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Quote: "Your mom and dad had to go out of town this weekend for a work training session "

The Story...

It was friday and I was just getting home from school. I open the door and smell food cooking. I knew it was too early for mom to be home. As I enter the kitchen I see her in a bathrobe. "Your mom and dad had to go out of town this weekend for a work training session and asked if I would stay with you. It took me two seconds to say yes. Here, put these on (handing me a pair of spandex shorts), it is all you are allowed to wear till they come back. I want to be able to see every inch of your butt and every time you get hard. Definately want to see every inch of that. That way I will know when to fuck you". I hurry up and put on my new shorts and return to the kitchen. "This weekend we are going to play like newley weds and I am going to teach you how to christen a house". I look at her puzzled. "We are going to have sex in every room of the house, some more than once". I kiss her as she puts her hand between my legs. "Good, first hard-on of the weekend. Lets start right here on the counter".

Leaping up so her butt is on the edge she opens her legs. Pushing my shorts down just enough to get my cock out she pulls me between her legs. She wraps her legs around me tells me pick her up. "This is a more romantic sex position. Not bad for starting out". Im so horny I cum almost immediately. "Here's my favorite part". All of a sudden I feel something running down my legs. "What goes up must cum down. Thats just your cum leaking out of me, keep pumping me". We spend the next two and a half days enjoying every room in the house and every position she can teach me. My favorite so far is still my head between her legs. As Sunday afternoon comes we finish up in my bed in her old room. As we lay in bed she smiles and says "Now that was a nice relaxing weekend. I havent had one like that in decades. Only a couple of hours left and we have a lot of stains to clean up". I roll on top of her, "Lets make one more". Reaching down and guiding me in she just smiles back and says "Do me baby". We spent the rest of the afternoon admiring each others naked bodies and cleaning up evidence

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