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Title: Stroking my Cock to my Aunt - Author: Anon

Published: Aug 24, 2009 - Contact:

My Aunt is about 5'5", 130lbs With 10lbs of that in her perfect natural D cup tits. She has a perfect ass and tan toned legs to match. I never saw my aunt this way until I was a teenager (14). I began to get really horny when ever I saw her, and always had thoughts of wanting to fuck her, but I would have settled to see her naked 30 year old body.

As the years went on, Whenever I would spend the night at my cousins, I got increasingly brave. They had a pool, and I would time it perfectly to stall before going out to join the rest of them in the back yard to go swimming, for one reason only. I would be inside watching my aunt rubbing tanning oil all over her body, preparing herself for a day by the pool. I couldn't help but get hard and start stroking my cock to the beautiful site that was before me. I would blow my load before she was done making every exposed inch of her tan body glisten.

Many years and loads had passed and I made the decision I had to see her naked. I got my first opportunity when I was 20. I was over the house for a relaxing day at the pool. The group was still outside as my aunt headed in. I went inside a few minutes later to use the bathroom, and I heard my aunts shower running. This was it, I had to do it. I had to see her naked. I checked her door, it was locked. I had to act fast in order to achieve my fantasy. I picked the cheap interior door lock and entered the bedroom. My heart was pounding, and my cock was hard. The bathroom opened up into the bedroom, and I could see the shower from a quick peak around the corner. I was scared, excited, and really horny. I couldn't risk getting caught looking at her. So I got completely naked and stroked my cock on her bed knowing she was naked 10 feet away from me. I quickly blew my enormous load, and made a quick exit. I made it a mission the rest of the summer that I would see her wet glistening body in the shower.

I stayed over there alot waiting for my opportunity. It came very soon, in the form of a morning shower. I again entered the bedroom in the same fashion, I made my way and peeked around the corner. I could see her through the clear glass door. She was washing her hair and had her eyes closed, I inched closer and saw the rest of her incredible mid thirties body. The sight of the shampoo bubbles running down her perfect tits, down her flat stomach, and gliding down her toned legs almost made me cum. I backed off so she wouldn't see me, and began to stroke my cock as I watched her shave her perfect legs and washing her body. It didn't take long for me to cum, I blew my thick powerful load all over the wall. I never came like that before. I again made a quick exit, awaiting my next opportunity.

I had many more opportunities again, and took advantage of them. Finishing with a load on the wall. I couldn't get enough of seeing my aunt in the shower. I had to record it so I could stroke my cock to her anytime. I decided this would be the last time It was getting to risky, I had a couple of close calls almost being caught. I once again entered in the room in the same fashion, armed with a small video camera. I placed the camera on the dresser pointed and zoomed perfectly to catch my beautiful aunt showering once again. I couldn't resist stroking my cock just thinking of how this will be recorded. I got caught up in the moment and lost track of time, as I was cumming she exited the shower quickly and saw me naked and pulsing out my thick load. She was shocked, but took an extra long glance at my spurting cock. I was scared but also turned on that she saw me cumming. She immediately went back in the shower, I quickly grabbed the camera and exited. Nothing was ever mentioned of that day.

She doesn't know I still stroke my cock to that tape (10 years later). It is the best ten minutes ever recorded. My favorite part that gets me to blow my load quick is seeing her face when she exits the shower to see my hard cock in my hand while I'm cumming.