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Title: Shemale and Female - Author: meckeesa

Published: Jun 2, 2010 - Contact:

I had known Donna for about 2 years. Nothing really special about her. You should know, I get very horny very fast. Anyway, one day Donna was walking home and I saw her. "You need a ride" I asked her. "Yes please!" She replied. She opened the door and hoped in the passenger seat. "Where do you live" "Crestford lane." That was were I lived. I started to drive off. We got to her house about 1 hour later. "Thanks!" she said. "No problemo!" "Hey why don't you come inside" "Sure!" I pulled out my car key and went inside. Soon she is showing me all around her house. We got to her bedroom last. "Wait here." She told me and went into her bathroom. A couple minutes later she comes out in nothing but 8 inch heels. I noticed she had huge tits and a dick!!! She started walking over to me and pushed me on the bed. I was starting to get really hot. She then kissed me and started to undress me. I was loving this and decided to spread my legs. I then pulled off my shirt and bra. "MMmmmmmmm. Your boobs are so big!" She said to me. Then she was caressing my nipples. It felt so good. "Yes! Yes!" I moaned. She then got on her knees and put her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it hard. Donna moaned. She pulled out after a while and examined me almost to figure out what next to do to me. "Baby take off my skirt!" I told her. She did just that. Then noticing I wasn't wearing any panties and my pussy was shaven, she bent down and licked it. I started to bend my knees in pleasure, but she held them down. She pulled her tongue out and crawled up to lick my nipples. I then pushed her tits and flipped her over. I kissed her and twisted her nipples. I could feel her hands crawl up my thighs and grab my ass.

"Yes baby!" I cried. She raised on hand and smacked my ass so hard! Then squeezed my butt. I was so hot!! I layed down on her and rubbed up and down her body. I could feel her cock hit my pussy lips every now and then. She moaned and licked her lips. I felt around for her dick. I found it and slipped it in me. Donna then flipped me over and put me in doggy. She pulled on my hair and rammed me. "Oh yeah! My pony! Mommy I got a pony!" Soon she was slapping my ass and romping harder. I yelled. She eased up and let go of my hair. Soon I could feel her slump over my ass and cum in me. She then licked my ass to signal that was next. She pulled out and slid the cock in so slow. I screamed. "No Donna! No not my ass! please!!!" I begged her. She just slid in faster and stayed there. "Please take your delicious cock out! Oh My God it is so good tasting!" I couldn't stop my self. Before I know it She pulls of and directs me to rub it. I do what she says and soon she is cumming in my face. She bends down to lick it off my face. I lay down and wrapped my legs around her ass. I go under and suck on her big nipples one more time and get on top of her and rub my pussy on her back. "Oh yes! My pussy is getting so hot!" Donna bends her back in excitement. I climb off and she turns over. I get on my knees over her mouth and cum in it. I then sit on her mouth. her tongue slips in me. I then get off her and lay down next to her. Her hand then pushed in my pussy. Mine follows instructions and grabs her cock. i then fall asleep and wake up hours later to find my clothes in the fireplace burning and Donna on the Couch jacking off. "Baby How am I gonna get home " Donna looks up at me and gets up. She kisses me and rubs my back and her hands crawl down my back and grab my ass while we are still making out. "this is your home! Baby......"