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The Story...

Driving with Sally for 2 hours between customer visits gave us the chance to discuss many topics from weather, books, movies and our marriages. The discussions were short and sweet, and Sally was more than professional. Customer visits went well and we checked into the hotel. Dinner soon followed and dinner discussions were focused on customers and work needing to be completed.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel.Sally began to describe how she was tired and her shoulders and back were sore from the drive and tension from the day with customers. While on the elevator. I described how sometimes I give massages to my wife and she claims I give calming massages.

Sally stated, in a calm voice "oh that sounds real nice". So I quietly asked if she'd like to try one of my massages.

Sally was not sure at first, as she had been taught about co-workers being in the same room is not allowed, but she figured it was a harmless massage so said yes.

Once in her room, a small couch was next to the bed so I said it might be best if she sits on the couch and I'll rub her shoulders to release the tension. Sally's blue silk blouse moved easily across her shoulders as I began the massage at the top of her neck and slowly down to her shoulders. As my fingers moved down her back, Sally continued to comment how relaxing it felt.

I asked Sally if she would like to lay on the bed so I can put more pressure on her back, and she quickly said "absolutely". I took a chance and asked if she wanted to remove her blouse so it would be easier, and Sally said yes, if I turn my head for a minute. She removed the blouse and layed on the bed face down and said "OK".

My hands glided up and down the back, and under her bra. I unbuckled the bra without asking and removed it from the shoulders, and within seconds Sally moaned "that feels really good".

What I did next was a move that would either get me in trouble at work, or allow me to get to know Sally even better. I ran my hands lower and lower down the back to the top of the buttocks, and then slowly down and all over her butt. Her dress slacks allowed me to easily feel her underwear, and her firm rear end.

Sally groaned "even more relaxing".

I asked Sally to roll over so I could get her pants off to allow me to massage her buttocks and legs better. So with her hands cupped against her breast, she rolled over. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off, then rolled her back to her stomach.

Sally's underwear was a small tight fitting white cotton that allowed me to glide over her rear and down her legs with ease. I continued to pull her legs apart slowly until I was able to slide my finger down her butt crack and feel the juice that was soaking the white cottons.

Sally lifted up her hips without speaking, and my hand slid further and rubbed her clit. She began to moan and moved with my hand to help get her excited.

I moved my hands back up the to cottons and pulled them down and off her ankles. Rubbing that ass was smooth and so delightful. Sally just moaned just as if it was the best massage ever. I decided I wanted her ass, so I bent over and began to gently lick the asshole.

Sally just lifted up higher and went "ohhhhhhh yea".

I continued to lick the ass and finger the pussy and Sally simply moaned louder. She finally turned over to reveal the most lovely breasts ever. I quickly undressed and slide into Sally, falling onto her chest.

We pounded and licked each other, becoming more like lovers than either of us ever anticipated. I said I can't hold this much longer, and Sally said she wanted it in the ass. So in it went, and off I went. Sally roared "oh yes, oh yes" as she climaxed.

Sally and I then had no problem traveling with each other after that day. And every time, Sally always wants me to start with the shoulder massage.


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  • Sensual Massage Fantasy
  • Published: May 30, 2010
  • Author: jdproject
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  • Category: Short stories
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About: "Sally lifted up her hips without speaking and my hand slid further and rubbed her clit She began to moan and moved with my hand to help get her excited."

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