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Title: April Surprise - Author: stoneypoint

Published: Feb 7, 2010 - Contact:

It was April. Buds were blooming on trees. She awoke that day, sullen, thinking about him, and wishing he was there beside her and spooning her closely. She had always loved how on Saturday mornings he'd be there having pulled her against him, pulling her warm tender maturing flesh against his older frame and holding her tenderly as he kissed the back of her neck, then her shoulders.

She was forlorn on this day for he no longer was around. He never again would be. She wouldn't have his strong, tall, and solid body to hold her close as he kissed her shoulders and neck like he always did before the two commenced a scheduled lovemaking session. She was dreading this day and when it arrived, when she awoke, the tears began to slip from the corners of her eyes.

Slowly, gradually they came and when they had her body, her lovely slender curves curled up into a fetal position wishing the past evils away. She wanted coffee. He always made the best coffee. She wanted his toast. He could make the best rye toast in the county but when he no longer came home because he had passed away three weeks prior, she didn't know what to do any more. For a woman with strength and fortitude like hers it was amazing she was behaving like a feeble woman she seemed that morning.

After the tears dried, she tried making the coffee she thought he made. It survived her taste test. The toast did too. She lay back down in her bed but did nothing. The sun came in from an angle casting some shadows, but it was pretty as the room was too. It made it all the more pleasant to be all alone even though she longed for him, her live in devoted boyfriend of 3 years now. But she knew, yes she knew, it was time to move on.

Suddenly, in the silence, her phone rang. "Hello" she said quietly, somberly.

"Hi, how are you" she heard. She made a quizzical face. Not knowing who it was she said fine, but with reservation in her thoughts. "That's great" the male voice said on the other end. She thought she recognized his voice but she couldn't place it. She played along. "What are you doing today" he asked. She said she didn't have any immediate plans. "Ohhh alright... Would you like to do something this morning" he asked.

"Like what" she replied. Who is this, she wondered She liked his gentle voice. He seemed nice enough but still she couldn't place the voice to a face. There was a pause. "What did you have in mind" she said again. He began to tell her.

"Like what we did once before...you know" he said.

"Umm maybe I don't. Maybe you have me confused with someone else." Then she told him her name. He said yes. He knew her name. He told her the time when they met at a party, just over three years ago, which she didn't recall, and they became...intimate he had said. "I became...intimate...with you...with someone else...other then my...my boyfriend" she answered.

"Ahhhh yes...your boyfriend. I'm sorry. I heard about that" he told her. "I'm sorry."

"Thank you" she told the stranger with the nice voice.

"You're welcome" he said. There was a long pause. It was intentional on his part but why did she let this linger on like she had "You don't remember at all You don't remember me...Tim Sangstrom"

She shook her head. She thought and she thought and she thought about who he could be. She couldn't recall him. Three plus years ago, she thought...me and a guy named Tim I knew I was a party girl...still am, she thought. She smiled. Her smile grew. She loved partying with people she knew, loved getting drunk, and having fun but she was not promiscuous any more. No, uh uhhh, she wasn't that at all.

"Tim...I am sorry but I don't remember you at all."

"Oh, okay...well maybe I should-"

"No, wait...where do you live now" she said interrupting him.

He smiled. "Here in town" but what town it was became another story.

"Ohhhhhhh maybe we could meet sometime, somewhere" she told him.

"Yeah...yeah that'd be great" he replied. "I'd love it."

"Me too" she added. It was time to move on, she thought.

"Don't remember that night" He asked calmly. He waited. You had asked me to do something...unusual." She didn't remember and asked what it was she asked of him. He went right ahead and told her. "...go down on you" he said.

She was floored. It wasn't as if guys hadn't done it before, but she didn't expect this from a guy she couldn't picture or recall. How did he know her How did he find her, know where she was at, and why would he be calling about that out of the blue

"You were sober that night. You let me go down on you, lick you out, and then finger you into a long enjoyable orgasm Myra." He even remembered her first name. "You were wet, really wet and said you were umm...horny too...if you'll pardon me for saying so, and you said you needed to get off, to be turned on. Somehow that evening out back with you, alone, was all you wanted. Me, I was stunned Myra, but you wanted me to oblige you." He paused for effect. "So reluctantly that's what I did for you." He paused again, waiting for a reaction. He was hoping. "Can I tell you something else" She only asked what. "You tasted great, really great and get this...I didn't tell you this, but I came in my pants. It was good, all good. I thought you were sexy Myra and wished all this time I was the one dating you."

All of a sudden his voice sounded younger. Who was this guy She couldn't remember him at all. And I had told him I was horny that night too What's his game, she thought. What's he after...more...more sex...oral sex...what, she asked herself.

"Maybe...maybe I made a mistake. I think I shouldn't have told you about this, about what you and I did." He paused again. "I'm sorry. This was wrong. I'm an idiot. I'm going to hang up. I'm sorry...I don't know what I was-"

"NO. Don't hang up." She was horny all of a sudden. She wanted to feel that, again. She wanted so much in her sorry state, but didn't know this guy, couldn't remember him. "What's your name again" He told her. "And how old are you" He told her the god's honest truth. He was 27. She was 32. "27, that's how old you are That's all What do you look like, Tim, if that's your real name." He promised her it was. "And where do you live...what's your address" she said. He told her roughly where he lived. "Hmmm... Talk to me, tell me what you like doing on a date, with your dates Do you, after going on a date, do you try to get in to bed with her, have sex with her, or do you want to make love to the woman"

"Both" he replied. "Depends" he said.

"Depends...why would it depend"

"Some are women but some aren't. You, Myra, have always been a woman, and let me tell you something. I love to cuddle. I love foreplay and lots of it. I love kissing and needling a woman's neck and shoulders and I love playing or toying with her body, all the way down her back...especially...especially once I've reached a woman's behind... Mmmmmm," he added. To play with a woman's body, her breasts, and especially her tummy and behind...ooooooohh, ahhhh Myra ohhh Myra" he said for emphasis.

She had become wet, horny too, and she wanted him to climb in to bed with her and remove her pajamas. She wanted warm tender hands crawling all over her until she was wet with uncontrolled desire. She didn't know this man and she didn't care if she knew him. His voice and his demeanor on the phone were unbelievable and she felt palpitations swirling through her pussy madly. It reached up in to her tummy. The feelings reached down into her thighs. She was pawing at herself wishing he would come to her, he would crawl in with her, and she wished and craved his company and now!

"Are you there" he said. She said yes. Her voice quaked some. "Are you okay" She said yes, but her voice was breaking, quivering. "I'd love to do what I told you we did that one night...eat you out Myra. Mmmmmm, I can taste your pussy inside my mouth as I speak to-"

"My address is" and she told him exactly where she was located.

He said he could be there in 20 minutes. He was ready even thought he never expected to get that far. It was all a game, but he was so successful that he got more then he ever bargained for and he wouldn't even ask to be sucked off by her.

The front door was left wide open. He knocked, twice. No answer. He opened the door. He had some idea what the woman looked like, but really didn't know her well. She was attractive, slender, curvy, nice hips, nice ass, and pretty hair and eyes. She called out to him. Hearing her voice, he walked slowly towards the sound of it. His erection pounded. It hurt he was so horny and excited. This was stimulating, he told himself. She waited. She had showered, thrown on make up, and put on a fresh new set of pajamas in the 20 minutes it took for him to arrive. She was good. But she was horny and had been toying with herself in the quick shower, just to keep it fresh.

"Hiiiii" she said. Nervous, she wore a smile for a guy she kind of recognized, but from where she did not know. "I'm Myra. You're Tim" He said yes. "Umm, come on over, I guess. Sit down," she said nervously. "Please accept my apology...uhhh this isn't something I normally do."

"What's that...have sex with a complete stranger"

She giggled, smiled, and said yes. "But our conversation, on the phone, well...well you've won me over, and in a big...ohhh in a big way Tim. Will you do something for me Will you get undressed and...and go down on me...right now"

"Ohhhh god yes" he replied. "God yes" he said again.

He did as she requested, plying his knowledge as best as he could. She instantly loved his tongue up inside her swelling soaked walls. Moaning, her body rose and fell like empires throughout the history of civilizations all over. Her breathing was another matter. He loved hearing her breathe and in her sharp serrated breaths, he only became harder and hornier wanting to pull off his boxers and enter what he'd been muffing.

Finally a chance. He came off her. He looked into her eyes. She was somewhere else. Who knew, but she was beside herself sexually. Panting, she craved more and more so finally he reached up and felt her sheathed breasts. They felt wonderful beneath his hands. Soft, plush, and easy to squeeze, he was gentle as he handled her bosoms. She moaned, often. He removed his boxers and crawled upwards so he could kiss her boobs. She grunted in a feminine like tone. Cool, he thought...sexy as hell, he told himself after hearing her female grunts. He did it some more. He looked at her. She was watching him. She smiled into his eyes and placed her fingers down inside cunt, stroking it. Her eyes closed. She took deep panting breaths. Her body rose off the mattress pushing into his.

She felt his throbbing erection pushing at an angle into her belly. She wanted to feel more and pushed herself harder into it. More, she thought as she pushed upwards again into his cock. He pushed down as he sucked on her tits. Pushing, jamming, moaning and suddenly out of no where she felt something warm and wet.

"Damn" he muttered.

He had cum, prematurely, while it eased and spread everywhere against her flat soft belly but she loved it. She loved the feeling. His cum spreading, dripping, and tickling her cravings once again just like her dreams had spread all over against her flesh. Myra reached down and in between them, and she felt the stickiness she so craved again. She smiled as she rubbed her fingers through it and began to spread it against her breasts and lips. "Mmmmm" she uttered quietly as her tongue licked her lips.

Then suddenly it all came back. "Ooooooohh, now I remember you" she said in an enthusiastic tone. "Now I remember who you are" she told him and to his surprise. "I dreamt about you. I don't recall meeting you, but I have dreamed of us, together, like this" she added. "I never could place you or where I know you from...and now I do. You and I are going to do this a lot more" she went on to assure him. She started to hold him closer. "Come here...come here baby" she said pulling him down on top of her. He watched her. It felt good as his chest flattened against her boobs. She kissed his lips. She grabbed hold of his body. She was hungrier. "Can you stay the day with me You've made my day. I'm...I'm a lonely woman since he passed away and...and you are almost like him I think. Just stay with me" she asked without pleading. She felt soft and incredible. "Will you, please... Mmmmm" she purred.

He wasn't going anywhere too soon. This felt too good to be true he thought especially not with the likes of this horny woman and sexy woman. He nodded his head and kissed her lips back.