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Title: My Postman... - Author: Niamh McGarri

Published: Jan 21, 2010 - Contact:

I lay out in the hot Beverly Hills sun, wearing just heels and a pink bikini, showing off my tanned, slim perfect body. I got bored, so went inside to my pink bedroom. I layed down on the fluffy bed, spreading my legs into a split. I put my hand into my panties and giggled as i stroked my teen pussy. I pulled out my vibrator from under my pillow and teased my clit with it. I was so happy giggling as i ame, i didnt even hear the door open. I moaned louder, not caring about the neighbors, and just as i was about to come, a huge black guy walked into my room. He was ridiculously tall, with huge musles under his postmans tshirt and he was gorgeous. I laughed some more as he stuttered. "Uh, Im sorry, the door was open and you...uh, have a package." I smiled widely. "Yeah, you too." I stared at the bulge in his pants. He smiled as well as i got up off the bed and walked over to him. Even with my huge heels on, i only came up to his shoulder.

I pulled his top off, exposing his polished torso. He dropped the package on the floor as I pulled down his pants. His massive cock popped out. I gasped when I saw it, wondering how it would fit into my tiny teen hole. He laughed then, pulling off my bikini top and playing with my DD tits. He leant down and sucked them hard, making me so horny. I felt my pussy juices drip down my leg. He saw it too. He leant down further, on his knees, and licked my thighs, slapping my ass. I squealed in pleasure. I felt him stick his tongue on my clit, me still standing. I pulled his face up, and kissed him hard, tasting my juices still hot on his tongue. He wrapped his big arms around me, lifting my legs up around his waist. I felt very high up as he slpped my ass some more. He slowly put his huge cock into my pussy, suddenly ramming very hard. I screamed loudly, giggling at the same time. "Yes, baby! Fuck me! Yeeeesssss! Fuck me!" I screamed, my tits bouncing as he shoved his cock into me. "Yes, you little slut. Who's your daddy" He yelled, grabbing my blonde hair hard. "You are, your my daddy! Fuck me daddy!" We came together, his filling me with his hot cum. I gave him another blowjob before he left. Now, every morning, I get more than letters from my postman...