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Title: Anal Joy - Author: Robbie

Published: Apr 25, 2010 - Contact:

Kate and I had been married for 4 months but had been together for three years so were used to all the normal sexual activities. We had just had another session where I had tried to do something different and have anal sex with her. She had refused at the time but laying there after a while Katie said that if I wanted to have anal sex with her, then I would have to have the same so as to feel the pleasure and understand what not to do to avoid pain. I said to her that I was not comfortable with that and she said, well, that's the deal. And that we could use one of her dildo's. She explained that she would use the toy on me so as not to cause discomfort or pain. I must admit that I was getting excited by what she was saying and agreed once aroused. A short while later, Katie had got a dildo out and some lubrication, she used the flavoured lube that she normally placed on my penis prior to oral sex. As we touched and played with each other, Kate placed this lube on her hand and using her fingers pushed it in to my arse. As I slowly fingered her and snogged her, I could feel the dildo on my arse as she was trying to find my hole. I then felt the end of it pushing at my ring so relaxed and Kate very gently and slowly pushed it in and in. This was a lot better that I had thought and then Kate turned it on. All six inches of its main length were inside me and Kate moved it in and out about two or three inches with one hand whilst masturbating me with the other. This was mind blowing and relaxing as I was having dual experiences at once. It was a totally relaxing experience and I knew I would want this again and again. After a while I came as Kate masturbated me and as a special treat she took my ejaculating penis in her mouth and I continued to cum in her mouth, she then slowly removed the dildo from my arse and it felt so of strange as it came out. I was so spent that needless to say I did not get to screw Kate's arse that session. She knew I had enjoyed that and planned to make it better. The following day we were both off work and popped into the town and whilst there visited our local sex shop for some anal lube. Whilst there, Kate picked up a strap on dildo and said that she was going to buy it, wow this had the desired affect and could not wait to get home. On the way Kate kept telling me how she was going to screw me. Once home, we stripped off and Kate put the strap on on. She then told me to sit in the armchair pushing my bum to the edge and lifting my legs up in the air and hold them back with my hands. Kate then put loads of lube on my arse and was also fingering me. She looked great with the strap on on and she got closer and pushed it inside me. She shagged me well and could tell by her firm breast and noises that she was enjoying this as well. This time I masturbated myself but made sure that I did not come. Kate could see in my face what I wanted to do so withdrew from me, pulled me out of the chair and assumed the position, I used the lube and did exactly what I had been shown taking great care when entering Kate, this was good and I could tell that Kate enjoyed it immensely, I must have spunked inside her after just two or three minutes and having pulled out of her fell back on the floor. I observed as Kate picked up the strap on and pushed it up her arse, she moved it in and out for a couple of minutes and then I got hold of the strap on and kept it going in and out. She must have come four times and she was done she laid on the floor beside me and both said how much we had enjoyed it. Over the coming weeks, we screwed each other's arses and I got to be "spit roasted" by dildos, this was exciting but Kate felt that I was getting all the fun but he wanted more. More I thought and asked her what she meant. Well she said she would like to be spit roasted not with dildos but real cock and said that she would like to see me being screwed by a real cock that she could also enjoy

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