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Title: A Rainy Day Made Perfect - Author: Love Her

Published: Apr 7, 2010 - Contact:

My girlfriend and I were walking up the steep hill, hand in hand. Our parents had gone away, leaving us alone for the entire evening. We took a short walk through downtown LA and went back to our hotel room. Suddenly, it started raining and our climb up the hill became hard. Our clothes got drenched and our feet muddy. I could see my girlfriend's black lacy bra from underneath her wet white shirt. I took a firm hold of her hand and we ran into our hotel. When we got to the our rooms, which were completely in front of each other, she realized that she didn't have her room card. I let her into my room (luckily my parents had gotten me a separate room for this vacation) and before I could completely close the door, she had pressed her lips onto my neck. Succumbing to the moment, I led her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. We stripped off our clothes and entered into the shower. We were already warm because of the rush of blood through our veins, but the shower made it even more steamy. We kissed under the shower for what seemed like hours, our lips softening, our tongues playing games with one another. Her hands pressed tightly against my back, her nails digging into my back, a completely erotic feeling. My hands were caressing the length of her body, my left hand on the crook of her butt and bank, my right hand in her hair. She abruptly broke our kiss and went down to my neck, slowly licking and nibbling the skin, to my chest, my stomach, and finally to my dick. She stroked it, took it, and started sucking. She kissed and moaned as if she loved the taste of it. Gradually, she eased it in its entirety in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat with the tip of my dick, her warm saliva surrounding the shaft. I couldn't hold it any longer and blew my load as she was pulling it out her mouth. She innocently looked up and swallowed. As I had lost my erection, it was the opportune moment to return the favor. I kissed her head to toe, allowing the hot water from the shower to engulf. For the hook of her knee, I finally moved back up to her vagina which was swelling.

Slowly, I kissed my way into opening it. I stuck a finger into her vagina and fingered her for a few seconds, feeling around for her G-spot. I switched back to my tongue, licking and listening to her moan. She pushed my head closer and closer between her legs, running her hands through my hair and moaning at the top of her lungs, asking for more. Before long, her juices were glistening my tongue. We were ready for more. I stoop up and spun her around, right hand caressing her size 36 breasts, gently rubbing my fingers over her erect nipples. My left hand was holding her waist. I bent my knees and pushed my rock-hard penis into her soft pussy and kissed the back of her neck as I penetrated, in and out, in and out. After what seemed like a hundred strokes, I pulled out and spun her around again. We looked into each other's eyes and I plunged my dick into her vagina again. I caressed her lips with soft kisses and held her leg into the crook on my left elbow. My right hand was on her waist, keeping her balance as I penetrated as deep as I could, mindful of triggering her G-spot every time I pushed in. After a few minutes, we were both near orgasm. Her breath was quickening, her nails again dug into my back. I could feel myself slowly losing control. We cummed together, our juices mixing, our bodies tingling at the same time as we held each other under the hot drops of water. We dried off and realized that our parents weren't home yet. We undid the towels and I picked her up and threw her onto the bed. I tied her hands to the posts of the bed and got hard again. I plunged my dick back into her vagina and she wrapped her firm legs around my back. The friction of her vaginal walls made my penis feel on fire. I undid the restrains of her arms and she immediately turned me onto my back and mounted me. She placed her soft hands on my chest and moved up and down. I felt selfish and wanted to be on top for our climax. I grabbed her waist and without pulling out, I shifted positions and positioned her legs around me again. I started penetrating in and out faster then I ever have and she moaned louder than ever. Soon, we were both cumming again and we were both tired. I pulled out and pressed her back against my chest, my right hand grazing her still erect nipples, my left hand caressing her pussy which was still hot and wet. We fell asleep.