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Title: Mistress of Misery - Author: Geoffroy de Troit

Published: Oct 14, 2009 - Contact:

Vic was bored with his sex life. His girlfriends never did learn how to please him, and they weren't even willing to try. So he decided to finally do something about his lack of satisfaction. Vic went to a local adult bookstore and got some sex and swingers magazines. Her took them home and looked up in them the kinds of things he was really interested in. Lots of hot nasty sex with tough bitch females who really knew what someone like him needed.

Vic found a few places to call for his particular desires, and he made an appointment with three of them. The first one he went to was just a sham, and they gave him a line of bullshit about everything. He went to the second one and found that the lady there was not the right type for him. But when he went to the third and final place, it was perfect! Vic had come to the house of the Mistress of Misery. She was really going to put him through his paces.

To begin with, each male who arrived had to be Auditioned. This was to see if he was exactly right for the Mistress's manor manner. Vic was let in and told to strip completely. When he was naked, the butler and maid allowed him to enter into the next room. There they each caressed him to test his sensitivity. The maid began to fondle and play with his penis, and it quickly got stiff and hard. She kept hold of it and pulled him into the third and final room by it. This was the Mistress's Sanctum.

The Mistress sat on her raised chair. She was dressed in black leather, and wore a dark mask over her eyes. No one was ever permitted to see all of her face. No one was ever to know all of her identity. She had on high heeled boots, long black gloves, and held her riding crop.

She told her staff, "Bring the new specimen to me!"

And they did so. The maid then got out the official measuring stick, and she held it to Vic's dick. It came to just over eight inches, and the maid reported this vital piece of information to The Mistress.

The Mistress smiled. She liked her cocks big and heavy. But the stud man behind them had to be in top form to fully satisfy her.

She commanded the maid, "Go down on him and keep him hard for me."

The maid knelt before new arrival and began to take his tool into her mouth. Vic felt the warm moistness of her tongue, and it kept him erect. Then The Mistress told the bald butler to suck on Vic's cock. Vic protested that he wasn't gay, but The Mistress silenced him.

"No one is to ever disobey me, ever!"

Vic was going to have his penis sucked by whoever she said. The butler knelt before him and Vic felt his shaft sliding into the man's hungry and eager mouth. The man's tongue licked all around the head and length, and Vic learned that he liked getting it done to him from a male as well.

Then The Mistress ordered Vic to, "Please the maid."

She laid down on the floor and raised her mini-dress to reveal a hairless shaved pussy exposed with no panties. Vic knelt down on her and began licking her clit and cunt lips with his tongue. The barely 18 girl moaned and wreathed with the pleasure of pleasing The Mistress. She quickly climaxed and spurted her vaginal juices all over his face.

They both stood up, and awaited The Mistress's next command. This one caught Vic by surprise. He was ordered to go down on the butler. Vic once again protested that he wasn't gay, but The Mistress angrily stood up and struck him hard across his face. The blow from the crop stung and burned into his cheek. This was only the beginning of what punishments for disobediences could be inflicted on anyone there.

Vic got down before the butler and took out the man's dick. It was soft and flaccid, and Vic began to lick it around the head as they had both done to him. It slowly but surely became harder and harder, and it expanded and grew to its full nine inch length.

Vic began to take as much of the man's shaft into his mouth as he could. The butler groaned and moaned with the pure pleasure of the new mouth and tongue. He reached down and began to jack himself off, and with a final shout he sprayed his spew forth. Vic had never before tasted male cum, and it filled his mouth with its almond flavor.

The Mistress instructed Vic, "You are to then keep it in your mouth awhile longer, and not to swallow or spit any of it out."

The maid was then told to undress and she began to rub her tits against Vic's chest. She did this, and then The Mistress ordered that he French kiss the maid's mouth. Vic's tongue and its contents found hers, and he orally deposited the butler's jizz load into her mouth.

The Mistress liked sharing. She approved of her followers getting along with each other. Everyone was to fully cooperate with each other there. The Mistress then allowed the maid to swallow the load down, and she eagerly did so.

Vic was then told, "Fuck the maid in her ass!"

He was not to put his rod in the little lady's pussy. She bent over and rubbed lube in her butt crack, and Vic went over to her and began to thrust his hard meat in. Slowly but surely he got more and more of it into her. At last it was buried in her bottom all the way to the hilt. The maid squealed in the pain and pleasure she received. The Mistress liked loud squeals from others.

Then Vic was commanded to withdraw his manhood, and the butler was told to strip. He did so, and Vic was again shocked to find out that now she wanted him to ass fuck the man. This time he said he was going to refuse, and The Mistress exploded with anger. She hit Vic again and again with her riding crop!

She yelled at him to, "Shut up and do as you are told!"

He fell to the floor and she began kicking him. He was getting bruised and battered, but he was learning how to follow orders. But Vic had lost his erection, and the butler was instructed to go down on him again. Soon Vic's penile piston was back up to its fullness and firmness, and they could proceed again.

The butler lubed his rear crack, and bent over for Vic's viewing. He moved over to the man and began to rub the shaft head in between the ass cheeks before him. He had never had homosexual intercourse like this before. Vic would learn that it was just the same.

He slowly but surely probed his pricker all the way into the butler's anal orifice. The man moaned with the pleasurable sensation of his asshole being totally reamed in and out by this new visitor's big cock. In and out Vic thrust, and finally he could hold back no longer! He shot his entire load into the male's rectum, spewing his hot sticky sperm filled cum wad all the way into the man's bowels.

Vic was spent and he stood back up to face The Mistress once again. They could all see that she was pleased with their performances.

She told the maid to, "Suck Vic's dick nice and clean."

And the little female did so. The maid was young, very young, and perhaps even too young to drive, if she was ever again to be allowed to leave the place. But The Mistress liked her girls to be youthful. The butler was middle aged, and a few years older than Vic. The Mistress liked her males slightly older and taller, and their penile endowments were to be long, thick, and pleasing.

They were than done with The Audition, and Vic found that it was to be put to a vote. Both the butler and the maid voted in favor of letting him join the Mansion staff, but The Mistress was not yet ready to allow him to do so. He would have to pass the next test of his abilities. They escorted him into an adjoining room, and Vic was ordered to lay down on a raised platform. He did so.

The maid was told to, "Put on your black leather dildo."

And she did so.

She was then told to, "Ass fuck Vic with it."

He raised his butt high up into the air, and the butler applied lube to the groove. The maid then mounted her man, and slowly eased the entire wonder all the way into his asshole. Vic cried out in pain and pleasure, as the monstrosity entered him and completely opened up his violated backdoorway. His entire rear echelon was filled with the thing!

Then The Mistress commanded the maid, "Cease your mounting. You are to unstrap the dildo and get up yourself, but leave all of it buried in his butt hole."

The maid did so, and Vic remained there in that position for a long while. When she was satisfied with his submissive sincerity, The Mistress allowed Vic to get up, and the butler pulled the big leather ass layer out of him. Vic had passed all of the initial tests, and The Mistress too voted him in to join their household.

Vic was next led to the fireplace room. Here hot pokers were in the flames, and the butler took one of them out and handed it to The Mistress. Both the butler and the maid had strange markings on their ass cheeks.

Vic was then told to, "Turn around and show me your behind."

The butler held him towards her, and she immediately stuck the hot poker end up against his left ass cheek. The burning pain was terrible, and Vic screamed out in pain and agony. He had not expected anything like this!

The maid was told to, "Rub your tits against his chest again."

And she did so. The butler put the poker back into the flame, and The Mistress congratulated Vic on his acceptance.

She explained that, "All of my staff are branded and permanently marked with the initials M M for Mistress of Misery. You are single, and so you will have just one brand on your one ass cheek. The butler and the maid each have two, one on each of their ass cheeks. This is because they are a couple, and also because they are brother and sister."

The Mistress liked family closeness and family togetherness. Vic was now a part of their particular swinger group family, and one with a unique dominance and submission aspect to it. Vic was to learn even more about the group immediately after this.

The Mistress commanded that, "The maid is to be dealt with."

Vic had wondered why he was allowed to fuck her in the ass but not in her pussy. The Mistress ordered the maid to stand at attention before her.

"Are you still a virgin" she asked the maid.

The maid replied, "Yes, Madam."

"Then we are ready for the next phase of your instruction!"

The Mistress responded.

A door in the back wall opened and a large, tall, and very muscular black male appeared. He was completely naked, and his enormous brown dick hung down between his powerful legs. He was shaven bald. The Mistress had Vic and the butler take hold of the nude and tiny maid, and lay her down on her back with her legs spread wide apart.

The big black then began to stroke and work up his cock, and get it up to its full and thick length of over ten inches. The maid's eyes were wide with excitement and fear, as the huge brown man of muscles hovered over her small pale little virginal body. The big black laid on top of her.

The Mistress commanded, "Do it to her!"

And he put the tip of his enormous erection up against the labia of her pussy lips. With one fast and furious thrust, the big black rammed his dick length through her hymen membrane and all the way deep inside her pussy. The maid screamed with pain and pleasure as her virginity was taken away forever. Little bits of blood went on the floor under her. And she continued to moan and writhe under him as he kept up his hard and mean thrustings into her.

"Oh! It hurts! I'm bleeding! Ouch! Ooh!" the maid cried.

"She is to be completely deflowered!" said The Mistress.

The big black began to pound his pelvis into her, faster and faster. His brown muscles became shiny with moisture with the exercise of his carnal work in and out. Finally The Mistress gave him permission to cum, and he groaned deeply as his final thrust ended his humping. His large brown penis meat spurted its load of white semen goo all the way into the end and cervix of the maid's tight little twat. She moaned and sighed with the agony and pleasure of her very first vaginal sexual experience. It was not to be her last.

The Mistress summoned the butler to stand at attention before her.

"You are to be the next one to take her!" she told him.

"But, My Madam, she is my sister!" protested the butler.

The Mistress became greatly angered at this hesitation, and she had Vic seize the butler's arms and hold them forward. She commanded the big black to get out and off of the fully deflowered maid, and to go and get the necessary item. He immediately returned with a long bullwhip, and went over and behind the butler.

"Give him ten strokes of my lash!" she ordered.

The big black began hitting the butler on his back and buttocks, and the man screamed as the whip left its markings upon him. Vic held his arms tightly, and the butler began to quiver and shake from the agony of it all. Finally the tenth stroke had been laid upon his naked body, and he was covered with markings from the all powerful whip.

The Mistress told Vic to go down on the butler and suck his dick to get it hard again. Vic did as he was told and took the man's penis in his mouth. He began to kiss, lick, suck, and stroke the shaft until the butler began to moan and get it up. Finally all seven inches were achieved, and Vic stood back up to display it to The Mistress.

"Good! Now do as I told you before!" she commanded.

The butler went over to the maid and got on top of her. He began to insert the tip of his dick into the still bleeding cunt opening. The maid gasped with pleasure as her brother's cock shaft slide all the way into her. He began humping and pumping his sister, faster and faster, and she moaned loudly under him. She threw her legs way up and wrapped them around his bottom cheeks. She reached down under her ass and began to cup his balls. Finally the butler shot his cum volley up into the mass of wad the big black had deposited there.

"Very good. You have done well." The Mistress told him.

She then ordered Vic to possess her to complete the ceremony. Vic went over to the little lady and mounted on top of her. By this time she was fully aroused and raring to go. She moaned and cried out in ecstacy as he slid his eight incher into her open cunt hole. He began his penile pounding, and she threw her arms back way over her head and really moved her body under his. Her tits bounced and she blushed as she climaxed. Her pussy juices squirted out and she screamed with complete pleasure.

After humping the maid for awhile Vic felt himself begin to reach his own peak, and he rammed his shaft all the way in for a final stroke. His dick head flowed forth with the sperm filled semen draining from his balls. His cum mixed with the other two mens' wad shootings to completely fill her puss canal. Vic was spent and he got up to show The Mistress his limp and tired dick. She was pleased with their performances for her.

The Mistress had the big black leave and return with a huge goblet. She then stood up and had the maid get up and go to her. The maid was well used and exhausted, but slowly and painfully got up and did as she was told. The Mistress had the maid begin to undress her, and Vic could see that she was indeed a beautiful woman. Soon only the eye mask was left on. The Mistress had big and bountiful breasts, and, like the maid's, a shaven pussy.

She had the maid hold the goblet down under her, and she spread her legs on either side of it. Then The Mistress began to urinate, and the yellow stream of piss liquid filled most of the goblet under her snatch. When she was done she had the maid give it to the big black, and then had her lick her pussy clean. The maid did as she was told. The Mistress then had everyone come before her.

"You are all tired and thirsty, and this, my body beverage, will revive all of you. Each of you will drink until its all gone!"

The big black took the first swallows, then handed it to the butler. He drank some and handed it to Vic. He had never tasted this kind of thing before, and he hesitated. Then the butler took the goblet back, and Vic suddenly felt the sting of the bullwhip. The big black hit him with it several times, and Vic's skin began to ache from the excruciating sharp pain. He fell to the ground, and the big black stopped.

"Stand up and drink!" commanded The Mistress.

Vic did as he was told, and he began to swallow the yellow beverage. It was warm and salty, and he knew it had been inside of her body. Then he gave the goblet to the maid, and she finished it. The Mistress had the big black take the goblet back, and he immediately returned.

"Now you are really one of us," The Mistress smiled at Vic, "and we must now complete your personal preparation."

The big black returned with a large straight razor and a basin of water. The Mistress motioned to the maid, and she went to the basin. Vic knelt down, and the maid lathered his head with soapy foam. Then the maid took the straight razor and shaved all of the hair off of Vic's head.

"My females have their pubic hair shaved for me. My males are always bald," explained The Mistress.

The big black departed with the basin and razor, and immediately returned again. The Mistress then held an inspection of the males' penile endowments.

"I see that you are NOT circumcised!" exclaimed The Mistress, as she closely examined Vic's dick.

"All of my males MUST be cut and clean," The Mistress said.

She motioned to the big black to go and get an operational sharp instrument. He returned with it and gave it to The Mistress.

"Bring him and his uncut manhood to me," she ordered.

The butler and the big black each grabbed one of Vic's arms and led him up to her. The Mistress was now wearing her leather boots and long black leather gloves. Her beautiful tits and shaven pussy were both still bare. She took hold of Vic's shaft.

"I don't really want to get circumcised," whimpered Vic.

"Shut up, you!" The Mistress yelled at him. "No one disobeys me, or even argues with me! When my brown slave did so one time too many I cut out his tongue. That's why you'll never hear him say anything ever again!"

They held Vic in place before her, and she put the sharp instrument on the tip of his cock. But then she smiled to herself, and then she set the tool down. The Mistress began to fondle Vic's rod and balls and play with them. Vic got a huge hard on at her playing with his shaft. She then went down on him and took the whole eight inch length into her mouth and throat. Vic began to moan with pleasure as The Mistress gave him such excellent head. He felt himself ready to explode with the cumming of his orgasm.

Vic felt an enormous sharp and excruciatingly agonizing pain on the end of his penis. The Mistress bit hard into the tip of his dick, and she bit off the entire foreskin with her sharp teeth! Vic screamed with fear as the pain shot all the way throughout his entire body. He tried to jump away, but the two other men held him fast. His cock end began to bleed all over the floor, and some of the blood was trickling out of The Mistress's mouth.

"There now. That's so much better for you," she explained.

And The Mistress smiled as she swallowed hard. The foreskinned tip of what had been a part of Vic was now consumed as cannibal like meat by her. The Mistress smiled and licked the blood off of her lips.

"Thank you, Vic. That was delicious," she said.

He was now bald and circumcised, just like the other males there. Both females were pussy shaven, and all were branded with the M M mark of the group.

"But you still defied me, Vic!" The Mistress scolded him, "and you must be thoroughly punished for that!"

She motioned the other two men to lead Vic into her final chamber room. Vic was suspended by a chain and manacle set from a beam up along the ceiling. His arms and legs were spread wide apart in four different directions. The Mistress motioned for the big black to begin the final punishment.

Vic suddenly felt the lash of the first blow from the long and terrible bullwhip, as it struck and cut into his skin. He screamed out in pain and agony as it sliced into his back, butt, legs, arms, stomach, chest. shoulders, and neck again and again. He finally feinted. The pain was just too unbearable. But the butler fetched a pail of cold water and threw it in Vic's face. This revived him, but now he felt the painful cuts everywhere on his body.

"No one ever defies or refuses me, ever!" The Mistress exclaimed. "All of my commands are to always be instantly obeyed!"

Vic remained suspended by the chains, and The Mistress then had the butler and the big black grovel on the cold stone floor before her. She began to walk and stand on both of them with her long spike heeled black leather boots. Each of them kissed and licked the toe of each boot before she would kick them. Each of them were well conditioned in absolute obedience.

"All of this has made me horny," The Mistress sighed.

She motioned for the big black to go and get her yet another bit of her personal equipment. He returned with a large black leather dildo. It was enormous with its foot long length and very thick width.

"Get me my maid," The Mistress ordered.

The butler went and got the maid, and he returned with her.

"Get them both hard!" The Mistress told her.

The maid went down on the butler, her brother, and she felt his dick shaft grow to its full size in her mouth. Then she knelt and began to suck on the big black's manly stud meat, and it too reached its maximum length.

"Prepare her for me," The Mistress told them.

Vic watched from his chained position. First the butler mounted and entered his sister, and he fucked her newly deflowered cunt once again. After a short while, he groaned and shot his volley of cum jizz into her. The butler got up and the big black then replaced him. The huge muscular brown man began to hump and pump the young girl. His great dark shaft of penis power filled her snatch once again. With a moan he came, and his orgasm squirted his load of sperm filled semen to mix with her brother's.

The Mistress strapped on the huge dildo, and motioned for the big black to get up. The Mistress then mounted and dominated the maid. The black fake dick monstrosity was the ultimate in ram rodding a female's femininity. The Mistress put the tip of it into the maid's slit, and she began to work it in. The maid began to respond at the enormous size and pleasure it gave her. She began to moan and writhe under The Mistress's body on top of her.

The two females' breasts mashed together as The Mistress pushed more and more of the dildo into the maid. The maid responded to this dominant female and her all powerful leather penis. Finally The Mistress rammed and crammed the thing as far into her cunt as it would go. The maid body blushed and shook with her the climax of her total orgasm. Her body was completely satiated.

The Mistress stood up and had the maid kiss and suck on the toes of her black boots. She then motioned to the two other males to approach her.

"Bend over, both of you!" The Mistress commanded them.

They both obeyed her, and she squirted some drops of lubrication on the tip of her dildo. The Mistress then went over to the butler and began to insert the black leather tip into his rectum entrance. He moaned deeply as she began to thrust more and more of it into his asshole. She had almost all of it buried into the rear of his body, and she kept it in there for awhile.

Then The Mistress pulled it out of the butler and went over to the big black. She began to insert it into the crack between his muscular brown ass cheeks. He moaned as she worked it farther and farther in, until she had all of it crammed up into his anal hole. His entire rectum was filled with the leathery extension, and he felt completely taken by it.

She left it in him for a longer while, and then she withdrew it. The big black put it away and returned, while the butler went over to Vic and released him. He collapsed on the hard cold floor, his body still aching from the discipline torture it had received.

The Mistress was very pleased with them all. They had all finally learned to obey all of her commands, instantly and without any hesitation whatsoever. She smiled and laid back upon a leather chair there. She motioned for the maid to get up and come to her.

"Make me cum!" she told the maid.

The young girl went down on The Mistress and began to lick and suck her shaven pussy lips and clit. The Mistress began to moan and move around on the chair, and she finally heaved upwards. Her cunt squirted out a bit of her vaginal juices as she climaxed. The maid eagerly sucked and licked up these extra liquids.

"Again!" The Mistress commanded.

And the maid continued to lip and tongue the older woman's cuntway. The Mistress didn't take as long to have her orgasm this time, and her body arched upwards and shook as she came.

The Mistress always used another female to get herself off with. No male was ever to be allowed to dominate, penetrate, and possess The Mistress, ever. And the other females used had to always be so very much younger than her. Only the nubile femininity of teenaged youth could fully satisfy her. But The Mistress was not finished yet.

She took hold of the maid's young and budding breasts and caressed them. The girl's nipples got erect and The Mistress took special hold of these. She began to pinch the maid's tit ends harder and harder, until the girl cried out with the pain. The maid twitched and fell down from the violent agony of the pinching, and The Mistress compressed her leather gloved fingers against them as hard as she could. She slapped the maid's face, again and again, and the girl screamed in pain and fear. She began sobbing and crying, and her tears ran down her tormented face.

The Mistress was, at long last, done with all of them. She got up out of her chair and walked out of the chamber. Her beautiful bare ass and hips were in full view as she sauntered away. Her long dark hair streamed down her naked back. The little blond maid remained by the leather chair. The butler and the big black remained where they were standing. Vic stayed on the floor where he had fallen.

No one would move again for a long while. No one would dare to. Only the return of The Mistress, with further instructions for them, would cause them to engage in any motion. Meanwhile, they would wait, and wait, and wait for her return. And, eventually, she did return. And she had many instructions for all of them to follow, completely and without any kind of hesitation, from then on.

The Mistress had all of her staff well trained and disciplined. There were no more problems of any kinds of fights or arguments, and they learned to thoroughly enjoy sharing each other in order to please her. They existed from then on only for The Mistress. They eagerly awaited her arrival and verbal instructions. They were totally hers forever afterwards. They would belong to no one else, ever.

Vic's wounds healed in time, and he fully recovered his strength and virility. The big black was kept in his small and secluded slave room, and he was summoned only when he was required for a service. The butler stayed by the front entrance way, and the maid attended to the personal needs of The Mistress exactly as she needed them attended to.

Soon after Vic's initiation session, The Mistress gave him the maid as a gift. He was to fuck her in her mouth, then in her pussy, and finally in her ass once each day. They were to always perform for The Mistress, and could never have sex on their own without her viewing them. But they were allowed to enjoy each other's bodies.

The Mistress sometimes had Vic withdraw his penile shaft out of whatever part of the maid he had it in. She would have him do his cum shooting on the maid's ass, or face, or between the girl's tits. The place of the cumming varied each time they fucked for her. The Mistress liked variety in her sexual viewing.

A new girl appeared soon after, and one also just turned 18, like the maid. She was old enough to drive and vote, but she would never again need a car there with them. And there were NO elections. The new girl was very compliant and willing, submissive and weak. She seldom required physical punishment, and she was always eager to perform and please The Mistress. She too decided to exist with them for her.

This new girl had red hair and very pale skin. Her first initiation was to strip before the assembled staff. The Mistress wore all of her black leather again, and commanded the others to learn as well. They were all naked, and the ceremony began. First the maid shaved the reddish pubic hair off of the girl. Then the girl spread her lovely legs wide and rubbed her clit to masturbate to climax for all of them to watch. Then she sucked on the dicks of all three of the males, and, being a virgin, she was then to be deflowered.

First the big black mounted and entered her. She cried out in pain and pleasure as he humped and pumped his piston into her tight little twat. After his cum, the butler entered her. Blood from her broken hymen was on the floor under her, but she became more and more aroused. The butler grunted and shot his white wad into her snatch.

Then Vic got on and in her, and he enjoyed her small and very young body. By this time she was moaning and threw her legs up around him. Vic fired his ammo all the way into her cunt hole, and the three male semen samples blended together deep inside of her.

She lay there, totally violated and subdued, on the floor. The Mistress then removed her leather pants and hovered over the younger girl. The Mistress shot a stream of golden shower down upon the no longer virgin beneath her. The girl did not protest, and she accepted all that was to happen to her. The Mistress always liked this, and she returned to her chair.

"Come here to me, child," The Mistress told the new girl.

She then instructed the younger one how to give a woman head. She licked and sucked on The Mistress's pubic portal, concentrating on the clitoris and inserting her tongue all the way into The Mistress's cunt canal. The Mistress bucked and heaved, and quickly came with a loud climax. Her pussy juices shot out on the deflowered girl's face and mouth. Everyone else there witnessed this event.

The maid was instructed to wash her, and then to begin to hug and kiss her body. The new girl returned the caresses, and they sucked and licked each other's nipples, clits, and butt cracks. The two lovely young ladies pleased The Mistress with their naked lesbian performances. A collar and leash chain was then brought in by the big black, and The Mistress fastened it around the girl's neck tightly. The new girl was given to the butler to use and enjoy, as his reward for his faithful and loyal services. He was only to have sex with her in the presence of The Mistress, and he always did so.

Sometimes The Mistress would have Vic and the butler swap sluts for the other to fuck. The two studs would slam their hams in either pussy hole. Or they would get sucked, or they would assfuck the girls, as The Mistress instructed them to do. Later on they all obeyed her commands to learn the uses of handcuffs, enemas, asshole licking, urine drinking, excrement eating, and the insertion and wearing of leather butt plugs. The males, in time, were awarded cock rings. The maid was also given a collar and leash for Vic to lead her with.

Each girl learned how to lick each guy's asshole as he stuck his hard erection into the other girl's body. Each male learned to gang bang the girls, with all three of them fucking some part of them each time. The big black would have his ramrod into a girl's pussy, the butler would have his in her rectal orifice, and Vic would have his being sucked in her mouth. Then The Mistress would have them rotate and exchange places, again and again.

In this way they learned the art and sharing experience of group grope sex. This was not easy at first, and The Mistress had to apply her riding crop to them. But they eventually all learned.

And, soon after, a permanent chain of command structure was established. The Mistress appointed Vic as her assistant, and the butler as his. They each had their bimbo to mate and bond with. In time others would come to their group, and it would grow into a larger and larger staff. They would all be permanent subordinates and servants to The Mistress. And they all served her every whim and desire from then on.

Eventually Vic was allowed to begin wearing some leather of his own. The others stayed naked and inferior to him until much later on. All of the males had their heads shaved and their penises circumcised. All of the females were given pubic hair shaves, and then they were cluster fucked to be fully deflowered.

"I am pleased," The Mistress would say to them.

The Mistress ruled over her staff. They followed only her rules. The Mistress was always obeyed. She was, after all, The Mistress.