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The Story...

David and I were on the sofa. Watching a movie and cuddling. As soon as he movie was over, he looked me in the eye and leaned in. I, too, leaned in and our lips touched. The feel of his soft lips touching mine, immediately, started getting my dick hard. We make out on the sofa for a good ten minutes before he pulls away and whispers in my ear, "let's go to my bedroom.". I smile a him and he gets up. I, soon, follow. As we are about to walk out of the living room, we stop and look at each other. We both smile at each other and then we lean in and kiss. We then head for his bedroom.

On our way to his bedroom he decides to make a pit stop to his bathroom to pee while I await his return to his room. Soon, he walks in the door. He walks up to me and we embrace and start making out. He leads me to his bed and then guides me down onto his bed. David, quickly, unbuckled my belt and then starts unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. He then grabs the legs of my jeans and proceeds to pull them off. Next he grabs my boxers and pulls hem off, revealing my rock hard cock. He pulls his tight underwear off next and then comes over to me and removes my shirt.

David and I are now both completely naked with rock hard cocks. He has me scoot back onto he bed and he gets on top of me. We start to kiss and rub our naked bodies against each other. He moans slightly as my hand slides down his back and caresses his supple ass. After a good seven minutes of making out he tells me to get on my stomach. I do and he reaches over on his bedside table and grabs a tube of lube and opens it. I can feel he cold wetness of he lube as he squirts it on my anus. Now I start to feel his finger, slowly, enter my ass. Davis slowly moves the finger in and out of my ass. Now he adds a second finger. Then a third. David now has my ass nice and relaxed.

David grabs his lube again and squirts It on his rock hard cock. I can hear the sound of his hand stroking his cock. Suddenly, I feel him get on my back. He head of his cock touches my anus. Slowly, David slides his cock into my ass. Finally, once his cock is all the in, he starts fucking me. I have never been so hot in my entire life.

Faster and faster he continues fuckin me. I reach behind me to see if my dream has finally come true. That his cock is actually inside me. I then grab David's ass and start rubbing it. He let's out a long moan and continues fucking me hard. Faster and faster he fucks. I, then, start to hear his breathing get faster and faster. I reach behind me again and start rubbing his ass again. He let's out a long, climactic, moan and then starts to shoot his hot load into my colon.

David pulls his cock out from my ass and he collapses on the bed next to me. We look at each other, smile and kiss. We then fall asleep in each other's arms. I will never forget my first time. It was very memorable.

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About: "David grabs his lube again and squirts It on his rock hard cock. I can hear the sound of his hand stroking his cock."

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