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Title: Close Your Eyes - Author: stoneypoint

Published: Feb 4, 2010 - Contact:

This I wasn't ever supposed to see. Why I went inside in the first place, I don't know for sure. I love my mom, I really do, and I wanted to buy her something well special...really special and to put things straight my affections for my mom aren't what you'd think. They're just like any one else's- simply a mom-son relationship which anybody has and that is that. But I maybe I was misguided in my search also thinking I'd like to buy her jewelry, but I didn't have the proper amount of money for that. Still I had to let her know how much I truly loved her, so I thought, what would be the next best thing

The next best thing, I figured, would be something nice, something pretty and something way out, but what did I know I knew where to go for one and once there, I headed right for the place I had in mind. I made a b-line for it. It's the best lingerie store around. You know the one. Yep, that's it. It's very popular...the one you always see advertised in all the Sunday newspapers and other days too sometimes.

I walk to the place and get this. Guess who is there when I arrive I saw her in there... Of all people, all women...guess who is in there trying on stuff When I saw her and I mean literally, really truly saw her in there, I could not believe my eyes. I stopped and froze and I literally gawked at her. The nice thing was she could not and did not see me. Not for a long while she didn't.

When I casually strolled in I was amazed at all the different and unique women's uhhh...under garments That's what I'm calling them. Either way they were placed the way they should be... Mesmerizing and enhancing my imagination a little too much, I think. The store slowly had me tingling and excited as well as it had me wishing two things at first. First, I wish I had a girlfriend and secondly, I wish I had lots more money. I didn't. I awkwardly walked through the store, looking left, looking right. The place was an exotic jungle containing silks and satins and cottons and too many erotic items simply lying around for a guy like me to stare at. Like I said, I was captivated by this place.

Entranced in it all I didn't hear some pretty voice say "May I help you"

But that's when I noticed her. Not the girl behind the voice who asked if she could help me, but the woman in the back of the store. I knew her...still do in fact. I saw her just outside the dressing rooms. I froze. I stared. I cocked my head and eyes hard towards her. Putting on an odd face, I knew the lady. She was looking at herself. She had something on she must have been trying on. She was looking at her body. I was...ohhh god...I was looking at her body too. I saw stuff...parts of her I shouldn't have seen, I think. With that long and thick curly hair and her soft pretty eyes and skin which glowed too... This woman with her honey brown, caramel toned skin made my loins weep inside.

Ohhhhhh my god! It was her... My own teacher! And ohhh my god, yes ohhh shit... I never ever imagined my teacher to be as...so...wow...hot and...and...sexy...in my entire lifetime. But she was. I mean...is and I suppose all I did was...was gawk at her.

"May I help you" I heard again from behind me.

"No that's all...right" I told her not even looking at her. "Uhhh...I'm just umm looking" I added without looking at the clerk.

"She is very pretty isn't she" I heard her say.

I nodded while still gawking at the woman in the back. But finally I looked at the girl who was speaking to me. She was a young woman, much like me, who was equally pretty as Ms. Mathers, my teacher. Wow, I thought. Tall and almost as tall as me and confident and pretty and she had these soft brown eyes too. Her hair was long and light brown and it seemed silky. Her whole body was cute too as if she was a former athlete. She smiled at me as if to acknowledge my awareness of her youthful beauty. She nodded, looked away at first, but looked right back into my eyes as if to tell me "Thank you."

"Do you know her" the young lady, my age said. I loved her confidence.

I nodded but still gawked at my teacher in the back. Pausing initially, I finally told her softly "She's my teacher."

"Ooooooohh" the girl said. Her tone was seductive, quiet. "Now this puts you in an interesting position...doesn't it" she asked. I turned and looked at her. A playful smile had settled in on her.

I nodded again, still gawking at my teacher. Unaware of my presence still, the clerk stood watching me while I stared at my teacher looking at herself in the mirror deciding whether or not she liked the piece she had tried on. My teacher who is a very light skinned or caramel toned woman had developed unending beauty suddenly that day at the mall. I've never ever seen such beauty in all my classes I'd taken. Okay, we all agreed our teacher is pretty, but if and when you saw her the way I saw her that day in the lingerie store and the way I happened upon her in THAT piece she was trying on... OHHHHH MY GOD...ohhh shit...wow!

I could not believe my eyes. All of a sudden I felt a thunderous pumping through my heart. I was watching a woman, an exquisite and beautiful woman with incredibly amazing angelic features aways away from me turning and looking at her own body as she turned to decide if she liked herself in the piece she was trying on. And my answer Ohhh god yes...yes... Buy it, keep it, and wear it in class. Feel sexy, appear sexy even if none of us will ever see you in it, I was telling myself.

"Mmmmm, she sure does look pretty doesn't she" I heard the pretty clerk ask. I nodded but hadn't taken my eyes off her yet. "You've heard it isn't nice to stare is it" she told me. I turned, looked at the clerk as she stood facing my and my teacher, who still didn't know I was in there gawking at her. "Plus you know...she's a little out of your league right" I said yes. I told her I never had any intentions...but never finished my sentence. She giggled, quietly. That was when I noticed how cute and actually sexy the clerk was. Wearing a dipped top, she too was showing off her slightly minuscule boobs. "Do you like this top Is it something you might buy for someone" she asked noticing I had looked at her tits. I nodded then looked back towards where my teacher was. She was gone.

"Yes, I do like it, but it would be for my mother. It's for her birthday. I'd love to get her something like that...maybe another color but" and then I saw something out of the side of my eyes. I turned and looked. "Ohhhhhh" I said maybe a little too loud. That's when she turned. My teacher turned. She saw me. I saw her. She looked at me. I looked and I looked at her. She realized I'd seen her in another illicit outfit. It was a Baby-doll, a black one with red molded like cups around her boobs and I gawked at her never-ending sensuous beauty. She smiled, waved, and it took me a second, but I waved back smiling then gulping a smile back at her. Both the clerk and I saw my teacher...ohhh yes, my own teacher wink at me as she did this slow burning-inside-my-loins seductive turn for me or for herself. I don't know, but she left me with an unending impression. I had to think fast and again before I knew it she was gone into the back dressing rooms. She came out but dressed this time.

"Hiiiiiiii Randy" she called out. "How are you" she said.

"You okay" the clerk added adding to the suspense mounting wildly within me.

I gulped and nodded. Finally saying hi to Ms. Mathers, I saw her walking towards me. She wore an incredible smile. Her eyes never looked lovelier then that moment. It was then that I noticed how exciting her thick long kinky light brown hair was. Flowing the way it did along with that smile of hers began to rivet me. In conjunction with those visions of her "modeling" the pieces of lingerie, my heart went wild for my teacher. All of a sudden I wanted something I never imagined was possible. I wanted Ms. Mathers, I think. I wanted her like nothing I've ever wanted in my entire life. The clerk, having disappeared to the counter, left us alone to do something. Ms. Mathers, my heart and loins, and I were left to discuss her and her possible modeling career.

What could or should I say

Ms. Mathers, her face glowing, helped me answer my question. "Randy, did you agree with my two choices" Her tone was sweet, but it was blunt.

Instinctively I nodded. My heart was racing. I felt flushed, hot, and way too riotous inside and I have to admit that my loins were unsure of how they felt about it all. They swelled. They deflated. They almost ruptured as they swelled again. I even gawked at her while she was fully clothed. For the very first time in my entire life I realized my semi-boring teacher was not boring. She has one tremendous body. I heard something telling me in the back of my head "You want her. You want to hold her hand. You want to be...her friend...her close personal, no intimate friend."

I shook my head and blinked my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was hearing myself say. "Are you alright Randy" I heard someone ask. I shook my head again blinking my eyes. I think I repeated myself saying yes to her. Then I felt something. She reached out. Yes, Ms. Mathers reached out and touched my arm. She rubbed it. "It's okay Randy. All women enjoy a little luxury in their lives and that goes for me too." I felt my cock swelling again. Ohhh shit... say that again I thought. "Really we enjoy shopping for luxuries like this" she told me and paused before adding "even your mother, I'd gather, enjoys doing a little shopping of this nature...isn't that why you're here anyways"

"Not any longer" I accidentally told her. "I think I came to see you." I couldn't believe it. I said that I said that to my teacher No way. I didn't say that. Nooo way...uh uhhh I couldn't have just said that, I thought. "I'm...uhhh...I'm umm sorry" I told her trying to back peddle and apologize to someone I respected and still do. I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that during this time, behind her was that clerk and she was smiling and winking at me. In fact, I think she gave me a thumbs up.

"It is alright but this secret must stay here... between us and I will do anything...anything to keep nasty secrets like what you saw from spreading throughout the school honey. We don't want any of that spreading do we What may I do to help you keep all this quiet"

"He's looking for a sweater...a top...like this" she said from behind.

We both looked at her. She was smiling and proud to be a part of the conversation as if she's experienced it before. Ms. Mathers, a 28 year old single woman, offered to help me instead of the clerk. The clerk smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I felt uncomfortable, but when my teacher looked around she told me to follow her to a remote location of sweaters. We looked at them and Ms. Mathers stood close to me, too close I thought, and that's when I smelled it- an aroma, slight as it was, infusing itself into my nostrils. I sniffed some more trying not to let on I smelled this wonderful, blissful scent. Uhhh ooooooohh mmmmm...talk about a woman you'd never expect to be as gorgeous and as sexy as the one I discovered on that Saturday smelling the way she did. Oh boy...wow, I wanted to turn and tell her how magnificent she smelled, how...how sexy it made her seem in addition to her letting me see her in those two pieces I initially saw her in.

My reflexes were reacting horribly. I kept bumping her. She didn't move when I did. I said I was sorry for bumping into her. She said nothing like "that's alright" or "don't worry" or "I don't mind it." None of that...it was as if she expected me to accidentally bump into her. Finally we picked out a top I liked. And then another I liked, but it was not my mother I was seeing in them. It was Ms. Mathers.

"So you think she'd like this" she finally said. I wanted to inch closer, all of a sudden, saying yes and nodded my head. "Me too" she added. "Hmmm, maybe I should buy one" putting emphases on the "I should" part. "But on my salary, well I'll just have to wait until another paycheck. You have great taste, Randy" she told me.

I gulped and thanked her. We bid goodbye to one another. And that day, I came to love her I think. I think I fell in love with my teacher. I began thinking about her all the time. I wished we were together all the time...as friends, as lovers even, or who knew...what else was there The school week would begin in another day. Then what would happen

I became enthused about all the possibilities even though I was only 19, to be 20 in eleven months, and she was... I didn't know, maybe 26 or 27 In many ways, I am old for being 19. I am older then my classmates. I am athletic although I no longer played sports due to knee injuries, but how she handled me made me become more then infatuated with her. I was head over heals for Ms. Mathers. She and that clerk were the only two who saw me behave this way. Ms. Mathers left. I didn't want her to. My eyes, attention followed her out as she walked away.

And for the very first time I saw what she really looked like from behind. Sweet damn she looked fine I told myself. "Nice behind too huh...if I thought I stood a chance, I might ask..." I heard behind me. The clerk never finished her sentence. I bought the two tops and somehow got a date with the older girl. How lucky is that

But I could not get Ms. Mathers, or more to the point, her body, off my mind.