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About: " I put his whole penis into my mouth began to suck it in frenzy and pressed my vagina into his mouth more and more he did the same to me"

Title: Anusha

I am Anusha, working in a leading software company in Hyderabad. My native place is Guntur. I am a loner and do not try to make much friends. In the work place also, I do like to keep myself confined to my cubicle. My TL is good woman, she understands me but often advise me to be an active team player for a successful career.

I am a pretty woman. Men really try to impress me wherever I go. They play all kinds of tricks to grab my attention. It is just that I do not get impressed by their monkey acts. I am impressed by two people from my childhood. And no one has impressed me more than them; it is as simple as that. One is an uncle; he died few years back. And the other is one of my teachers.

He taught me in 9th and 10th grade. He has been a very impressive teacher of Mathematics. Almost all the girls were madly in love with him. He was a handsome guy; when he was teaching he looked to be in his early 30s. Since, I was an average student; I did not grab much of his attention. But I have noticed that he used to give me a look which was different on several ways. And he used to call me 'Anu'. Eight years have passed and I am still in awe with him. And I don't know what he thinks about me now.

I really wanted to meet him. I have no telephone number or address. It was at that time, my old school had arranged an alumni meet in which they have invited the teachers who taught there. Though I could not attend the meet, I have come to know that he had attended the meet. Later, I have secured his number from my friend Jayasree.

On 12th of December, I have dialed his mobile number with butterflies in my stomach. He was surprised to hear from me. He told that he had searched for me in the gathering at school. I was glad to hear those words. He told me that he is working for a leading FMCG company in Chennai. I have gathered that he is a regular visitor of Hyderabad and we have promised to keep in touch. He gave me a call after two days and we have talked for more than 35 minutes. He is married and has a kid. He requested me not to call at odd hours which I have accepted fair.

On 18th he called me and informed that he is going to reach Hyd, on 20th morning and has business up to 3 pm; later he is free. I have promised him to meet in evening. I was preparing myself for a meeting and dinner. I have been cool and composed and dressed in a pink churidhar without any makeup.

It was Saturday evening, the traffic was heavy from Ameerpet to Secunderabad. So I was late by half an hour. Reached the five star hotel by 6.30 pm. I have parked my Santro and walked into the lobby with a bit of anxiety. There he was sitting in a sofa with a beaming smile. I was surprised to find how handsome he is, still. In fact, he looks smarter and fit. I felt, in his presence, I am being lost in thoughts, trying to get into his mind. He was in his formals and he was evaluating me too.

During the dinner, I caught him staring at my boobs and hips. Some sort of a burning desire was building up in my body. I felt weak and tired. I wanted to be alone with him. I wanted to touch him all over his body and make him do the same to me. By 9 pm, I reluctantly told him bye and returned to my hostel.

I could not sleep, by 10.30 I have received a call from him, he has nothing much to say. He asked me to talk and I had nothing much to say. He asked me at last, can we meet tomorrow, its Sunday. I have promised and decided to meet at 9.30 am.

On Sunday, I have worn a light yellow saree which gave me a glowing look. This time, I have ensured that I will not be late; reached there by 9.15 am. When I reached the lobby, to my dismay, I did not find him there. I called his mobile; he told that he is a bit busy and asked me to come to his room 425. I was not very comfortable with the idea, but did not think much about it and used the elevator to reach the fourth floor. His door was not locked and he asked me to come in. He was busily typing something in his laptop. He asked me to sit and make myself comfortable. The room was very cool and curtains made the room bright. It was a big double room which emanated great smell and class. I loved the room.

At last, he was free and got up from the table. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He looked fresh and tidy. He gave me a long stare. I felt warmth in my stomach. It is the first time I am being stared and studied at close quarters by a male. 'You look great, anu' he told. I thanked him and looked at his eyes then I diverted it to the ceilings. 'We will go to the tank bund area or sit here' he asked. I don't know why I did not give an answer to it. Then he took the phone and ordered two fresh juices. He asked me about my family and I asked him to show the photos of his wife and kid. He showed me the photos in his laptop; by that time, the juice had arrived. When the waiter went out, he bolted the doors. Though I was not afraid of the surroundings, this new experience really made me anxious and at the same time kept me in anticipation. I went near the windows, removed the curtains and looked at the city. Then I felt him near me, each and every hair on my body was erect and I thought that I will fall in dizziness.

He said softly, 'anu, may I kiss you'. I felt that I have been waiting for this moment all these years. I have fancied him in my dreams for it. When I did not say word as reply, he lifted me in his strong hands and placed me on the bed. 'Oh Anu, you are such a pretty thing, your boobs are shapely and lovely , I lost my sleep yesterday, thinking of you'. 'Why, your wife's boobs are small' I asked him. Instead of replying to me, he lowered his mouth to my lips. He took my lower lip and slowly began to suck it. Then he took my upper lips also; his mouth tasted good. Then I took the upper hand and climbed on him and began to suck his lower lip. Meanwhile he lowered his tongue inside my mouth. The deep passionate kiss lasted a long time. Then I wanted to take charge. I have asked him to strip off. He asked me to do the same. I did not agree; then he asked me remove the pallu of the saree for that he can watch my breasts. I did not budge, then he came near me and removed the pallu. My 32 size breasts would have been a feast to his eyes. He cupped it in his hands and began to kiss and suck it. It was really thrilling and it set fire on something inside me.

'Anu, what I like about you is your well shaped body and the suppleness' he murmured. Yes, my body is supple and I am very fair. It made him crazy. He began to undress me, he kissed my navel. He removed my saree and I am standing in front of him in my blouse and underskirt. I can see myself in the mirror, and I think such a scene can make any man really horny and mad. He was not different.

When I have realized I have the upper hand, I insisted him to strip off. I have never seen the naked body of a man in real. I wanted to enjoy the man whom I adore and trust. I have such a man with me. But even then I would like to execute it at my terms. He removed his t-shirt, it was such a sight; a hairy chest which gives all the indications that it can withstand heavy pressure and work. When he removed the jeans, I saw his underwear is covering a very strong and vibrant organ. I was so eager to grab it and examine but did not try. I wanted to make him mad. Now he is standing before me only in his brief. It was an appealing sight for any girl of 24 years. I felt wetness is being formed in my panties. I went near him and kissed on his chest and such his nipples. He moaned in pleasure. He brought me closer to him by cupping my buttocks and pulling it closer. He began to slowly caress my buttocks, it was really good. I knelt down to his navel area and began to kiss his under belly. Then slowly and softly I have touched his brief; I can feel the throbbing penis inside it. I kissed his brief; he moaned loudly. I can feel the tip of his penis is trying to rise further. 'Anu, please, let me see you, please I beg you', he pleaded. I thought it is fair and asked him to move away. I told him, you can come to me when I ask you, till then you can only watch.

I unbuttoned my blouse and untied my under-skirt. I stood there in that hotel room in dim lights absolutely half naked. I felt no fear and shame. I believed that I have been waiting for such a day and moment. I looked myself in the mirror in front of me. Its seduction at the highest level, I told myself and smiled. I asked him to come to me. He came to me rushing and embraced me kissing my cheeks and neck. Sex is like sugar; at least for me I felt for the moment. He lowered his mouth to my breast, and removed my white bra. He stared at those two mounds for a few seconds and passionately began to suck it. There he is showing his experience, I felt. He took the nipple and sucked it; giving special care with his tongue. It took my mood into another level where I felt my body is going to be in fire. And I strongly wanted to touch my vagina and insert my fingers into it.

He slowly began to kiss and suck my stomach and under belly. I felt his mouth probing on my panties. When I felt his kiss on my vagina I felt a shiver ran through my body. He slowly, I don't know when it happened, removed my panty; began to kiss on my trimmed vagina. He opened its lips and inserted his tongue into it. I felt like drifting and extremely hot. He began to suck my cunt and fucking with his tongue. After some time, my body had shivered and a spasm passed through it. I felt like drained.

I might have fallen into a nap; what had woken me up was his tongue's work on my inner thighs. It gave me a great sensation, which had brought back the passion into me. Now I felt, its time to go for the ultimate. Before that I wanted to see his penis in whole. I knelt beside him in bed and slipped off his brief. His penis was brown and has the length of my palm and thick too. I don't know whether I liked what I saw. But I was sure that it will not disappoint me. It's strong as an iron rod and hot as any warm dish. I kissed it in length; my lips felt its warmth. Its upper tip was leaking; so I did not kiss there. I lowered to the area it has two balls, kissed it and chewed it. He began to moan loudly, again; suddenly he turned upside down and reached down to my vagina. He began to suck it in such vigour and I could not ignore the heat and passion building inside me. When it reached it at a highest level, I don't know how, I put his whole penis into my mouth; began to suck it in frenzy and pressed my vagina into his mouth more and more; he did the same to me.

We reached a plateau, where we forgot our surroundings and atmosphere. We began it in Siberia and now we have reached in Sahara desert. Hot, humid, desolate and drenched in sweat and still going ahead in exploration. When I reached my climax, I pressed my hip into his mouth and unloaded my juices into him. And to my surprise, at the same instant, I felt my mouth tastes salty and filled with his juices.

We uncoupled and lied down there for a long time, fallen into a nap. He woken me up and told its 11.30 am. I asked him to finish his job. He asked me to take a shower meanwhile he will order for some refreshments. I found it a good idea.

After my shower, I had a carrot juice and a sandwich. I was thrilled like a newly wed bride who would like to explore and conquer newer fields. I could hardly wait for his completion of breakfast; I fell on him. Now I have started pleading to him. I lost my superiority. Or is it because the man is weak I wonder.

Again we have joined the bed, naked. When he saw my big shapely while boobs with rose nipples, his cock began to erect. My hour glass figure would have made him to secrete the love juice then itself, I wonder. This time he was a bit hasty. It is a fact that he had kissed, sucked and soothed all over my body. His sucking and cupping of my breasts were made me really hot. When he lowered his mouth to navel, I have lifted his face to my face; then my hands took his penis and inserted it in my vagina. It was tight, so I have spread my legs. He asked me lift the legs into the air. He was right and his cock entered into me smoothly; he began to push it deeper and lifted it backward. He began it slowly and gradually gathered momentum just like vehicles gain speed. He shouted my name several times and I too have lost myself in that deeper journey. I have shouted so many nasty and bad words in that journey in excitement. When he ejaculated in me, it was really serene and satisfying. To be frank, it was a great orgy in any sense.

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