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Title: Horny Wife - Author: hotwife

Published: Apr 15, 2010 - Contact:

It had been a couple of weeks since Daniel and Lena had fucked and she was horny as ever. Daniel had been on a major project and had been working extremely long hours. In fact often times he was leaving before she would wake up in the morning and returning after she went to sleep at night. She really needed to fuck him. Her pussy was throbbing with lust and desire and she really needed a good cum. She slipped on her black lace thong with the matching stockings and the sheer black bra exposing her aroused nipples.

Lena decided to get started with her vibrator. She put in her favourite porn movie, slipped her vibrator between her legs and quickly began to moan. She was so horny she didn't know how she would be able to hold off from cumming so she slowed down, removed the vibrator and let her pussy take a little break. She wanted Daniel's hard cock to make her cum and she knew all this build up would be worth her mind blowing orgasm.

Within minutes Daniel flew in the house, ran into the bedroom and grabbed a suitcase from their closet and started to pile his clothes in it. He barely noticed Lena half naked on the bed when she asked, "what's going on" "Sorry babe got to run. There's a crisis at head quarters and they booked me on the last flight of the day. I need to fly out within the next hour." Feeling sorry for herself she took a cold shower and finished helping him pack. He quickly zipped up his suitcase and she offered to drive him to the airport. She dropped him off and kissed him goodbye and started to drive herself home.

Knowing she was way too horny to go home to an empty house she decided to go blow off some some frustration at her local 24 hour gym. She always kept a pair of gym clothes in her car and by the time she got there and parked it was close to midnight. She quickly changed and started her stretching routine. She had gotten into a good habit to always stretch before and after her workouts. Once she was ready, she hit the treadmill. She ran for 30 minutes and then decided to take a dip in the pool. The water was at a comfortable 82 degrees and she realized that she was still as horny as hell. It's a good thing she was wet from being in the pool no one would notice any wet markings on her bikini panties from her dripping juices.

She swam for 15 minutes and before she went to shower she decided to go in the sauna for a few minutes. When she entered the room she noticed there was someone in there. With all the steam it was hard to see their face. "Hello", she said. The other person replied "Hi there, how are you" She couldn't help but notice that the voice was so familiar. She stood up and he approached her and when he got close enough for her to see his face she dropped her towel and stood there in disbelief. She couldn't believe it. It was her trainer Dante. She quivered as she stared at his wash board abs, his long lean body and not to mention his drop deep gorgeous looks. He bent over and offered to pick up her towel but in doing so he lost his.

They stood there naked, staring at each other and desire overwhelmed her. "I better leave" she said. It was no secret that they had the hots for one another...she even thought of changing trainers just to be away from the temptation of wanting him. As she turned around to leave he grabbed her arm and whispered, "don't go." Her knees began to tremble she wanted him so bad, she's always wanted him but was mindful that she was with someone else and she never crossed the line...until now. Dante could sense her shaking and he took her in his arms and told her how much he's been wanting to have her. He slowly slipped his hand in her inner thigh and found her drenched pussy and inserted one then two fingers in her cunt while sucking on her tits.

She began to moan and could not hold back anymore. She decided that she needed to be fucked no matter what the consequences. "Dante, please fuck me, just please fuck me, I need it. He pressed his lips against hers and pushed her up against the wall. With one deep thrust he was in her soaking wet cunt. He thrusted in and out and made her moan like a dog in heat. She wanted to repay him the pleasure and so she told him to pull out and went down on him. He was hard as a rock and she licked her lips, opened her mouth and took his 8 inch dick all the way back. She was deep throating him and it was driving him crazy. She had to slow it down a bit because she was gagging from his cock being so deep in her throat. She looked up at him, spat on his dick and took him deep again...in and out in and out licking and swallowing his precum while she was pinching her nipples.

She finally told him "give it to me in the ass." He was so turned on by that he bent her over and drilled her ass. She moaned, "ohhhhhh Dante fuck me harder, faster". And so he did. Just then, the sauna doors flew open and they were horrified, not from the embarrassment but with who was standing there. It was Daniel! "What the hell are you doing here" she asked. "I ended up missing my flight so I went back to the office to pick up a few things and then thought to come to the gym before heading home.

What are you doing here" He questioned. But before she could answer him he dropped his towel and asked them "can I watch" That was one of his deepest fantasies, to see her being fucked by another guy while he jerked himself off. She was a little puzzled but her level of horniness took over and began fucking Dante over and over while Daniel watched. When he was fully erect and aroused he slipped his cock in her drenched pussy and fucked her brains out and he told Daniel to ram her in the ass. His slut was not going to go home unsatisfied.

He wanted to make sure that all her holes were fucked and that she had a mind blowing cum. The two men emploded her from both ends and she could not take it anymore. She told them to pinch her nipples because she was going to cum. "AHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, moan... she came 5 times, she was dripping with her juices all the way to her knees.

She indeed had an earth shattering cum, just what she wanted and longed for. She got on her knees and told both guys to feed her their juice. She opened her mouth and waited for their cum. Not long after she got the first load in her face and before she knew it both of them exploded.

She told them that that was her most thought of fantasy... to be had by two guys at the same time. She thanked Dante and got dressed and met Daniel at the entrance. They went to their cars hand in hand feeling completely satisfied and sated.