First Time Sex with my Bestfriend

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Quote: "I then explored her wet and dripping pussy and sucked it hard She came twice of my vigorous fingering and sucking."

The Story...

I was 25 when I first had sex. it was my friend who is 8 yrs elder to me. there was always an under current between us. This at one point went up to the level of phone-sex. We then regularly had many sessions of phone-sex. One day we decided to do it for real. We booked a hotel room well in advance. On that particular day she lied to her husband that she is going for a party and joined me in the hotel room. As soon as she came in I blinded her eyes with a handkerchief. Then I undressed myself. I made her sit on the cot. By that time my cock was rock hard. I took it near her mouth. I then removed the handkerchief and surprised her thrusting my cock in her mouth. She backed a bit but I held her head and gave her a few stokes.

She then obliged and enjoyed sucking my cock. I then undressed her and made her lie down on the bed spreading her legs. I then explored her wet and dripping pussy and sucked it hard. She came twice of my vigorous fingering and sucking. Then I made her go on all fours. I held my hard cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy from behind. Slowly I thrusted it into her wet pussy. It was hot and wet. I slowly stroked her as she started to moan, she then begged me to fuck her hard. I then got hold of her hips with my hand and banged her harder. Her moans were now turning to screams. I didn't leave her and banged her all my might. At last we came together shuddering. She was gasping for breath when I pounded her. We then lay down for a while to return to our senses.

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