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Title: Summer of Dreams - Author: Hornyboy22

Published: Sep 2, 2009 - Contact:

It was a couple years ago in the summer when I went on vacation to my mom's best friend's house. She is a big beautiful bbw brunette. The first night I got there I had done some laundry and went in the laundry room to check on it and I stumbled upon a purple satin slip that was obviously hers....I immediately whipped out my cock and started to jerk off on it when she suddenly popped in and asked, "what the hell are you doing" She said nothing else took the slip and walked away. The next day her husband left on a business trip and when we got home from the airport, she went to her room and I went to the guest room. She then about 10 minutes later called my name and beckoned me to her room. I walked in and she was wearing nothing but black pumps and the purple satin slip. She told me that her asshole husband was giving it to her like he should be so she ordered me to give it to her! So I stripped down and she slid a condom on my cock and began to suck HARD! After about 10 minutes of her giving me blow job after blow job I licked and ate her out like no tomorrow she squealed and moaned and then it was time.....

She bent right over the bed and told me to give it all and I did. I slid right in her 300 pound pussy and wailed away. We went for a half an hour just in one position then I bent her over doggy style and fucked her hard anal. She really didn't want me to but as soon as my cock slid in she wanted more and more and I finally after pumping her ass good and hard said I'm going to cum nowwwwww so I pulled out ripped the condom off and shot my whole load in her mouth. She swallowed every ounce and drop....we then cleaned up and went our separate ways. A few days later she dropped me off at the airport. We hugged and then she pulled out that satin slip and shoved it in my bag and told me that was to remember her and how fucking hot that trip wasJ. Then I flew home......I'll never forget that summer!