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Quote: "I could feel my cock trying to bust through so it would make sure it would explode and fertilize her egg"

The Story...

One day in my latter teen years, mom came home early from a meeting. I was in the bathroom masturbating...... fantasizing about my mother. I begin to moan "oh mommy...oh mommy". When I exploded it was the biggest load ever. I was so horny for my mom all the time. As I exited the bathroom I noticed that she was home and in the kitchen. So I walked in to say hi. She smiled and said hello baby. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. We just cuddled. I could feel my cock getting hard up against her ass, as I kissed her cheek. Then I slowly kissed down her neck. She began to moan. I knew I had her right where I wanted her.

My hands begin to fondle her breasts thru her blouse. then I unzipped my pants and pulled up her skirt. I was rubbing her ass with my very hard cock all the time she hasn't stopped me. I yanked down her panties bent her over and plunged my rock hard cock into her wet pussy. She was only 39 and so tight. My cock could hardly stand it. I begin to explode inside her. As she screamed with the hardest orgasm she has had in a very long time. Then we just held each other for awhile. I pulled my cock out of her and she turned around. She looked at me and down at my semi hard cock. How long does it take for my baby to get hard again she asked............ and then she began to kiss me. We started to strip as we walked to the bedroom. She laid down on the bed and spread wide for me. I just looked at her so hot, so wet and wanting me. She began to play with my cock. It was rock hard. Then I asked her if she was on birth control. She said she used a diaphragm, so I wasn't to worry. I smiled and said I wasn't worried, I wanted her to take it out. We argued for a few mins then she went into the bathroom and took it out. Came back and handed it to me. Then she laid back down, Then I moved up between her legs and spread them wide. I inserted my rock hard cock into her and she gasped. I pounded her pussy all the while knowing I was going to fuck my mom and breed her. She was crying at first, but then I assured her I would always love her. I would be her man now and we could have our family. Then she began to get into my fucking. I was going to cum so I shoved it deep inside her up to her cervix. I could feel my cock trying to bust through so it would make sure it would explode and fertilize her egg.

We had sex 6 times that night and at least 5 times every day after that. Within a few weeks, the pregnancy test said she was pregnant. Baby number 1. And many more to come.

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