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Quote: "She was soaked my fingers slid under her panties and traced her lips Explored her butt penetrating it squeezing it then dropping her underwear."

The Story...

Finally, my masseuse!

I've been going to the same masseuse for a couple of years. Since the first, I've fantasized about her taking the lead and going a little further than she should with her hands. I consider myself slightly better than average looking with a better than average body. She's very average looking with an athletic body and the frazzled look of a wife and mother trying to keep it together.

At first I played it cool, just business but being nice and soon I tried flirting a little which she seemed to enjoy. I made it a point to work out and then shower just before my hour so the muscles were pumped and she knew I was clean. It took a while but eventually she started to go a little further up my legs, then it was a very thorough glute rub down after a day of squats. I complimented, let her know it was ok but didn't act like a pig. The further she went the better I tipped and I thought soon something would happen. It didn't and I kind of stopped going.

Last week, I went back and walked in to an open appointment. I could tell she was a little flustered and decided to go for it when she asked where I'd been. I joked about cheating with another masseuse and she played jealous. When she brought me into the room, set it up I waited for the moment she usually left to let me undress and casually told her she didn't have to because I wasn't shy. She blushed but stayed, never taking her eyes off as I undressed and got onto the table face down. The small talk continued and she didn't bother covering me with the typical sheet.

I blurted out, I hope you have some new techniques and as her hands stroked down my back they went right to my butt and down my legs. On the way up she ran right up the inside into my crotch, just brushing my groin. She said I'm not shy either.

It was time to turn over, I was hard and surprised to find her topless. She teased a while, finally getting her hands around my raging erection. I rubbed her butt, unclasped her skirt and ran my hand up between her legs from behind. She was soaked, my fingers slid under her panties and traced her lips. Explored her butt, penetrating it, squeezing it, then dropping her underwear. When they hit the floor she spread her stance and went down on me and my hand pushed into her pussy. One, then two, then three, all four fingers stroking my hand in and out while she blew me.

She made me promise not to tell her sister, my girlfriend, and I made her promise more next time.

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