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Title: Grandmas Midnight Relief - Author:

Published: Sep 22, 2009 - Contact:

Its a typical Friday night and I am staying in grandmas room. She got a few more channels than I did so I usually stayed there on weekends, not to mention her TV was color. She lived with us for a few years. As soon as I knew mom and dad were asleep I moved to her bed. She didn't seem to mind. I nestled up behind her "What are you doing! Are you" she reached under the sheet and felt my hard cock that had just been against her ass. "Not now, your parents are right through that wall. If they wake up and find out what we have been doing you have no idea how much trouble we are in. I promise next time they go out of town on one of her little retreats we will stay naked and screw the weekend away".

Looking down she can see my dick bouncing under the sheet. "Well, you'll never get to sleep in that condition". Handing me a condom she tells me to put it on. "Make sure the little bubble is over the tip of your dick". I ask why I need it. "You make too much of a mess and I don't want to explain why are you taking a middle of the night shower. And I am definitely not explaining cum on your chest tomorrow morning at breakfast. Think of it as an evidence collector". With that I put it on. She gets back in bed, "Is it on" I tell her yes. "Let me see... good its on right". Reaching under the covers she starts stroking me. "This is called a quickie. Its to get you off so you can get back to normal. Don't make any noises, not a sound". She disappears under the sheet and I suddenly feel both hands pulling on me hard. As I get closer she re-emerges. Putting a pillow over my mouth she continues with the other hand to stroke me. In an instant I am filling the condom. As soon as I come down she gives me a couple of small slaps on the cock. I ask what that was for. "To make sure it all gets out". You mother has a trip planned for the two of them in a couple of weeks. I will teach you more then. Maybe I will teach you how to be a quiet fuck so we could have more fun when they are home. She removes the condom. I ask what she is going to do with it. "Its easier to explain a toilet flushing at 2am than a shower being turned on".