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Title: A Total Accident - Author:

Published: Aug 19, 2009 - Contact:

I was in my room, taking pictures of myself in my underwear when my sister knocked on my door asking for the laptop, I sat on my bed and told her she could come in, she was only wearing a thong, she walked in and leant over me to get the laptop. I gently brushed one of her nipples with my hand and she stood up shocked. ''Sorry Lily'' i said, i was trying to get the charger for you. she said, ''Don't worry about it Torr''.

Lily is 19 and very pretty, she is blonde with curly hair and she is 6.2'' I'm 16 and not tooting my own horn, I'm rather hot to be frank.

Lily left my room and went back to her room, mum died when I was 4 so I never really knew mum, and dad is always down the pub or down the strip joint with his mates, I don't mind though, I have never really been close to dad, Lilys always been my mum.

Dad was down the pub so I decided to go to Lilys room, I never usually knocked before I go in so I just walked in, She was lying on her bed with a vibrator shoved up her cunt watching porn. ''Alright slut'' I said to her, She gasped and came on the spot. ''Shit, Torr, What are you doing in here'' She asked embarrassed. ''I just came to chat but looks like your busy'' I giggled. She threw a pillow at me, she sat up and put the vibrator to the side and put the porn on pause. ''Well this is embarrassing'' She said to me. ''Not really, You've walked in on me before, Lets just say I've gotten my own back, Anyways, You looked really hot when you came''. ''Really'' she asked. ''Yeah, I would love to taste that vibrator now''. I reached over her and got it, I liked the juices from it and moaned. ''Oh my goodness, That tastes amazing, Oh Lily, My pussy is so wet'' Lily took my hand and sat me onto the bed. She reached behind me and unclipped my bra, She then slid off my thong. The tenderly caressed my nipples and thumbed my pussy. ''You weren't kidding about how wet your cunt was Torr, Man I want to lick you out''. She lay be back on the bed and used her hands to caress my boobs, she licked my vagina and my ass hole, she tongued me and blew on my clit.

I climaxed and thanked her, I lay her back on the bed and went to my room, I went to my bra and loot out a double ended dildo and a strap on. I went back to her room and put the strap on, on. I slowly teased her pussy with the bell end, I put the tip of the cock in her and withdrew it, I put a bit more back in and took it back out, she grabbed me round the waist and shoved the whole cock inside her. She moaned with pleasure as I began to fuck her slowly, she bit her lip and kept moaning, she reached all the way around me and started fingering my ass, I was in heaven, Within 5 minutes I was going as fast and as hard as I could, When she came she took the strap on off of me and got the double end-er. She Put half in me and half in her, we were both sat on her bed with our legs over each others, the dildo as far in our pussy's as possible, We both began thrusting slowly back and forth fucking each other. we both came simultaneously within the first 3 minutes. we both lay back and held each other ''That was amazing Torr, Your amazing'' ''I love you Lily, We have to do this again... I'm tired though...'' She sighed and i gathered my stuff, I took it all back to my room and waited for dad to get home. At 10 past 12 he staggered in and went to bed, I crept back to lilys room and we both slept in the same bed together, Naked that night, We have had sex together most nights since and we sleep in the same bed when ever we can, Lily is not 22 and I'm am 19 soon to be 20, We are going to move in together when I turn 20, that way we can share a room all the time and fuck when ever we want.