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Title: Birthday BBW ThreeSome - Author: Bob, Rebecca & Tammi

Published: Mar 19, 2010 - Contact:

I was late early getting home from work & for some reason I didn't pull in the garage. I went in my house through the back door. Rebecca was on the phone with someone she knew. I didn't know who it was, but it was someone she worked with by the conversation talking shop. Beca didn't know I was there.

By the conversation, it was about adult sex. I quickly picked up the phone in the garage to listen in. Beca said, Tammi I want to surprise bob with a 3some. I know you can be trusted to keep your mouth shut. Can you help me Tammi's reply. sure Id love to help, but how I didn't know if Beca was planning a wwm or just what. I could get if I was involved.

I knew Tammi a few years ago when she was working with Beca in a warehouse., She was a big woman, close too 285 Pounds. Her tits had to be 44's to 48's with a large DD cup. When she was braless you could see the her rather large nipples surrounded by light pinkish areola. Tammi's nipples are unlike most fat women, don't normally have large nips. Tammi also has pretty bedroom eyes that say (Come and Fuck Me) but the fat is ah turn off.

I could tell that the conversation was closing. My dog's seen my truck and went nuts like they always do. Beca knew I was home. I walked in just as she hung up the phone. Hi Hun I said. Oh guess what she said, I talked to Tammi today, remember her. Tammi I don't know. She that big woman I worked with ah few years ago. o yeah, she's that short fatty She called and said she was in town for a week. I asked her to stay here instead of ah hotel, I hope it's OK Bob. well it's kinda too late for that. but a fat woman Yeah but she's nice. Beca replied.

(SOB) I thought to myself, a fat woman in my house. We were eating dinner and talking about our guest. I asked Beca what she planned to fix for dinner. Oh thought we could grill some steaks outside & then go in the hot hub. I hope Tammi brought her swim suite. I said, Tammie would never be able to get her fat ass over the rim of the hot tub. Beca commented, yeah be nice Bob. Yeah but with ah Fat Woman My spa would never survive that. Bob you would always look down her breasts, You liked them as I remember she said. Yeah OK I guess, I said. I hoped Beca would fix her stuffed mushrooms, that and red wine makes her frisky. At least I would get some pussy that night.

I got out the BBQ grill for that night. Then the door bell rang. Beca answered it. Tammi What happened to you You look great! I heard her say, Yeah I have lost a few pounds. Beca, A few pounds You look marvelous. I lost about 150 pounds. Damn Girl that is a whole person! I got up and peeked around the corner to see what Beca was looking at. Gawd damn, she did look nice. She has lost a lot of weight & lookin good! Tammie you are ah Hottie now. She dressed in a short spaghetti strap t shirt with no bra. Those nipples sticking out like double AA batteries and some blue jean shorts showing a perfect camel toe! You talk about getting ah Woody, I had one. Damn that woman looked nice!

Bob, show Tammi around the house & where her bedroom is. I took her by the hand and led her down the hallway to our guest room. Damn, Tammi You do look nice! Oh Thanks she said. Here put your luggage in here, this is your room. Looks nice but I won't be spending much time in here.! She giggled. I gotta get out of these shoes Bob. She bent over to pull off her shoes. ( Holy Tittles) Her t shirt opened. I just wanted to jump between those tittles right there.

Tammi took ah glance at my woody, My, my did I do that She asked. I covered up like a fifteen year old with his first hard-on. Oh Bob that's cute, little shy boy! It looks pretty good from here! I finished my tour and went back to the kitchen. Tammi asked Beca if she could help her with dinner. No, no you re our guest. You don't have to do anything, right now anyway. They both smiled at each other. I went off my office to check e-mail & left the ladies to talk, girl talk. Just a I logged on Tammi came in with those tits and her perfect camel toe showing, pretty as you please!

She put her hands flat down on my desk close together, pushing her titties tightly against each other. I couldn't help starring at her nice tits and her huge AA battery sized nipples. Tammi smiled, How do they look she asked. You have been looking at them since I can in. Do they meet your approval Bobby

Tammi I think they are pretty amazing. You didn't loose weight in those, I said. She stood up straight, her camel toe was right even with the top of my desk, it caught my eye, That is pretty also, I pointed to it. Tammi smiled and said, Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky to night

Beca yelled for me to get the BBQ fired up. We walked back to the kitchen and out to the back yard with me. Oh Damn, You have a hot tub! I just love em I lit the grill, Beca brought out the steaks. Tammi was looking at the spa. maybe we can go tubing later on, Tammi did you bring your swim suite Beca asked. No Sorry, I didn't know I needed one she said. Beca said, well you can wear one of mine, it might be hard to get your tittles in a smaller cup. We had ah big laugh.

I cooked the steaks, corn on the cob and green veggies. We ate dinner, and while the ladies were talking shop, I uncovered the spa. Com-on ladies are you going swimming or not I asked. Tammi, come with me and see if we can cover those boobs with my swim suite. While I tested the water condition they went in to change. The water was just fine at 104

I heard Beca commenting, WoW, Girl You might not stay in this, it's pretty tight. Beca & Tammi came out. There was a lot of DD's stuffed in that C cup. Tammi needed an A cup just for those nipples. They both got in the spa, oh yeah, Bobby this feels so good Tammi said. We began talking about her weight loss and how great she looked. I said, girl you lost 150 pounds You can't even tell you were that heavy. You look fantastic.

I was close to 300, I was divorced, with not prospects of sex in my life. I got tired of the rude comments and the looks from people. I had to do something, So here I am at 130 pounds, I still have a little I wanna lose. I'm feeling much better about my self. When Rebecca called and asked me to visit. I said sure, Id love to. Rebecca, Do you guy's ever go nude in here, she asked. Oh yeah, when it's just Bob & I, Beca answered.

With that I noticed Tammi's bottoms floating to the surface. With one swift movement her top exploded and her bikini top was floating. There, that's much better she said as she stood up straight.

This grossly over weight obese woman stood there in water to her knees. ow do I look guy's Beca looked at me and seen my trunks floating. She smiled and didn't say anything. Tammi giggled, Beca stood up and unsnapped Becca's bikini top and it fell away. Beca said, Can't beat em join em Tammi & Beca moved to each side of me.

(I think this was all planned)

Tammi reached for my dick that was already a woody. Rebecca, he is big like you said She began stroking me slowly with ah firm grip. Rebecca looked at Tammi and she took my balls in her hand, rubbing them while Tammi beat me off under water.

My cock never felt this way, I was about to bust a move with these two foxy ladies tugging at me dick. My arms were laid out on the rim of the spa. Tammi looked over at Beca, Beca nodded her head, I felt Beca's arm reaching over me, as she began fingering Tammi's bald kitty. I was surprised that my pretty wife was doing this to another woman. It turned my lust to ecstasy. Beca moved over me in front of Tammi. She spread her legs wide to give Beca better access to her love connection.

Beca took several deep breaths, the last one she held it as she went below the water surface. Tammi's eyes closed as Beca took her large breast into her mouth sucking her areola and her huge nipple. Beca sucked on one while pinching the other. Beca was busy lower also. She had Tammi's coochie in her hand stroking it faster all the time. Tammi said, she was about to loose it. She had her eyes closed, her mouth open wide & panting like she was giving birth.

Tammi screamed as best she could, Bobby, BOB FUCK MY FACE. She moved to the corner spa seat and sat on the rim, spearing her legs wide for Beca. I straddled my wife and Tammi took my dick between her lips and sucked it into her mouth again. while she was licking my cock she was telling me to tickle her throat and make her gag. I looked down at Beca to see what she was doing. Beca was eating pie. I never watched her do this before, It surprised me that my wife was sucking pussy!

I pulled Tammi's head close to my balls, as my cock went down her neck. She started going down deep and coming back real slow, suck all the while. Beca's fingers thrusting deep in Tammi's kitty while she was sucking her clitoris. Beca suddenly grabbed my balls and rubbing them lightly, stopping only to suck them in her mouth. My cock instantly grew more hard. Beca looked at me with more sexual lust than I'd seen before. Her pupils were huge and her lips were full.

I reached down & pinched Tammi's nipples to find Beca was doing the same thing. Tammi was thrusting her fingers in Beca's snatch while Beca was returning the favor. They both began moaning and screaming louder. Go ahead Bob unload your balls down her throat, she wants it now Beca yelled. Tammi screaming out loud, Bob, Oh BOBBY CUM DOWN MY NECK, GET MY TONSILS PREGNANT! GIVE IT TO ME

That is all it took, I felt pressure as my balls erupted, The first wave hit her uvula, she gagged a little. Stream after stream volley after volley of cum shot down her skinny neck. Tammi swallowed every gob, except one big spurt that landed on her nose. My hips slowed a I finished cumming down her throat. Tammi swallowed again, Oh Yeah sweetie, That's great! Give all of it to me

I noticed that Rebecca was quickly approaching her orgasm as well by the way she always jerks and thrashes her head around. Tammi was screaming from Beca's nursing at her breasts. GF I'm cumming, SUCK MY TITTIES HARD! she said out loud. HERE IT IS BABY, I'm CUMMING NOW! REBECCKA. OH GF YEAH FUCK MY PUSSY Beca and Tammi had climaxed together again.

We all climbed out of the hot tub and lay on the rim of the spa gathering our breath. Beads of sweat quickly formed on our bodies. Rebecca said, let's go in the house and finish this fuck session in the bedroom, she said I'm ready for round three We dried off and ran in. I'm exhausted, I said. We went in and sat on the edge of our bed with me between these ladies, talking about what had just happened. Happy Birthday Bob. Beca said again. You birthday is going to last all week, Tammi replied.

We played with each other little after play we drifted off the sleep. When I woke up Tammi had ah strap-on and Beca was on her back, legs wide. Tammi was thrusting her hips hard against Beca with the strap-on buried in Beca's wet pussy while fingering herself from behind. Just the sounds of the strap-on penetrating Beca, it was too much for me to just lay there. I stood up behind Tammi, She knew where I was going. She bent over to expose her slit to me. I aimed my dick against her slick cunt and drove it home.

(I should make tires out of pussy, they would never wear out) her channel had been used, but it wasn't used up. Tammi was amazingly tight in that position. I began pounding her coochie as she was pounding Beca. My plunges into Tammi forced her to thrust her strap-on deep into Beca. We were in a perfect union for quit ah while. Beca yelled out that she was about to cum. I started banging Tammi hard and fast. Rebecca's was in her orgasm, wave after wave of her erotic climax caused Tammi and I both to cum. Screams of exotic climaxes filled our bedroom. As our orgasms subsided we collapsed in ah pile of sex, bodies and sweat.

We spent the next few days naked and fucking at the tick of the clock. We had MW, WW WMW WWM and just watching the other masturbate. Happy Birthday Baby Beca said again. Did you enjoy this Tammi asked as she continued to tell us that she had to get back home the next day. That night we fucked until daylight in all positions we could think of.

This woman was once ah grossly over weight fat woman that giggled when she walked. Tammi is now a fantastic looking woman, she fucks rather well also.

My thanks goes out to Rebecca and Tammi for an overwhelming birthday week. XOCXOXO