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Title: Grandma's handjob - Author: Anon

Published: Sep 22, 2009 - Contact:

It was a warm spring day and I had just gotten home from school. I was 15 and puberty was settling in a little too strong. By the time I got home every day I was so horny I thought I would die. It was my ritual to go to my room as soon as I got home and do homework. Well, that's what they thought. I would tear off my clothes and get some relief first. The parents would be home for a couple of hours and my grandmother was usually starting dinner at the other end of the house. I would strip down, I loved being naked and did it every chance I had, and watch a little TV while I got off. I could usually hear someone coming down the hall so I had plenty of warning. On this particular day I must have gotten to lost in what I was doing. I heard my door knob start to turn. There wasn't enough time to get dressed so I just pulled the sheets over me and grabbed a book like I was reading in bed. Of course with the tent I was pitching there was no way to really hide what I was doing. She walked up and ripped the sheet off of me. "What are you doing!" she asked in a stern voice. Staring at my throbbing cock she sat on the edge of the bed. "There is nothing wrong with masturbating, its perfectly normal at your age".

I was still locked in position, horrified at being caught. "Let granny show you how to really use this and let you experience real pleasure" she said as she ran her hand across my tummy scooping up my throbbing cock. Her hand was soft and warm as I sunk back down on to my pillow. She tightened and loosened, quickened and slowed her pace. "Your about to cum, better slow down and let you back off a little". Getting to this point and backing off is what will give you better stamina. You will definitely want stamina so you can last as long as she does". After a few minutes I get lost in her stroking and start moaning. My hips start to writhe. Glancing at the clock "Oops we better wrap this up. Your mother will be home soon". Her stroking gets harder and more intense. I feel my hips lerch upwards and something begins to shoot from the tip of my cock. Before I comprehend what it is something warm and sticky lands on my stomach, then my chest, then my face. As I come down she wipes my face with her other hand and plays with the cream. Scooping it off my belly she says "You better get a shower while I was my hands. We need to get rid of the evidence before she gets home". I do so and the whole next day I keep thinking what she did for me and wonder if it will happen again.