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Title: Julias Sexual Adventure - Author: JuliaLover

Published: Oct 26, 2009 - Contact:

Julia and I first met in Cambridge Massachusetts. She was working as an administrator for a local college and I was over at MIT doing research. She had just completed a long divorce so she understandably had been sexually starved for quite a long time. When we first met, we basically had sex anywhere at any time. At 40 years old she easily had the amazing body of a teenager. Shoulder length red hair with a wonderfully proportioned trim body, small but perfectly shaped breasts, a cute red haired pussy she allowed me to keep neatly trimmed and satisfied, and a real fancy for sexual excitement and even 'risk'. Late nights waiting for the train to take us home we would usually end up moving off into the shadows and I would eventually have her pressed up over the railing, hands held behind her, giving her the most fantastic rear vaginal intercourse imaginable. The oncoming lights of the train always caught us like deer in the headlights as we tried to composed ourselves. We would often drive to a park, not-so-remote area, or a drive-in movie, just for the excitement of a new place to have sex.

As out sexual intimacy grew, we had naturally talked about her fantasy to have sex with another man - preferrably with me present and watching. But she had always been just too shy and self conscious to approach anyone on her own. I have always fantasized about another man making love to her as I had experienced with just about every woman I had ever been with. I would absolutely love watching her like that! She had her eye on a few of our common friends, including a tall dark haired engineer friend of mine Erik who lived next door - but we never acted on it. I think he honestly aroused her and I've caught her watching him many times, her eyes scanning up and down the length of his body. One special evening Erik and I and Julia had dinner at a local Irish pub and I could sense a pleasent sexual tension between them. He absolutely adored her and couldn't keep his eyes off her. Julia had never been with someone as young as a 24 year old before but I knew she would be thrilled by the experience. I was convinced that the combination of his youth and her sexual excitement would be just what she had always imagined. It was such a dream come true, right before us, and I went into action planning it all out.

She and I had always liked a little light bondage and sometimes blindfolds in our sexual fun. One of our favorite sexual play times is for me to tie her down on her back, blindfold her, and just enjoy her body in any way I wanted for as long as I wanted. I absolutely love it. Julia would get so turned on and aroused that she would just about faint - then I would really start enjoying myself! Our favorite place was on a blanket, in the sun, in the backyard, in a very secluded spot. A pair of tent pegs in the ground at the edge of the blanket always provided a secure way to tie out her wrists. Her orgasms always seem to be intensified, and her moans amplified, by the fact that her hands were tied.

A few months ago, after a lot of planning, we finally had our spectacular experience. Our fantasy was finally about to come true. One afternoon while sunbathing as we normally do I totally undressed Julia, tied her wrists and blindfolded her, and after playing with her for a while had arranged to sneak in none other than Erik to take my place! He had come over as I had instructed and waited around the side of the house for my signal. The best part for me was that Erik automatically assumed that she didn't know the switch was about to take place. But the secret was that, as we usual engaged in, Julia and I were having fantacy talk about "maybe" there will "finally" be another man this time. She would always say: Yes....Please! This time, little did she know that it would actually happen. She would finally able to just lay back, relax, and enjoy everything this handsome 'fantasy' guy was about to do to her. He had her on that blanket for over an hour and a half, they did everything imaginable, and she didn't resist at all. She let him do EVERYTHING - it was incredible!

Erik and I had talked a lot, and I had coached him earlier about the physical and sexual contact that she was familiar with between us, body rubbing, breast stimulation, oral stimulation, intercourse, and even soft intercourse with her mouth. Although, no kissing on the lips would be allowed - that would definitely give the sexy secret away. Kneeling in the grass, I silently watched the whole thing from just a few feet away - it was completely unbelievable. While waiting for my signal he obviously stretched to watch me completely undress her and rub a little sun tan oil on her. She was already very aroused. I did it slowly, kissing her here and there and licking her pussy briefly. After my signal he quietly walks over and undresses slowly and quietly while staring down on her. It was amazing how aroused he was, completely straight out erect, and how completely naked Julia was her adorable pussy already gleaming in the sun. His body was that of a strong young man, muscular, a hairless chest, and very large cock with a full thick dark patch of pubic hair. I couldn't believe how huge is cock was! He then immediately lays down between her legs and starts softly kissing her feet, legs, knees, thighs and works his way up to her pussy while positioning his hands under and around her thighs and starts rubbing and pinching her nipples. Neither of them realized why I had trimmed her pubic hair a few days earlier, not completely but very short, so he could easily find anything he pleased quickly and easily. Straining at the tent pegs and wiggling her hips she resisted at first, for maybe 10 seconds, but then just completely relaxed and allowed herself to totally enjoyed it.

He started with tongue intercourse - something I told him really relaxes her. As his tongue slid in and out of her I could see Julia relaxing more and more. Watching her gently part her legs further for him, and rolling her hips giving him a more direct angle, gave me a real tinge of jealousy. She allowed her fantasy guy complete control, and was obviously enjoying it so far and knew exactly what she was doing. It wasn't long before her stomach and breasts began to swell, quivered, and pulsed to the beat of his tongue. Moments later she had her first hard orgasm. She suddenly pulled at the wrist ties hard, squeaked loudly, and in her usual style clamped his head between her thighs firmly. She extended her hips above the ground and his head softly rocked up and down between her legs so I knew he had her clitoris right where he wanted. She came intensely and gently rocked her hips in time with his head and finally moaned "stop". He did so, and swung around and gently started thrusting into her mouth for several minutes. She moaned again, but arched her neck back to accept him better. I blushed with jealosy as she sucked him intensely. At times her mouth and face was completely buried in his thick pubic hair face. He was amazingly gentle and she moaned softly with nearly every thrust.

He quickly turned around again and easily slid his wet cock into her pussy. He manipulated her body like an expert. Julia squeaked loudly so I knew he was fully inside her. Even as a younger guy - he looked like an expert at kissing her neck and breasts while having intercourse with her. Watching his strong stiff body suspended above with his thrusting almost mechanical hips was a complete turn on. Her body rocked silently to the rhythm of his thrusts, her breasts gently bouncing and rocked up and down as his tongue went from nipple to nipple. She lay there, mouth wide open, her tongue out searching for anything, in a completely blissful and satisfied state. His thrusts slowed as she came again, her pussy clamping down on his cock. But after a short patient wait allowing her to relax, he soon went right back to his methodic thrusting. After another ten minutes of intercourse, he withdrew quickly, and laid his cock between her breasts - his orgasm leaving a huge pool running all over her breasts and down her neck. She laid there soaking wet as his tongue went back down to her pussy. For the next half an hour he held her ankles firmly while his tongue slowly ravaged her little pussy going straight for her clitoris. Watching his amazing leverage and strength, my jealosy peaked, as he held her exhausted thighs strected wind open. Her moans became screams of passion. She squirmed around on the blanket and strained at the ropes wildly but was complete trapped. She had so many orgasms and did so much screaming it was fantastic. When it was over, she lay there exhausted and he quietly left.

As he quickly dressed he paused, looking down at her exhausted, sweat soaked body, body. She was motionless, arms still tied out and her thighs still partially open exposed her reddened and wonderfully shiny pussy. He smiled at me and then walked away.