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The Story...

It was a warm day, I pushed open the door to the gym and was signing in when I looked up and saw him standing only a meter away. His biceps bulging at his side, he flashed me a smile, his white teeth dazzling me.

Smiling I left the front desk, took off my jumper, and walked over to the closest treadmill. I started jogging, my breasts softly bouncing rhythmically when I saw him slowly start to walk towards me. Sweat started dripping off my chin and down into my cleavage, still I watched him approach. He reached up and turned off the treadmill and asked me to join him in the stretching room, obediently I followed. Watching his tight buns and calf muscles contract with every pace, my vagina too started to get wet with excitement.

Being close to him and smelling his sweet aftershave in a confined space was intoxicating. For months I had been going to the gym only to see him, now I could speak to him. He closed the door behind me, I saw a gym ball on the ground and sat on it, teasingly spreading my legs, once the door was shut he looked at me and smiled. I knew that he replicated my urges, I stood up, we embraced.

Through the thin top and shorts I could feel his hard masculine body, his heart beating fast and his penis beginning to get hard. I passionately kissed him, releasing the tension of the past day, his mouth tasted like summer. Until I could no longer control myself I started to strip him, rapidly removing his top exposing his six pack then slowly, teasingly started to slide off his shorts. While he hungrily pulled of my top and savagely ripped off my bra, needing no encouragement I wriggled out of my shorts, standing in only my lacy red G-string.

He started cupping my breasts, playing carefully with the nipples, enjoying their firm tenderness, quietly I started moaning, licking his muscles. Tasting the slight saltiness of sweat, working my way down his body, I got to his penis then teasingly continued. He ground aloud, I returned to his throbbing member, taking its nine inches in my hands holding it like treasure. Slowly stroking the shaft while I started to lick the tip, his breathing got more rapid, I put more of him in my mouth. Bit by bit whilst playing with his testes I sucked his dick. He was moaning out loud, his penis moving faster and faster, until he came in the back of my throat. The hot burst of liquid turned me on more, he knelt down to my level and lifted me onto the gym ball, the crevasse the arch of my back made leaning against the plastic he ran his hands down my thighs.

His fingers finding my moist vagina, he started playing with my clit, at first slowly drawing circles with it, then he started rubbing it faster and faster. I could feel the fluid in my body starting to descend, I was moaning his hands were working faster and faster then just before I came he stopped.

Standing up, I sat on his lap, his dick entering me, hungrily my vagina engulfed all of him, riding his cock like a horse on the floor, we were rhythmically moving forward and backward. His hands cupping my breasts, his penis pumping harder and harder, I began to become breathless, the tension was reaching a climax, up, up, up, up, up my grinding hips speed increasing. One more thrust and we both came, screaming out loud not caring if others heard us. Slowly he started kissing me again, I traced his biceps with my fingers, my watch alarm started beeping. I had been here an hour and had to go to work, reluctantly I kissed him one more time and put on my clothes.

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