, the younger and younger she seemed to become. She never looked 42 to begin with never ever. But she was. She didn't have some simple lithe 22 year old physique, but it worked. It worked so well for her he talked himself into thinking and truly believing that this woman is hot. She's actually a pretty sexy chick.

But he didn't tell her.

She smiled that smile. Just a simple smile, but a smile which he let remain burned his memory. He wanted it to remain there. Where else was he going to go? Where else was he going to try and sweet talk a pretty looking short haired woman who is, today, showing off enough cleavage to collect dust and dirt in it? That is only because she's wearing a casual very low cut light weight dress with its V neck cut that has dipped way down into her caverns. Is she doing it intentionally? He does not think so, but she is. She is wearing it because it's already 80 degrees. It is already humid. She knows it's going to be hotter then ever today. And she can't wait to go turn in her home test.

But she's frustrated. This one, a math exam, troubles her. Her biggest weakness, math has always given her fits, and as he strolls in and says hi he hears his bunk mate, his buddy say "Shit... damn."

"Everything okay Mrs. Lytle?"

She smiles, her eyes sparkle. She is smiling for two reasons. First, she's being the friendly hostess she was brought up to be, but also, she's smiling because the young man of 25 looks fine... too fine in the army issue pajama bottoms and a sculpted chest to die for as far as a woman's desires are concerned.

Her eyes, temporarily drifting, and they float away from his eyes and his face and follow a direct path towards the slender but sculpted chest and abdomen. Ooooohh now what a man's man, she thinks. If only I was younger and more vibrant and a little bit sexier then maybe a woman like me might have a chance in hell.

"Sounds like you're having trouble? What is that? Math?" he asks.

She says spryly "yes." She looks at it, looks back towards him, and makes sure to offer her son's friend and bunk mate some coffee. "Black or cream and sugar or what?" she says. He responds telling her "Well you know the old idiom that once you go black you never go back" and she follows that up with "Is that true with you?"

There's almost a hint of a snicker in both their voices. He looks at her, she looks at him, and their eyes remained locked. He knows what he's thinking. She knows what she's thinking but why don't they just lay it out on the table.

God he's a stud, a hottie... a... stop it... you have to stop thinking like that Joan, she was thinking. But then it almost came out. Jud... Do you know that? Do you know you're a stud? And such a nice fellow too, a nice guy it seems to me.

And it was true, pretty much, he is a nice guy. He is handsome. He is built. He has a great chest, a great body. He didn't like football so immediately, after learning he detested the schools two-a-days, he jumped over to Lacrosse. Now there's a sport. Fast, hard, fun, and he would play and actually start on the varsity whereas with football, after all the conditioning, after all the two-a-days was he going to play at all? No, he figured he wouldn't. He wouldn't get any playing time at all, he quickly gave up on it and did himself and his school and the Lacrosse team a favor and joined it. The rest is history.

But as she was thinking what she was, he was thinking man oh man I should tell her. Why don't I say it? Go on, say it Jud... tell her. Tell her you think she's an attractive and sexy, yeah really sexy woman. See how she responds to that. But be cool about it, be subtle. You know how to be subtle, be cool... right? Don't do anything. Just tell her. Yeah, that's it, tell her. She'll like hearing it. Don't all married women? Don't they? I think so.

But she'd gone back to her math problem. She was engrossed in it. She wanted figure it out, had to because it was her exam and a huge part of her grade.

They'd heard the steps. He smiled saying Ted was finally up. He came down. She had finally offered Jud a bowl of cereal because he declined anything elaborate. Ted did too. It was the army way. Fill you up, but keep it light, not heavy. They ate, talked, and Ted threw out an idea. Jud wasn't up for it. Ted wanted to definitely go see old friends. Jud had thought about it, but actually blew it off; said he was worn out and would hang out. He'd find something to do. They talked it over. Jud insisted Ted go see his buddies, do what he wanted. Jud had other tentative plans like the girl or young lady who he knew lived about 50 miles away in some nearby town. Ted made sure it was cool. Ted took off.

It was already heating up. 85 degrees and climbing fast, their air conditioning was on. It was comfy, but Joan liked it off and when all were gone, except Jud, she turned it off. He was cool with it. Ted packed, made sure all was cool with Jud, and kissed his mom goodbye. Jud, to be kind, cleaned the dishes. She loved that; warmed her heart, but the whispering "craps" and "darns" and an occasional "damn" came back.

He offered to help. "Math's a strong suit of mine" he offered. She looked up. Hope slid into her eyes. She had said really with great expectation in her tone. "Yeah, really it is. I was a Math and Physics whiz," he told her. She asked as in the top ten in his class? "As in the top five in my class to be honest" he added. His eyes gleamed with pride and pleasure. It gave him great confidence having the knowledge and understanding he had in these fields of study.

"Could you do me a big favor then?"

He nodded, she looked back at the problems on her paper, and he looked down towards it too, but he diverted his attention for a few seconds as his eyes had to... just had to look into the aromatic depths of her cleavage. Fuck why does a woman do that, he wondered?

He explained it in detail, like one prehistoric to another. Simple words with one simple explanation here and there and presto! She understood. She was so giddy, she felt like hugging him. Instinctively, she turned. Her arms reached out. He watched as if in slow motion two arms, one very appealing, very hot sexy figure came stretching towards him. A very attractive young looking face, a low set but sumptuous set of bosoms, and cleavage as far as the eyes could see came towards him, at him. He was not expecting it. She launched herself overwhelmed at his understanding, comprehension of the material. She knew she was over her head with it, but had to get this and she did once he explained it. She smelled like a flowering garden. She smelled of lilacs. She smelled of all things good. Her hair smelled terrific. She simply smelled wonderful.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" she said in exaltation. He found himself in a peculiar position. Pressed against her in a bear like hug, he felt the soothing boobs against him, smashed pleasantly against his body. What do I do? Oh say you're welcome. Duh that's it and he did, but she did smell great. She did smell enticing actually. And suddenly she smelled like an old friend smelled from his college day's way back when.

She kissed his cheek. What woman does that? Kisses a cheek for a little tutoring? But I liked it... do it again... kiss it he told himself. He guessed he didn't mind her kiss on his cheek. It was a nice kiss, a soft one. Nice lips, great hug too. He liked how her lips felt against his unshaven cheek. She said she was going to finish up with the rest and then, and he picked up on her words, "I am going to go out and sun myself and you can and should join me."

He thought about it. What was she really saying here? Was she inviting me to hang with her, watch her prance around in a sexy bathing suit, like that dress... like her low slung sexy dress she was wearing? Huh, is that what she's suggesting? He didn't know. But he did care. And the rumblings in his head, those recent ideas in his mind remained captured and he wanted to un-cage them. He wanted them to be free because right now, more then ever, she looked good. She looked real good.

Nice tits, lady. Nice body too from what I can see.

"Jud... Jud, you wanna borrow my car... go see that girl you mentioned?"

Nah, there's no girl. "Can I say something?" he said.

He looked at her. She looked back up from her home exam. Nah, I better not, he thought second guessing himself. She prompted him to say it, whatever was on his mind. Oh that smile, it helped ease the words out. Again, she smiled, and again she prompted him to say whatever was on his mind. She figured he was going to say something like you have a nice family, a nice husband, a great sun... that sort of thing.

"He, Ted, never told me you're as attractive as... well... as sexy as you are, Mrs. Lytle."

Silence filled the room. A long, long silent pause filled the space around them. She looked at him, then immediately looked away, and suddenly her eyes darted. They quickly scurried over to the paper she was working on. Her thoughts scattered. They scattered everywhere. She lost any and all thought related to this exam. She knew it had to be completed, but that handsome hunk just openly said to her "He, Ted, never told me you're as attractive... as... as well... as sexy as you are Mrs. Lytle." Yes, that is exactly what he said, she thought. Oh god... oh lord... oh... ohhh and suddenly she began to heat up. Twangs and pangs of excitement and euphoria splashed madly all over. Sizzling spasmatic tingling drew blood from almost every extremity of her body. This was out of control. And she couldn't seem to manage the power of his words and their effect on her.

There, I said it, I put it out there. But she's not looking at me. She won't look at me. Oh I shouldn't have said that, shouldn't have said anything. Am I an idiot or what? Yeah, I'm stupid. I know... I shouldn't have said something like that.

Darn... oh darn, darn, and triple darn or I don't... whatever. I can't... I don't believe it, can't believe it. He thinks I am sexy, attractive. Does that... no it can't mean that. Was he flirting with me? Nooooo, he wasn't flirting. He was only being sweet. He's only what?

How old did Ted say he is? She closed her eyes. Her head was still down, not really looking at the home exam, she was trying to think, but there was no logical thoughts running through her brain. Only the initial hormonal waves of desire slowly crawling, and gradually... no she was passed that point. It was beyond slow and gradual. It absolutely was a tidal wave of lust filled emotion passing through her veins. A hormonal imbalance quickly had stormed in.

Fuck, I want his body... I want him in bed. I want him naked. I want him to want me too.

"I'm sorry" he said, finally breaking the silence overwhelming the kitchen. "Mrs. Lytle... Mrs. Lytle... I am sorry. Maybe that came out wrong." And what he had thought was this. No I know what I meant, but I didn't think it'd cause this. I didn't see this coming. I didn't see it shutting her down like it did.

He smiled, inside. He found it orgasmic. He found it all too strangely erotic. He didn't know she was turned on by his remarks, but she was. And she was turned on full go. But in his eyes, he was cool because he told his buddy, his bunkmates mother she was attractive and actually a hot and sexy babe... in so many words.

He just never really expected her to shut down and react how she did.

Finally, yes finally, she came down from wherever it was she went off too. Her blood finally eased and returned to her extremities. The erratic tingling subsided. Her hormonal thrusts she'd felt between her legs was now in neutral. No longer was the mother of his buddy horny, or she wasn't as horny. Or so he thought now that she was speaking finally.

"I'm going to clean up here. I'm going to change and I'm going to go out back, get in the pool, and I am gong to cool off" she told him.

She didn't invite him. She didn't make on attempt to have him join her. Plus her voice was cold sounding. It was stiff. It was not warm and inviting at all. Now why was she cold sounding? What was making her sound that way? Oh of course. What he said to her made her that way. What he had said had her speaking in this manner. That had to be it. Had to be, right he figured. Sorry... sorry Mrs. Lytle he wanted to say. He went upstairs. He laid down. He thought about what he said. He thought about how he said it. He thought about her immediate reaction. He thought about her coolness after he broke the silence. Damn, I messed up, he thought.

"Jud... hey Jud" he heard. "Do you want to come out by the pool... enjoy the cool water?" he heard her voice echo. "It's really great out here" she added.

Her voice was now different again. That sweet sounding tone was back. Her soft, friendly voice had come back. She was fine again, he asked himself. Was she, he wondered? "Sounds like she is" he said to himself aloud.

"Come on Jud... I won't bite" she said as if a joke. "And Jud... ohhh Juuudd... thank you for that compliment earlier... That was very nice."

He stood up, went to the window. He waited. And he waited. Damn... wow! God, the woman has a helluva a body. Shit, I mean look! Look at her! Freaking nice ass... wow and look... look at her legs man. Talk about "wrap-a-rounder's" he mused. His eyes were gluttonous as he stood peaking through a crack of the shades. Looking down by the pool side, she was in a full piece bathing suit and he hadn't even seen the front, but from the back you'd hardly notice the over 40 woman was even over 40. With legs and an ass and curves likes those he kept saying as he surmised her figure, one might have a good time. No, one would have a good time... hopefully. Then she did it. She stood by the far end of the pool. There... ohhh there they were... her golden junkets. Deep seated, her breasts were lush and extravagant by mature women's and even by young babes his ages' standards he began to believe.

"Whoa what a woman, Ted's mom... what a woman. And she isn't going to be around nor is Mr. Lytle. Now could be my chance" he said quietly.

He ripped off his pajama bottoms, put on some army bathing trunks. They were tighter then he liked but it was all he had and he thinks she liked them anyway once he came and joined her. She was smiling when he came out. He smiled, modestly, and they both stepped into the pool. She waded towards the middle. It was a strategic decision. Only her smile and tits would float or be above water. Yes, only her tits and head and shoulders.

Nice bobbing devices, he said to himself. She knew. She saw his eyes. She let him absorb it all. He liked the bathing suit, but she had a nice figure to fill it out just right too. She hoped he felt that way. She always thought it was pretty good, but when he said what he did it did throw her for a wild loop. The way she felt was crazy and she never expected to experience the feelings she felt after hearing his words of "praise." But she finally calmed down and she regretted feeling irritated and now not feeling that way.

She wanted those wild emotions to return. She wanted him. She wanted to see if anything could happen, could become of what occurred earlier. No, nothing did. He kept his distance. She mentioned about running errands while wading in the pool. She talked about giving him the ten cent tour. They talked about life in general, her growing up, her friends...especially old boyfriends when she was in high school and college. And she accidentally did hint that she too had "messed around" prematurely but all things worked out okay. And oddly, every so often, he'd see her throw a wink his way. What was up with that he'd ask himself?

She'd waded back to the shallow end. He stayed in the deeper area. Watching her as she waded away form him he began seeing the contours, the curvature of her body. He saw the nice, natural sprawling of the lines as the eased and stretched around her hips. He saw her. He watched with crazed delight as the outline of her ass came into view.

It was a great looking view. Not only seeing her shapely trim ass, but those spindle like hips. And the defining of a slim waistline of a woman her age with shoulders so nicely fitted and perfectly suited for her body and also that bathing suit.

She stood gazing away from him. He stood gazing at her and taking it all in. What was on her mind? What was she thinking? He knew what he was thinking. It was on his mind again... yes, it was on his mind still.

Make me shiver and tingle all over again Jud. Please oh please say it. Make me feel that way again and again and again. He went to the side of the pool and decided he'd get ready to go for his daily run. It was a good time. High sun and hot and humid, he had a water bottle. That's all he needed. She heard him jump out and turned. She asked where he was going, in a polite manner. Her eyes weren't saying that, but she was. He didn't catch on. She wanted to hear it again. Say it again, Jud. Tell me I am sexy. I am attractive like you did this morning, she thought. But no he told her he was going on a run.

"I run. I'm pretty fast too if you can believe that. Do you mind?" She wanted to be around him, near him, and she wanted to do something somewhere with him.

"Sure, why not... I don't mind" he said. Then maybe we can shower... together afterward? Or that's what he was thinking. Hell yes, her body, his body, and a great shower with just the two of them doing it... alone? Hell yes... I'm up for that he was thinking.

They ran and they ran and they dripped with sweat. A semi hard run for her she hadn't sweated that much but both replenished themselves and when back he took a cold shower, alone. What is up with this guy? He walked out. She saw him. She thought, Damn what a good looking, freaking hot and sexy dude. Should I... should I say or... or do something? She walked up, still dripping with sweat. She snuck up on him. He did not hear her. Couldn't hear her she figured and she did it.

She ripped off his towel and he swung around and his long, dangling limp cock hung like nothing she'd ever seen in her life. In shock, she gawked and ogled at his glorious piece.

Finally he said something. "I'd sure rather being doing this somewhere more private, but the pool would be my preferable choice. And I meant what I said this morning. I wanted to say it again down there, at the pool. I did" he said quietly. There, I wanted to reiterate every thought I had about you and how attractive, how hot and sexy I think you are."

It hit her. Like a ramming rod his remark hit her big time. Blood sizzled and instantly left all her extremities. Zooming through her it swiftly headed towards her sexual vortex of lust and desire. Her eyes, at first, glazed over. Never had she ever experienced feelings the way she was feeling them with this guy. 25 years old and she was 42, but right then and there she wasn't feeling 42. No, not a bit. The feelings she felt made her feel 18 or 21 or somewhere in that range.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" she said.

Nobody was home around her... nobody at all. The pool was there. She was home. And he was visiting for a week. One day and one day only and she had him for her very own and she was going to make the best of it.

She took his hand, whispered to follow her. No one was around. Every one was at work in the neighborhood. All cars left and nobody was going to bother them. And once in the pool his trunks came off. Her hand touched it. Her hand grasped it, clutched it, and her hand squeezed that dangling monster hard... real, real hard.

"Ohhh wow... geez Joan" he said.

That was a first. She said they might as well be on a first name basis and he took her advice seeing as this was getting rather personal and intimate. She went down on it. She went beneath the water surface and swallowed it and sucked his cock until she couldn't breathe.

"Ohhhhhh Joan... nice... nice... ooooohh yeah ohhh yeah... do you have any idea how much I have wanted you, wanted your body since we sat and talked last night? Do you? Huh do you, you sexy babe you?"

That turned her on even more. She wanted him all over her. She wanted him doing and touching her body every where he could possibly do so. "Inside sweet sexiness" she said and they were up and out of the pool. He left his trunks on the side of the pool. She was squeezing and toying with his tight muscular ass cheeks. He loved it and wanted to do it to her. And when they were in her room, not his, her suit was off.

He gazed upon the slender, well built curvaceous woman. Her body suddenly was a temple to worship. And worship and honor it, he did. With her standing buck naked she did not feel self conscious. Not one bit did she feel anxious, but she felt honored to be thought of as sexy and attractive by a guy just short of 20 years younger.

He didn't do too much in the way for foreplay. He went for the boobs, grabbing and holding them in a loving adoring manner and applying sensuous kissing and suckling like activity. He showed her how adorable and how sexually exciting her drooping boobs still were to him. He continued to suckle them and she began moaning and murmuring before she started squealing a little. Her back arched, her head went back, and more odd sounds emitted from her aroused soul.

"Eeehh ooooohh mmmmm... ohhh Jud, Jud... more oh more baby more. Suck them more baby" she'd say in a gasping manner.

She was already surging. Back arched high, she was giving it away. She was practically "hemorrhaging" as all sign of lust and desire coursed their way towards where they needed to be. Yelps and squeals and cries of "More and more Jud" and "Yes Jud" and "Thank you ohhh thank you Jud" ripped through her lungs speeding from her tongue.

And they hadn't even come close to the good parts yet.

His body, her body were all over the place. As he smothered her in fits of fervent desirous passion, her fingers practically clawed at his back as she forced him into her. Then she wanted his lips. She wanted to show him her deeply hidden fantasies or whatever it was she called them because when she found them, when she finally reached his lips she drew him into a whirlpool of cravings he had no idea existed.

Her legs began threading and coiling around and inside his. Her body was steering him into her in ways he never imagined possible. To him it was kiss, suck boobs, fuck the boobs, and finally fuck the woman but of course fuck with passion and intensity.

But with Joan there was so much more to this woman, to this body. Slender soft seductive curves and curling interloping byways and highways of lust one couldn't understand existed here on this day. Having sex, making love to this woman for him was more then another sexual adventure. This, for him, was an exotic perversion he would never forget for she reversed the winds and she made him his toy, his trinket of playfulness, but in ways so intense he had to run with it.

And when she was finished kissing his lips, her wild lips rocketed down to his bow horny and now harder then ever thick and solid cock.

"Ohhhhhhh Jud baby... baby... I love this" and then it disappeared. She sucked it and sucked and licked the bottom side of its shaft. He now was the one about to hemorrhage so he screamed he needed her cunt.

He needed to suck her "incredibly awesome and juicy cunt" and she quickly obliged. Using fingers and his tongue, he had her head spinning. He had her body twisting and twirling and before she realized it he was begging for it. "Can we now have sex baby? Can we... can I please fuck you... cum in you... or on you... please Joan baby?"

"God yes... ohhh god yes" she wailed and she spread apart her legs.

It was beautiful and fresh and it looked like a young woman's camel toe, if you can believe that. He went in. She was full of rapture as his hard thick cock filled her with grace and glory. She screamed and howled and she cried for more and more. And as he came at her she wanted him more then either could give to the other.

Because before she knew it, she truly ruptured. She finally got what she wanted hours ago. From the moment he first made her hot and horny that morning till now, she couldn't wait to have him and hopefully, somehow, she'd have what she'd wanted since actually the night before- Fresh and exciting cock.

And his fresh and exciting cock blasted inside her. And his fresh and exciting cock blasted outside it too. His fresh and exciting cock spewed cum up her belly, up her robust mature tits, and splattered a little of his exciting juice against her chin and lips.

They, like most lovers, collapsed, and she collapsed in his arms. She held him tight. She held him like a true lover. She kissed and played with his chest. And all he did was lie watching and wanting those immaculate bosoms lying against her chest.

"You know what I want right now?"

"No, what... a swim?" she answered.

He smiled, at her, but he shook his head.

"No... as you know I am a guy and like most guys, I often horny, and okay I'm still horny. I want your boobs. I want to suckle them the rest of the afternoon. In fact, I'd love to go down to the pool and watch you naked down there... then I'd suck on your tits in the pool. That sounds sexy because you're sexy. You really are you know."

"Thank you... and so are you. I hope we do this again... real soon... before you leave."

"You are guaranteed that... that is a guarantee" he came back.

20 minutes later they were sexing one another up again. It was almost as good.

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