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Title: The Twilight Club - Author: H.Marchant

Published: Oct 21, 2009 - Contact:

I walk down the street, the sun beginning to set, and twilight setting in. I enjoy the feel of the soft fabric of my dress and the swish of silk against my skin. My high heels tap gently on the pavement, and I feel attractive and confident as I take each step. I can feel the eyes of passing men and women lingering on me as I pass, knowing that they are wondering who I am and where I am going. My long golden hair is swept up on top of my head so my delicate neck is exposed to the gentle breeze, I can feel it tickling the fine hairs on my arms and I shiver.

I am so excited.

Tonight I am going out. And not just to some ordinary club like my friends seem to enjoy so much. Tonight I'm going to the Twilight Club, and it's my first time. I've heard people talking about it, taking pleasure in giving lengthy renditions of their exploits, and I've felt inside me that I should be there - but I've always felt too shy. Too scared to go on my own, but tonight I feel different, I feel like I'm ready for anything.

I see the door of the club approaching and I lengthen my strides, I smooth my dress around my hips and I lick my full lips in anticipation - I don't know what to expect. As I reach the unassuming door, it is opened and I am faced with a beautiful man. His skin is milky white, his features perfectly symmetrical, and his lips twisted into a filthy smile that somehow repulses me and excites me at the same time. He looks me up and down really slowly, from my ankles to the top of my head, and I feel myself blush at his scrutiny. He flicks his eyes back to me with another dirty grin and invites me in with a sweep of his arm. I move to squeeze past him through the entrance, and as we brush together I feel the cold radiating through his clothes, and I know he's one of them.

This thought excites me more than it should. I turn to look back at him as I walk down the corridor, and the look in his eyes makes my heart beat faster. The bare corridor ends suddenly and I square my shoulders and push the door open. Instantly I am hit with the heat and noise of the club, the heavy music pulsing through the room, the throngs of people dancing and drinking, sitting in velvet alcoves in groups. I walk over to the bar slowly, taking my time so that I can have a look round without appearing too much of a novice. Just as I reach the bar my gaze reaches a man sitting in a booth on the furthest corner from the bar. He is staring at me, his eyes large and dark in his pale oval face, and suddenly I can't move.

I feel it straight away - this was the one I was meant to meet. I am standing there, nearly at the bar, transfixed by his stare. He is gorgeous. Long, dark straight hair, tight black clothes, perfect ruby lips and the sexiest eyes I've ever seen. With one hand he beckons me over, and I have no choice but to follow.

When I reach his table I realize that there are two women sat with him. One has her hand inside the front of his trousers, stroking his cock underneath his pants, and the other is lolling against the back of the booth, one leg spread out, playing with her pussy.

I feel like I should be shocked, but I can't feel anything, can't see anything except the man who beckoned me over. He looks intently at me, and I sit down next to him. With a quick gesture, the women are gone and we are relatively alone.

'Who are you' I said tentatively 'My name is Richard. I've not seen you here before.' he spoke without hesitation '..this is my first time.' I admitted

His eyes light up and I catch my first glimpse of his smile. It takes my breath away and suddenly I can't think straight. I suddenly feel his hand on my arm, and he lifts it out of my lap and winds it around his neck. With my arm out of the way, he trails his fingertips down the fabric of my dress covering my side, and I shiver into his delicate touch. Slowly he begins to run his fingers up my collar bone and my neckline, down my shirt and over my breasts, all the while staring into my eyes so I can't look away.

He then slides the strap of my dress down my shoulder, releases my arm from his neck, does the same with the other side, and pulls it down my waist. I don't have a bra on. Staring into his eyes, I have no thought for what he is doing, or who is watching. My pussy feels like it's on fire- something he is doing is making me want him more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. He bends his head and starts licking my nipples slowly, and then biting gently all over my chest. I vaguely realise that other people in the club are watching but I don't care. I just arch my back so that my breasts are pushed up further to his lips and his teeth and start to moan like a slut.

Then he pushes one of my legs back onto the seat, and slides his cool hand up my thigh. I can feel the juices from my pussy sliding out from my pants, and I can't wait for him to touch me. I'm throbbing and pulsing with the need for him to touch me, and I let my head loll back against the back of the booth to expose my neck and chest to him.

At this I hear his intake of breath and his finger finds its way inside my pants. His fingers tease me, stroking softly down the edges of my pussy lips, spreading my juices all over me, making my clit throb with the need to be touched. I feel his lips touch the base of my neck at the same time as his finger finds my clit and I cry out. I feel his teeth break the skin and my blood rushes up to meet his lips and I moan. I can feel him sucking on me greedily, and his fingers stroking my wetness so softly. Then I feel soft lips kissing my breasts, and looked down briefly to see one of the female vampires has come back to play with me. She smiles encouragingly at me and begins to nibble on my nipples and stroke her hands across my stomach.

Then Richard lifts his mouth away from the gash in my neck, grabs me and lifts me onto the table in our booth. He moves me so my legs are dangling from the edge, and comes to stand with his back to the room. He starts to peel my dress down my body until he can remove it completely, and then he pulls off my dripping wet pants. I lay completely naked and excited on the cold table and know that everyone there, human and vampire, were watching this scene with great interest. Richard lifts my knees and places my legs so that my feet are resting on the table, giving everyone in the room the best view of my swollen, dripping pussy lips engorged with blood and ready to be fucked. I feel the female vampire licking at the wound on my neck, and on the other side of me I feel another start to bite and twist on my nipples. Suddenly from behind me I feel a strong pair of hands grab my head and shoulders and pin me down to the table.

I start to panic. I can't move. What are they going to do to me I try to struggle, to see who is holding me down but he is too strong. The vampire sucking on my neck is pulling deeply on my blood and I start to get light headed. Richard smiles down at me, and as he starts to finger my pussy again, and then plunges his tongue into my lips, I know there is nothing I can do except give in. I had come here after all. I knew what was going to happen.

He starts to fuck me, His cock long and thick and so hard. It hurts me at first and I cry out, gasping for air and crying out for more at the same time. He pushes my knees up behind me and I feel the unseen man grip onto my ankles so I can't move. The female vamps are running their hands and their tongues along every surface and crevice they can find, and I'm squirming and writhing under their touch.

Richard smiles down at me lazily as he screws me, and despite all the other people I feel like him and I are the only two people in the room. My orgasm builds and then crashes over, wave after wave, my pussy squeezes against his cock and I hear him gasp. He speeds up and I feel the male vamp press me down harder into the table. With a guttural groan, I feel Richard come inside me forcibly. The other vamps fade away and he bundles me up in his arms gently.

'Yes... you'll do' he says, and then kisses me softly...