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Title: My Step Daughter - Author:

Published: Sep 27, 2009 - Contact:

Reading these stories really brings back memory`s about my earlier years of marriage when my stepdaughter became pregnant, I married my wife when she had three children after a few years my stepdaughter began to look more like my wife, and started dating. After her third time dating she was knocked up, so we decided to let her keep the baby and help her raise it. My wife went to work in order to help pay for the birth, one morning I got ready for work and my stepdaughter was still in bed, I opened the door to let her know I was leaving, as I opened the door I saw that she was sitting on the edge of the bed saying that she was a little sick and she wanted me to stay and help her. As I sat down on the edge of the bed I put my arms around her and asked what the problem was, she then put her arms around me and said hold me tight daddy.

As we sat there I could see that all she had on was her thin nightie and her tits were really swollen as, after all she was 6 months pregnant and I assume she was going through the spell of maybe being some what horny, as we sat there I began to get some aroused, I slid my arm from around her shoulders and pulled her close and kissed her on her forehead, she reached up and kissed me on the lips, I backed off at first and said what was that for dear, she said I heard you and mom doing it last night twice, I heard mom say that she couldn't get enough, hearing all of your talk about how good it was, I became really horny and I still am.

By that time I was really getting aroused, I hugged her tight and she said, I am already pregnant, so I don't think I could hurt anything if I had sex again, I agreed with her, she kissed me again and of course I couldn't hold back, I kissed her and began to fondle her breasts, she laid back and said,"daddy I need some now" as I pulled her nightie up her tummy was so beautiful swollen and her pussy was so cute, I Stood up and removed my jeans, as I mounted her she took it slow, as we layed there screwing like husband and wife, she said that she wants me to do her anytime I want.

From that time on we had sex just about as often as I did with her mom. Even after she had her baby, I was still fucking her she fell in love with me and wanted us to run off together but I couldn't as I loved her mom too much, so we just kept it like that for a long time. I still see her when she comes to visit us, her mom is 65 and I am 69 now dau is divorced and still enjoys a good fuck as I do...