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Title: The Parking Lot - Author: Sabrina Cassidy

Published: Jan 26, 2010 - Contact:

With the beginning of the New Year, he had text her that he would take her, own her and make her his Victoria. She had given her body to him before, but he had never taken her. Tonight he would change that.

The sun had set a few hours ago and the darkness of the night had begun to take hold. Four of the women from the office decided to attend the open house at a local business. Victoria knew she was just killing time by attending. Her thoughts were at the meeting of her lover later that evening. Engaging in casual conversation, she tried not to watch the clock. The time for her to be in his arms would not arrive quickly enough. At last Victoria knew that the time had come to bid her co-workers farewell.

Through the darkened streets, she traveled to the agreed destination. Where she would meet him was not discreet, but at this time of the evening there would be few commuters to observe their rendezvous. Victoria maneuvered her van through the lot to the back section and soon his truck was beside her van. The lot was dark with the exception of a few scattered security lights that gave a faint glow to the inside of the van. Instinctively she pressed the buttons to open the side doors, so they could move to the mid section of the van. She watched his body in anticipation of what would transpire, as he climbed into the van to join her.

There they sat across from one another. His smile was warm and full lips were inviting. As they casually shared the events of the day, she yearned to kiss his lips and feel his skin against hers. As if he was reading her thought he moved her into the back of the van, and there he kissed her. His tongue was warm as it searches out hers. His lips pressed against her and his hands roaming over her body. With each kiss and touch, he sent desire racing through her body. Knowing the feel of his hard manhood, she craved to have him inside of her, filling her most private and secret parts of her womanhood.

Instructing her to turn around, she did without question. He pulled her body to his and she could feel his hard body against her back. His hand moved up her neck gently pulling her head back so that he could have her mouth meet his. AS his lips pressed against hers, his hand found her breast. He wasn't rough as her gripped her breast in his hand, but his touch was not gentle either. There was a commanding strength in his touch and she caught her breath as he took her nipple in his fingertips. His breath against her ear, he filled her ever sense with desire.

Victoria had not expected him to instruct her to put her arms behind her. Obediently; however, she did as he instructed. She did not realizing what he had in store. The unexpected instructions caused adrenaline raced through her body as she felt him begin to tie her wrist together. The ties were soft and thick, as he wrapped them first around one wrist and then the other. Despite her trust in him, Victoria felt an element of danger to what he was doing. Alone together in the back of the van in a dimly lit lot, he was tying her wrist behind her back. She was well aware of her vulnerability at this moment. No one knew where she was or whom she was with. No one was around to witness what he was doing.

Her hands, bound behind her, she reached for his manhood beneath his trousers. He was quick to stop her advances. Victoria did not question him or continue, as he secured a cloth over her eyes. She knew that at that moment, he was taking complete control of her body at that point. This was not what she had anticipated for their stolen moments of time this evening. Yet here she was, at his mercy. He had taken complete control over her body and she found herself becoming aroused at the thought of his control. She was bound and blindfolded. Vulnerable and exposed to him and for him.

Her senses increased, as his hand began to touch her skin and he positioned her on the floor. With each touch, her body began to respond in anticipation of what he was doing. As he rolled her to the side and begin to probe her most private place, she knew he would discover how wet his control over her had made her. Her body was responding to this new arousal and his complete control. As his fingers invaded her wet pussy, a moan escaped her. Her body was ready to receive his swollen shaft and she craved feeling him inside her. The without warning, he withdrew his finger and delivered a slap to her ass, letting her know that he was aware of the control he had and how her body was responding.

Moving her onto her back, her arms were pinned beneath her. He spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Victoria blindly listened to his movements. Her breathing increasing in anticipation of his next action. She her his keys and thought that perhaps he was unleashing his hard shaft. Her sex was wet and ready to accept his hard swollen manhood as she felt him thrust deep inside her. Unable to see, her senses swirled and her first climax came quickly. He held her legs up as she thrust her hips back and forth working his hardness within her against the spot that would cause her juices to overflow with another climax. His body pressed against hers, as he plunged his rigid shaft deep inside her. Thrusting himself deep inside her with long, fast strokes, he took her body. Then slowing his movements down, he stroked her tender wetness, bringing her to meet his climax. His swollen member filling her pussy with his juices that he would send her home with.

He had text her that he would take her, own her and make her his Victoria and tonight he did just that and completely.