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The Story...

As the taxi pulls up, we pay the driver and you open your door. As i glance over i see your slender legs,knee's together and sliding right to disembark in ladylike fashion,stirring less than gentlemanly thoughts in my mind.Shimmering light bounces and radiates off your smooth and smolderingly hot legs,making me stare trance like from your toes encased in spiked heels up to your thigh.Your short and sparkly skirt so complimentary,hides just a few inches of mind altering flesh,so real and so thought provoking.

Now out of the taxi we walk towards the bar,my mind excited at thought of the door opening and what lies ahead.A numbing yet overwhelming feeling of "yes you have entered the building" takes hold.As expected you walk in and what seems like a thousand eyes turn to look and the millisecond of silence where you could hear the proverbial pin drop seems to last an age.The pride pleasure and emotion i feel take control,my head rises as you reach back and take my hand firmly in yours and there are audible sighs of disappointment echo throughout the room as they realise you are here with a man firmly on your arm.If only they knew the real reason we were here in the first place they may not be sighing with disappointment so soon. Making our way to the bar the eyes still follow our every step,yes mainly males peeking,but as you squeeze my hand to reassure me i notice you in direct eye contact with an equally striking lady stood nearby in a throng of people.So engrossed am i in your every step i miss or fail to accept my visual or verbal compliments aimed at myself for tonight is about and the thoughts we've shared over the past few months.

It seems our mutual desires and reasoning have brought us to this place,this evening which promises us another unforgettable night of new and exciting pleasures.All this however depends on how those around us pursue us both,male or female.

We order drinks but before i can hand over the note to pay a hand reaches out and a voice says "these are on the house".We turn to face the lady,forgive me,let me introduce myself,I'm Lexi,the owner of this place for my sins.She laughs a throaty chuckle and smiles.May i congratulate you on such a jaw dropping entrance,I don't think I've ever seen your faces in here before,if i had i would of remembered.Her voice holds a hint of seductiveness,her fingers trail over her collar bone and we laugh it off with an excited thank you offering to repay the compliment with drinks and a dance later.She retreats with a "I'll hold you to that" task in her eyes,her gaze lingering on you for a tantalising moment.Fueled by her welcome excitedly find a spot in the corner by the speakers;Dark but lit just enough so people can see us.Our body language mirrors the other,tentative touches and gentle kisses exchanged between us,all the while a feeling we are never far from the corner of someones watchful eye.We whisper to one another about various members of our very own audience yet the show has barely begun.As if by fate one of our songs begins to play,we gaze deep into each others eyes remembering the first time we heard the song and the exciting and uncontrollable urges that ensued that very first night we met.You gently stroke my hand as you stand,telling me to remain seated as you com round to the side of the table.I reposition my chair to get a better view as you begin to dance,your back to me,slowly flicking your hips side to side brushing your legs against mine.As you do so,so sexy borderline indecent skirt swirls around allowing me a glimpse of your fine behind making my jaw drop as i see and realise you have no underwear on.So turned on by this i reach out and touch you,running my fingers between your thighs,oh so gently grazing past your pussy lips i feel the moisture on my finger tips,your juices taking hold letting me know your wet.

"That's for you and how you make me feel,maybe tonight we can share some around if you like".You murmur to me,i gasp as a feeling catches me off guard.My cock instantly responds,hardening even more so when you rub it.I see the owner and I'm guessing her husband watching with interest.A cat and mouse game ensues between us as through the bars of the balcony Lexi takes her high stool,brazenly parting her legs to show nothing but a clean shaven pussy and smile at our rookie curiosity.We seem to be held in a moment of sexual tension.The stare is broken by a new voice saying "don't be fooled by her,she tried this with us but by the end of the night she disappeared into the back room with her other half".Bang on cue she See's us all and beats a hasty retreat.Almost disappointed but grateful we introduce ourselves to the two strangers who have appeared to us."I'm Wayne" i say,this is teffie as my hand trails down your back.Thanks for the heads up!."No worries",were Emma and Scott and its lovely to meet you.As we shake hands and kiss cheeks i immediately notice you and Scott make eye contact,lingering cheek to cheek.

I lean in politely to kiss Emma's cheek,at first glance she appears slightly older than us but with a like-able air of confidence and attractiveness.she leans in closer to me,placing her hand on my thigh gently squeezing as she does so.Aroused by her touch and the apparent chemistry between you and Scott i decide to excuse myself to order some drinks,vodka all round.Taking myself off to the bar to cool down and process the feelings i just experienced,knowing i could just be imagining all of this.I wait my turn at the bar,glancing over every now and then to see if your OK.As i take a final glance before i get served i notice your foot resting on the bar of the high stool and notice them taking it in turns to stroke your slender soft leg.I later learn this was just smoothness competition between you and Emma but for now I'm unaware of this and my cock hardens at the very sight of these strangers touching you.Even after the drinks have been paid for i linger at the bar a little longer hiding between other clientele.I observe the way they look at you and in that instant i decide we are going to take the plunge.

I return with drinks to a wink and a smile from you as you say "did you like that",i nod slowly and you reach out to touch me,your eyes lighting up as you feel my hardness.Your not the only one that see's that says Emma with a naughty smile.Want a feelyou ask her.Scott nods his approval as you place her hand beside yours.I cannot control my cock as it twitches beneath your hands.I try to suppress the sensations that flood over me but struggle to contain my excite ment .It is clear to see they want us in every way by the expressions they too cant hide.We look at each other as if to say,we wont make it easy for you but it will be worth the chase.Emma asks you to dance and you take the offer as Scott and i take a seat.We look at the two of you then at each other,"Now isn't that one hell of a sight" i say,stuck for words Scott just nods in amazement.You and Emma whisper to each other whilst dancing,no doubt concocting ways to tease us guys.Emma moves behind you and before we know it her hand disappears up under the back of your skirt.My eyes are transfixed at the glint on her middle finger that she is stroking you with,the moistness there for us both to see.With a cheeky smile Emma walks up to me and goes to put her finger in my mouth,i close it and look towards Scott."oh my" she says,Scott now with the look of a child in a sweetshop takes her finger and sucks so hard making sure he gets all the juice and mutters,"my oh my",so tasty and still warm too.

By now my cock is bulging against my waistband but i dare not touch it thinking of what may become of the night ahead.You pull Emma in front of you,wanting to even things up you place your fingers between her legs pushing aside her thong and begin to stroke her hardening clit.Teasing her pussy lips then following round to her tight pert looking arse.She shudders in pleasure,her eyes closed.Seeing this i reach forward to you sliding a finger through your by now soaking slit feeling your lips glide across my finger.I pause then thrust 2 fingers deep inside you touching that special spot,i slowly slide them back out to your ever growing moans as i lick every bit of juice from them then strait away you place the fingers which just that second had exited Emma's moist glistening pussy into my mouth to taste her juice as it merges with mine.Two ladies,two separate juices but as one so tasty and oh so sexual in thought too.Add to this two oh so horny men with cocks about to burst out of there jeans,just tiny wet patches where the pre-cum was oozing from both our ever impressive looking bulges. Emma and you now decide to swap sides,she in front of me and you in front of Scott.You both begin to dance,teasing us as your behinds grind against us yet we restrain ourselves enough not to begin touching you both yet as our mark of teasing back.By now we all know where this is going from this moment forward,no need for words to be spoken as the sexual tension in the air is fueling our desires and thoughts.The light side of things though,is there feels a nice feeling of a playful element to it all making all of us smile, as well as grimace with a horn like a wild beast.

Being from factory mentality and having done many things in jest before I set a dare for Scott; to each other. He agrees nervously. I call out to Emma who sees what we're about to do and for a moment she keeps the knowledge to herself. Watching Scott's hand slide over the length of my cock, outside my jeans sends her over the edge. She tells you to turn round and on seeing our hands on each others cocks, your knees tremble, eyes rolling back in that moment of uninhibited pleasure. Scott and I urge you both to come closer so our activities are not on view to outsiders with wandering eyes. You both draw near, sitting now between our legs, making the situation more private, more intimate.

I slide my hand between Emma's thighs, Scott following my lead. At this, I see your expression melt as he strokes your leg and your now swollen pussy and solid clit .All four of us now locked in a merry-go-round of looks between us, connected by fingers and hands. You and Emma hold hands, fingers locked and entwined, squeezing as each of you feel your clits being stroked. By the way Emma grasps your hand so tightly, you know my fingers, just two, have sunk inside her.With this in mind, you take your other hand and whilst I stare at Emma you unzip Scott, with a look of sheer lust in your eyes you take my hand and place it on his thigh. I glance down to see his throbbing cock protruding from his jeans with your hand wrapped round it, your thumb wiping his pre-cum around its swollen bell-end.

To your shock I slide his zipper further down and with no struggle from him I cup his balls and tight sack in my hand pausing to stroke between his arse and balls with my fingers.You don't see exactly what I'm doing but you can feel his cock throb each time I squeeze and stroke and you second guess my actions.

"This is a bit much for in here..." I say out loud. We all look at each other and shrug it off. "Not til we get caught!.." Emma replies and you agree eagerly.

For now we retrieve our hands to pause for drinks and smiles all round. The DJ announces that the club room upstairs is now open. "Shall we" asks Scott.

"I've got an idea," Emma begins. "Let me go on ahead with Wayne, then you two follow us in ten minutes or so."

We all agree to this suggestion and with that Emma grabs my hand and leads me away, whispering as we go, "Nobody comes up here for at least half an hour or so yet...." a wry smile on her lips, "Give them a surprise eh..."

So, encased in the darkest corner, music pulsing with nobody around we are alone. My cock is semi hard but not for long as she undoes my jeans, taking me in her hand, getting harder by the second.Slowly she pulls back my skin, revealing the tip of my cock. Wetting her lips, she leans right forward and lets my cock prise her lips open. I sigh deeply as she takes me in her mouth, warm and moist like the soft wet pussy I am in no doubt she has between her legs.

Within three mouthfuls my cock is as hard as granite and I hold her head with each thrust forward as she takes me right into her throat. She pauses to ask "You like that..." I just reply with "Mmmm, yeah..." In my mind though I'm thinking of you and how you will react. Within minutes I get my answer; a jaw dropping grin from ear to ear. You gaze at me with such intensity, purity yet passion and fire. Your jealousy over-ridden by the urge to walk on over and drop to Emma's side to fulfil an age-old fantasy... Your tongues flick over my bell-end and then together, licking down my shaft til your hungry mouths take a ball each to gently suck on.

I get the feeling none of us care now if anyone can see this even though I'm sure they can't. I beckon Scott to come closer. "Come and touch them..." I mouth to him, seeing as surprise is the order of the evening. He approaches to come and tend to you both. Moving in tentatively he stretches out his hands to caress both of your upturned arses. As he lifts both your skirts up, his eyes glaze over and he begins to smile widely. As I watch I see his cock twitching in his jeans. "Too gentle..." I say, to which you both look up from where you're sucking and licking me into a state of utter pleasure. "Really..." you murmur. " Not you ladies, him. Force it..."

With that you both bite down and I know his fingers are fucking you both. You look up at me, your mouth full of my cock and with a nod I think "Oh yes..." I beckon for Scott to come and take my place. He jumps at the chance and so we switch. Knowing full well my fingers will make you cum hard and fast I take it easy. I feel your bodies moving rhythmically as you suck Scott's cock. He positions himself onto the low platform, meaning you both have to raise your arses a little higher.With this I see my chance, my cock has copious amounts of pre-cum oozing and dribbling almost as if I've cum already. I hold your gorgeous pert arse with both hands, gently squeezing my fingers into your soft flesh and slide the head of my aching cock inside.

"Mmm Wayne..." you moan and Emma turns to see what I'm up to. She sees my cock sliding out of your engorged pussy, slick with your juices. "Stop right there!..." she orders. She shifts around and licks it clean.

"Now carry on..." she laughs.

Ecstatic at seeing another man's solid cock between your lips, I start thrusting faster, revelling in feeling every inch of me inside you. "Time for you to join me round here Scott." I say and he moves round to Emma but I stop him in his tracks. "No, here."

Emma urges him on,confident in her mind that she will get my cock grinding into her pussy. "Soon..." I encourage her, "For now I want you to come and suck my cock and bend over so that Steph can lick your pussy...make you ready for me..." I smile at my new found sense of command. Her mouth stretches wide as my cock pulsates and I watch on as your wet pink tongue darts out of your sweet mouth, making a beeline for her waiting pussy.

With no warning Scott slams his hard shaft into you and I can almost hear your exquisite moans as his balls slap against your arse. This only serves to send you crazy, your tongue no longer flicking over Emma's swollen slit, but deep inside her luscious hole. With Scott's every thrust you push your face into her wetness, forcing her to clamp down hard onto my cock. A four way train of people fucking, warm writhing bodies, joined into one erotic mass.

At this point I'm ready to up the stakes, my horny streak well and truly coming into it's own. I ask Scott if he's game and although a little apprehensive at what's to come, he complies. I stand you ladies up to watch us. With my wet, throbbing member in my hand I meet his eye. "So Scott, will you suck it..."

He pauses, contemplative for a moment. "Mmmm, for the ladies, give them a real treat." He smiles. " Then I'll suck yours too.." I reply, smiling back at him.

You and Emma can hardly believe your eyes or ears and your hands are all over each other, stroking each others breasts.

I sit back,my cock bursting in readiness and he crouches down, mouth open, taking all of me, his wide flat tongue and hot mouth sucking me in. "Fuck Scott!...That's good..." I exclaim. "I know..." he he pauses to reply " Let's just say I'm no virgin in this territory...I can make you cum so hard, harder than these two together!.." He throws his head back laughing good natured. Both you and Emma and Emma urge us on, "Dare you!..." Emma teases us as she pulls you close to her and kisses you deeply.

Fuelled by the whole situation I look down at Scott " So do it...." He begins to wank my cock furiously and sucks me so hard in a way only a man would.

"Wayne!... Cum hard in his mouth for me baby..." you say your voice barely a rasp. "And Scott, I want you to keep his hot cum in your mouth for me."

I'm reaching the point of no return, throbbing so hard and oh god!...I'm going to cum. For once I don't care that it's not in a pussy or an arse of doewoman, seeing the way you command both of us men and the look of utter filth as you alternate between Emma's hard nipples and kissing her sends me right over the edge.The final straw comes as your fingers work each others pussies furiously. Scott remains still as I pound his greedy mouth and I fire my hot load deep into his mouth and throat.

"Fuck me! How much!" he exclaims, some of my sticky cum dribbling from the corners of his mouth. He beckons you to go to him. Your lips lock onto his as he passes you my cum, not a drop spilt.

"Emma, take it off Steph and swallow it..." I groan as the after shocks rack through my entire body. She purrs, "Mmm I love the taste of cum..." She can hardly wait. "There's more to come then." I smile, "pardon the pun!.." I push Scott down into a chair. His cock springs forward ready for my attention. I grip my hand around his shaft and lower my mouth, twisting my fingers as I do so. "Mmmm..." he groans very loudly. "Are you sure you're a first time cock sucker Wayne.." I just nod but knowingly I smile, " I have a good teacher in Steph... now Ssssh and enjoy..."

Feeling slightly left out you ladies sit next to him and begin rubbing each other's amazing breasts, sucking and licking and kissing. I start sucking harder now alternating with fast hand movements. I feel him start to tremble, knowing that at any moment, for the very first time I'm going to feel another man's hot sticky cum flood my mouth. All the while you both watch every movement.

He stiffens and grips the back of my head as I initially struggle to take such a turned on man's load but eventually he twitches for the last time and smiles down at me with a satisfied "Ahhhhh..."

I can't speak, my mouth is full and I pull your awaiting lips to mine and a passionate kiss ensues as I pass the man's cum to you, saving a little for myself to savour and swallow. Emma is amazed at us, "What a horny, sexy couple you two make!..." She grins.

"Depends on the company." I respond, winking at her. Seeing how wet, horny and ready she is, I say "Open your legs wide for me Emma, we should make it a double..." And with this I launch my tongue into her creamy pussy, lashing her hard clit side to side, my chin grazing her entrance. Sliding two fingers into her pulsing slit, I instruct you to sit next to her. I ask Scott if he minds, he's still recovering from his fierce orgasm. "Not at all." he answers.

With two hands opening both your pussies wide with my fingers, as many as you can take, I rub your G-Spots just right. Scott watches briefly as the two of you writhe in ecstacy, indulging in long hard kisses, your tongues twisted together. It doesn't take long for his cock to spring back into action once again and he decides you can both suck on his ever hardening cock shaft.In unison and with the introduction of his member you both squeeze my arms. I feel it, your pussies opening up and tightening, clenching over and over til you scream " Oh yes! Wayne! Fuck!...Yeah...."

It is now I look straight in your eyes. Oh Steph....that look of such hunger, of total and utter love for me alone...

Emma is teetering on the edge and you turn to kiss her, still feelings the waves of pleasure as your tongue brushes and slides against hers. All this is making my cock throb and then a thought strikes me. I pull my fingers away from Emma... and replace them with my cock. You moan so loudly " Fuck her Wayne! Really good and hard!...Scott, lick his balls for him..."

"Fuck me Steph!.... Ohhh Steph my balls are being sucked so cock;s going to explode..." I almost yell.

"Cum inside her, deep inside that tight little pussy baby!..."

I'm overwhelmed by your horny demands and on hearing the raw gutteral sound of your request, my balls erupt. Her pussy grips my cock so hard and tight and she begins to cum too, turning to you as she does so, "Oh god, Steph is this for real..."

To which you reply " You better believe it you horny little bitch!... Now take it, feel all his cum inside you, make his cock feel how tight your cunt is..."

She shakes uncontrolably as the final throws of her orgasm sweep her away. My spunk slows and her tight grip gradually fades.

"Mmmmm Scott!" You instantly get his attention, "get down on your knees and suck that cum out of her pussy and bring it to me..." I can hardly believe your commands.

"I want to taste a little of all of you." Instinctively she crouches over his mouth and lets it dribble onto his awaiting tongue. You join him and she does the same for you. I gaze at you, you look like the proverbial cat who got the cream. I'm amazed by you and oh so proud.

Just then we hear distant laughter and voices approaching.

Phew...close call, I smile inwardly. Emma straightens her clothes and asks, "Who wants to stay here and who wants to carry this on back at our place!" We all giggle at this.

"Who's getting the coats " Scott asks grinning.

"Me!" I reply like a shot, "Cos I want to stand at the bottom of those stairs so I can look up your skirts Steph and Emma... let me see those gorgeous pussies dribbling with cum!"

And with that we make a hasty exit to carry on with the adventure of a life time...

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