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Quote: "Dammit boy I need it get behind me and give granny a good reaming out"

The Story...

I had had my license for a couple of months and my mother asked to go by grandmas apartment to see if I could hook up her VCR. Grandma had moved a few months earlier which put an end to my education. I agreed making it sound like I didn't want to. I got there she showed me where the VCR was and I went to work. "Hurry up. Can you go any faster"After I was done I turned to her just time for her to grab my jeans and undo my zipper. "I got addicted to something and I need it bad". She told me some of the other women in her building saw me and dad moving her in and asked if anything was going on. She said when she told them no, and that it was gross to do that they told her if their grandson was as fit as I was they would be molesting me every chance they got. As soon as she had me stripped she pulled me to the couch sat down and spread her legs. I got between them and done as she had taught me devouring her clit and fingering her madly. As soon as she came she got up grabbed my aching member and dragged me to the table. Bending over she told me to fuck her.

As I moved she whisper-yelled "Dammit boy! I need it, get behind me and give granny a good reaming out". I got behind her. She let out a groan as I pushed in to her. One of her friends knocked on the door, "Is everything alright in there". Between grunts she responded "Yes, everything is fine". Through the door we hear "If your doing what we think you are doing fuck him good for us". "You heard her. Give it to granny good and hard. Empty both balls, give me a full load". Through the door we hear "We want to hear him cum". She looks over her shoulder at me, "You heard her. Lets give them a show. Let the whole floor hear your enjoyment". I lean my head back and grab her hips, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum". Through the door we hear "Do it baby, give it to her. Blow your load in her pussy". I cant hold back any longer. I let out a loud groan as cum shoots from my dick. "Wow you were really full" I hear her say as I shoot for what seems like forever. As I come done I hear the people in the hall "Honey if you ever need relief and she isn't home come knock on any of our doors and we will take care of you".

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